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For the Maryland Community | Terp Farm

For the Maryland Community

Maryland Dining provides services to our campus and surrounding communities. From community initiatives to sustainability programs, we offer support and services beyond the table. Read on to learn more about what we offer to the community.


Faculty & Staff Dining Plans

We offer dining plan options for faculty and staff. Learn how you can experience Maryland Dining here!


We are committed to making noteworthy sustainability impacts through our programs and initiatives. Learn more about our sustainability commitments.


We offer a variety of catering options, including delivery, pick-up and full-service dining options. Learn more about catering options here!

Recipes from Home

Have a recipe you'd like us to make in the dining halls? Send in your ideas or try some of the recipes we've used over the years.

Professional Employment Opportunities

Interested in working for Dining Services? We offer a variety of professional employment opportunities. Learn more about our options here.

Ordering Meal Cards

Get meal cards to enjoy dining hall food at any of our 3 dining halls, prepaid cards to spend at any dining location or shop on campus, or coupons for various locations on campus like the Maryland Dairy. If you're a university affiliate, please click the link below

Order Meal Cards
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