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Student Dining Plans

As a resident dining plan member, enjoy unlimited access to three campus dining halls and plenty of great food all semester long. We are open breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Come in and enjoy anything from the wide range of offerings on the serving lines. Any time we are open, you are welcome — enjoy a meal, come in for a quick snack, or maybe just meet up with your friends.

Every student living on campus in a traditional residence hall participates in the Maryland community by having one of four Resident Dining Plans. These plans provide you with unlimited access to food, seven days a week for the whole semester, while classes are in session and during finals.

Our focus will be to serve delicious and popular food while ensuring your health and safety. We will continue to offer a wide variety of food at each meal, modifying the overall plan and our service methods in accordance with best practices this fall.

Dining Halls

Enter the dining halls by waving your hand through one of the scanners at the front entrance, which provide convenient and secure identity verification. Three dining halls mean that you always have somewhere to go for food – from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm. Visit Yahentamitsi, South Campus Dining Hall and 251 North (Denton).

Cafes, Convenience Shops and Food Courts

Dining halls provide a wide range of tasty and nutritious food, but we know you’ll want to eat somewhere else now and then. Dining Dollars are set aside funds to use at many locations  on campus, including cafes (when academic buildings open), convenience shops and five brand name franchises in two food courts. Dining Dollars can get you fresh carryout on days when you can’t — or prefer not to — eat in a dining hall and are a great way to buy room snacks and supplies.

We strongly recommend the upgraded Resident dining plans because they include Dining Dollars. You always buy Dining Dollars at a discount, and you pay no sales tax when you use them. Three upgraded Resident dining plans include Dining Dollars. We recommend the Premium plan to get the best discounts on Dining Dollars.

Dining Fees for 2024-2025

Resident Dining Dining Dollars Guest Passes* Fall '24 Price** Spring '25Price Price above Base Plan Value of Upgrade***
Premium 400 8 $3,418.50 $3,358.50 +$340 $512
Preferred 300 6 $3,342.50 $3,282.50 +$264 $376
Base Plus 200 4 $3,258.50 $3,198.50 +$180 $241
Base - 2 $3,078.50 $3,018.50 - -

New this year
Moving in early? The Fall Early Access Plan provides Anytime Unlimited Dining in three dining halls - before your Resident Dining Plan activates. Early Access starts Thursday, August 22 at 4pm and runs through Saturday, August 24 at 4pm. See for hours of operation and to purchase an Early Access Plan. 

*Resident Students can purchase additional guest passes from the Dining Plan Office, 1109 South Campus Dining Building. Guest Passes provide one dining experience per Guest Pass.

**Fall price includes Resident Dining for Fall Welcome and the New Student Welcome event. Returning students do not participate in those events.

***Includes Dining Dollars, Additional Guest Passes at door price, and Tax Savings on all purchases. 

Using Your Campus Accounts

To access Anytime Dining, enroll in the biometric entry system. Come to the Dining Plan Office in the South Campus Dining Hall Building, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. We are one floor below the dining hall – face the entrance to the dining hall but don’t go in. Instead, turn right then come halfway down the exterior stairs and in through the glass doors. The Dining Plan Office is straight ahead.

To access Dining Dollars, use your UMD ID card. The Registrar’s Office will take your photo and issue your card either during new student move-in or at their office in the Mitchell Building. You must be present with your UMD ID card for every Dining Dollars purchase.

Allergies, Intolerances and Special Diets

South Campus Dining Hall and 251 North have specific stations called Purple Zones that serve food free from the eight most common allergens. Electronic menu boards and individual item counter cards display icons identifying what allergens are contained in each specific menu item. Cooks and line staff who have taken special allergen training wear purple chef coats or aprons. If you would like additional support, contact us at to discuss menu items or to make accommodations.

We have menu items that satisfy requirements for many diets, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. If you maintain a kosher diet, contact the Maryland Hillel Center for information on their Platinum Kosher Plan, the only approved substitute for a Seven-Day Resident Dining Plan.

Any other Questions?

Check out our FAQ page, contact us at 301-314-8068, email or visit the Dining Plan Office in the South Campus Dining Hall.

See the Maryland Dining calendar for important dates, like purchase deadlines, when your plan starts and ends and when we have special hours or when we close for breaks.

Summer Dining - Available for purchase May 24

When you’re on campus this summer and looking for a great meal, we are open and ready to serve! Hours in all locations will vary depending upon the number and size of the groups on campus. We will post the hours on this website and near each front door. Come on in - we’re offering plenty of delicious, healthy and popular food right on campus.

Block Meal Plans

Summer Dining Plans offer students the flexibility to dine how they want. They  connect students with friends and the UMD community while providing healthy, robust meals. Unused Summer meals roll over to the academic year and expire at Spring graduation. Each $100 Plan includes 10 meals - you can purchase as many plans as you like! Log in to online services and use your credit card.

Dining at a Discount

Don’t want a dining plan but still want a deal? Use Dining Dollars to eat at any  Dining Services location: cafes, brand-name quick-service locations, convenience shops, and a restaurant. Unused Summer meals roll over to the academic year and expire at Spring graduation. Purchase Dining Dollars at a 5% discount, plus save 6% sales tax, spend Dollar for dollar.  Purchase by credit card - login to online services.



Connector Dining - 

Our mission is to provide you with healthy and popular food in welcoming, comfortable spaces – every day – regardless of whether you live on campus or not!

If you live off campus, ask yourself
  • Am I on campus at meal time and looking for some great food?
  • Do I want a convenient, welcoming place to meet up with friends?
  • Maybe a comfortable, quiet place to relax or study?
  • One where I can find lots of healthy, affordable menu choices?
If your answer is “Yes!” then we're pleased to offer you great meals on campus!
  • Connector Plans provide you with a number of meals each semester*
  • Anytime Dining gives you access to three dining halls
  • Dining Dollars offer UMD ID card convenience at shops, cafes, and dining halls – at a discount!

*Connector Plans do not replace the Resident Dining Plan requirement for students in traditional on-campus housing.

Block Meal Plans

Our five optional dining plans offer students who live off campus the flexibility to dine how they want while on campus; extending their connection to their friends and the UMD campus community.

Option Meals Price Breakdown
1: “I love to cook, but some days I’m busy" 25 meals $262.50 About 1-2 meals per week
2: “I like to cook, but it can be a hassle" 50 meals $525.00 About 3 meals per week
3: “I don't mind cooking but I'm usually too busy" 100 meals $1,000.00 About 6-7 meals per week
4: “I have no time to cook on school days, only on weekends" 150 meals $1,425.00 About 9-10 meals per week
Combo: “I love the dining halls, but I'll be stopping by the Stamp Food Court too” 70 meals + 250 Dining Dollars $930.00 About 4-5 meals per week + flexibility to spend at any Dining Services location
  • If you're unsure about which plan to select and would like to try out a meal first, here are our door prices:
    • Breakfast: $8.75
    • Lunch: $14.25
    • Dinner: $17.25
  • Purchases  of Connector Plans or Dining Dollar bundles can be made until the cut-off date posted on our calendar. Connector Plans are not refundable. Fall Connector Plans roll over to Spring and all plans expire at May graduation (see the DS calendar). 

Unlimited Access?

The 5-Day Plan Anytime Plan is a great way to supplement your diet and maintain a campus connection. Enjoy delicious unlimited access to dining halls during the week and experiment with your first apartment kitchen on the weekends. Of course, even if you live off campus, you are welcome to buy a 7-Day Anytime Dining Plan.

Plan Name Days per Week Guest Passes Dining Dollars (per semester) 2023-2024 Price (per semester) 2024-2025 Price (per semester)
Premium 7 8 400 $3,254 $3,358.50
Preferred 7 6 300 $3,178 $3,282.50
Base Plus 7 4 200 $3,094 $3,198.50
Base 7 2 - $2,914 $3,018.50
Five-Day 5 - - $2,251 $2,332.00


Dining at a Discount

Don’t want a dining plan but still want a deal? Use Dining Dollars to eat at any Dining Services location: 10 cafes, 6 brand-name quick-service locations, 3 convenience shops, and a restaurant.

Purchase at a discount, plus save 6% sales tax, bill to your Student Account, spend Dollar for dollar.

Purchase up to two bundles per semester. Dining Dollars are not refundable. Dining Dollars purchased in bundles roll over Fall to Spring and expire at Spring graduation. 




125 DD


500 DD


250 DD



JHH Breakfast Plan

Provides access to an all-you-care-to-eat breakfast buffet Monday through Friday at the Jones Hill Team House, home of the Terrapin Football Team. Excludes University holidays.

Head over to Online Services to sign up for a plan (your purchase will be added to your Student Account), and start enjoying the quality, convenience, and hospitality of Maryland Dining.

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