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Leadership Team

Portrait of Joe Mullineaux

Joe Mullineaux

Interim Director
Portrait of Michael Fry

Michael Fry

Senior Associate Director
Portrait of Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore

Senior Associate Director, Administration
Portrait of Jason Comoglio

Jason Comoglio

Associate Director, Resident Dining
Portrait of Jerome Powers

Jerome Powers

Assistant Director, South Campus Dining Hall
Portrait of Rob Fahey

Rob Fahey

General Manager, Jones Hill House
Portrait of Steve Ray

Steve Ray

Assistant Director, 251 North and The Commissary
Portrait of John Gray

John Gray

Senior Executive Chef
Portrait of David Bullock

David Bullock

Associate Director, Retail Operations
Portrait of Jason Gurganus

Jason Gurganus

Assistant Director, Catering
Portrait of Bart Hipple

Bart Hipple

Assistant Director, Marketing & Communication
Portrait of Gregory Thompson

Gregory Thompson

Assistant Director, Facilities
Portrait of Veronica Turcios

Veronica Turcios

Assistant Director, Human Resources
Portrait of Chris Chow

Chris Chow

Assistant Director, IT
Portrait of Sister Maureen Schrimpe (IHM, FMP, CAT)

Sister Maureen Schrimpe (IHM, FMP, CAT)

Quality Coordinator, Nutritionist & Certified Allergen Trainer
Portrait of Andre Christie

Andre Christie

Manager, Dining Plans Office
Portrait of Guy Kilpatric

Guy Kilpatric

Terp Farm Manager
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