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Ramadan 2024

Ramadan meals

To sustain you during this important period of introspection and prayer we are offering carryout Suhoor meals for days of fasting.


South Campus Dining Hall and Yahentamitsi will be open after dark, providing ample opportunity for Iftar meals after sunset.  


Resident Muslim students who fast for Ramadan can reserve and collect carryout Suhoor meals Sunday evening, March 10 through Monday, April 8. Suhoor meals are not available during Spring Break.

To reserve your Suhoor meals, fill out the "meal form" below by Thursday at 9pm each week for the following week. Meals will be ready for pick up from 5:00 pm until 9:00pm, at Yahentamitsi and South Campus Dining Hall. Please request only meals you will collect and please collect all the meals you reserve. 

People participating in Connector Dining Plans or Faculty/Staff Dining will be charged one meal swipe for the Suhoor Meal.
Suhoor meals for people not participating in a Dining Plan will cost $10.00 each, Dining halls accept Terrapin Express, Dining Dollars, credit cards and debit cards. 

Please refrigerate your Suhoor meal until you’re ready to eat. Most can be eaten cold even though some menu items are traditionally served hot.

All Meat in the Suhoor meals are Zahiba, from Quality Ethnic Foods in Baltimore.

If you would like additional assistance, contact  Chef Gray 

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during which many Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset each day.

During Ramadan, Muslims who fast start the day by eating a meal, called suhoor, before sunrise. The fast is then broken every night after sunset with a meal called iftar. The strictness of the fast varies among Muslims, and not every Muslim fasts during Ramadan

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