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Resident Dining Plans

This semester, we will be returning to Anytime Dining. Residents enter by waving their hand over the biometric scanner and enjoy great Maryland Dining experiences. Any dining hall, any time we're open, any number of times a day, anything we're serving.  

When you dine with us, we encourage you to practice safe physical distancing. 

Everyone entering the dining halls must wear a mask over their nose and mouth. You may remove your mask while seated and actively dining. Please replace your mask when not eating or drinking and before standing up from your table.

Everyone must sanitize their hands upon entering the dining hall. We have provided multiple sanitizing stations at each entrance for that purpose. 


Students living in traditional on campus housing have Resident Dining Plans. These dining plans are designed to provide you with the food you need and want throughout the semester – from the first day you arrive on campus until the last day of finals. 

  • We will offer four Resident Dining Plans: Basic, Plus, Preferred and Premium.
  • The upgraded three plans include Dining Dollars to use at cafes and shops around campus. 

All resident dining plans have, as their starting point, Anytime Dining. Any time we're open, any of three dining halls, anything we're serving, any number of times a day. 

We may need to make temporary modifications to this plan in order to satisfy health and safety concerns but we're sure you'll get plenty of food and great value from your Plan! 

dining experience is what you want it to be:

  • We offer breakfast 7:00 am to 10:00 am Monday through Friday. Lunch 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. (brunch on weekends), Dinner 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Come in at traditional meal times, come once a day for a large meal – or have a lunch, two dinners and a snack if that suits you better! It’s up to you.
  • You can get a quick snack or a complete meal at each visit. You can have seconds, beverages and dessert. You can sit at a table alone or with friends and snack through the afternoon. It's up to you. 

Three dining halls – The Diner (Ellicott), South Campus Dining Hall and 251 North will be open starting on move-in day, These are the  locations included in the Anytime Dining program. 

You can also find cafes, shops and food courts on campus - most accept Dining Dollars and all accept Terrapin Express. 

We will monitor and follow all campus, county, state and CDC  protocols. Please come in, select your meal and be sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eight or more serving stations will be ready, each with its own rotating menu.

Yes, there is! Click on the updated  Spring 2022 Quick Guide to get a complete list of operations, hours and payment types accepted.

251 North and South Campus Dining Hall each include a station called the Purple Zone – serving food free from the most common nine allergens. Cooks wearing purple chef jackets have received extra training in providing for students with allergies and the purple fridge is stocked with allergen-free food for self service. We list recipes, ingredients and allergens for all items served as part of the resident dining program on our website and on Menu boards and counter cards are labeled with icons showing which allergens are contained in that item. You can eat safely and without additional help at the Purple Stations and following the counter cards. And you are welcome to ask the Purple Team for advice. 

We provide additional accommodations for allergies and dietary restrictions on an individual, case-by-case basis and are prepared to help you as much or as little as you would like. To find out about our nutrition programming, go to our dedicated nutrition page. To contact our nutrition team, complete the food allergy contact form. Our nutritionist and senior executive chef  will arrange an appointment either online or in person to discuss your diet and make dietary accommodations to meet your needs.

Visit for menus, ingredients and allergens for all the great food served in the dining halls. Filter your search by clicking on the icon in the upper right and selecting the icons that match the way you want to eat. Before you stop in for a meal, we suggest you look at the menus to get the best meal with the least delay in the serving area.

No! We are running our full menu. You have plenty of choices at every meal. Check out our instagram page to see photos taken by dining hall staff of the food they’re serving.

It is likely that you’ll find your favorites and keep going back to them over and over again until you’re ready to try something new! Each location will have its own menu and Terrapin Pop-Up Specials. Menus will be available online so that you can find what you want on campus before you head out for a meal. The Terrapin Pop-Ups will be tweeted out every day – if you’re interested, follow UMDDining on Twitter. At every location, we will offer choices that include classic favorites, vegetarian food, and food that is allergen-free. We will serve fresh vegetables, homemade curries, freshly cooked side dishes and dessert from the Maryland Bakery. 

Yes, we expect everyone in the dining halls to wear a mask unless seated and eating at a table. We will ask you to stop and use the hand sanitizing station upon entry. The face mask must properly cover your nose and mouth. Before standing up, you must reposition your face mask correctly. 

Dining Dollars expire at the end of every semester. They do not roll over and are not refundable.


Connector Dining Plans

i.e. Can I buy an Option 1 and an Option 2 plan? If I purchase an Optional plan, how many meals need to be left before I can purchase another block?

You can purchase one plan in each forty eight hour period. This is a safety precaution built into the computer program to avoid accidentally duplicating purchases. There is no other limit to how many plans you can purchase or how “empty” your existing plan has to be before you buy the next plan. We strongly suggest that you take the time to calculate the rate at which you’ll use your plan, remembering that your goal is to empty the plan and end the semester at the same time.


Dining Business Concerns

If you have not registered with the biometric entry system, you need to do so. Enroll today to enjoy quick, touch-free access to campus dining halls.

Register in the South Campus Dining Hall Building, Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm. We are in the Dining Plan Office just below the dining hall – face the entrance to the dining hall but don’t go in. Instead, turn right and come halfway down the exterior stairs and in through the glass doors. The Dining Plan Office is straight ahead.

If you believe you should be exempt from this requirement, please email with your explanation.

You can purchase or change your dining plan starting January 10 and until February 11. If you have requested campus housing, you have already selected and purchased a dining plan.

You can purchase Dining Dollars starting January 10 until April 16. This gives you enough time to use the Dining Dollars before the end of the semester.  

Either go online to, and in the navigation bar select “Services” to access online services or visit the Dining Services Dining Plan Office which is downstairs from the South Campus Dining Hall. We would be happy to talk you through the process.  

Resident Dining Plans go live at 4:00 pm January 22.

Students living in traditional on campus housing must have a resident dining plan. The minimum requirement is the Base Dining Plan. Participation in resident dining is part of belonging to the Maryland Resident Community and its intent is to provide worry-free access to food – every day from the start of the semester until the last day of finals. Connector Dining Plans and Terrapin Express do not meet that intent, and do not fulfill that requirement.

Students who choose not to live on campus are not required to have a dining plan.

Dining Dollars do not roll over.

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