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Are you a Campus Affiliate?

Orders may take up to 72 hours to be ready for pickup

Please contact Conferences & Visitor Services by emailing them about your dining hall meal request at
Any off-campus touring facility must go through Conferences & Visitor Services.
What type of card would you like?
What type of card would you like?
If you want to load student/staff UMD id cards, please mention the Name(s) and UID(s), Amount/Meals per card in the "Special Notes" field.
John Doe 111333444   10
Testudo    112334114   10
Coupon Prices
   UMD Coffee Cafe Maryland Dairy     Chick-fil-A    Sneakers    Subway     Qdoba
Price $5 $3.99 $5.39 $6 $6 $12

Terms and Conditions of Account

Dining Services will be responsible for the following:

- A monthly journal voucher will be issued at the beginning of each month for all transactions that occoured the previous month
- A detailed transaction log will be included for departmental reconciliation purposes
- All transaction will be considered as campus activity and therefore will be tax exempt

The Cardholder and/or the department will be responsible for the following:

- Request a detailed receipt from the cashier at the beginning of each transaction
- For all campus required reporting involving the purchase of food with state funds (if applicable)
- Securing the card when not in use, and reporting the card lost/stolen immediately to Dining Services, Dining plan office #301-314-8064
- All transactions will be considered valid unless Dining Services is notified in writing about any irregularity within 30 days of the billing
- All correspondence should be directed to Dining Plan Office, at

Information message

Your request will reach us via email and we'll notify you when your card(s) are ready for pickup. Orders may take up to 72 hours to be ready for pickup.
Mail to / Pickup at:
University of Maryland
7093 Preinkert Drive
Bldg 26 South Campus
College Park, MD 20752

Make all checks payable to
University of Maryland

For any queries
Dining Plan office

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