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Rights & Responsibilities

The following statement of Rights and Responsibilities are the basis to the structure of the Dining Hall Rules

As a resident dining plan member, you have the RIGHT...
  • to come to any dining hall any number of times per day
  • to enjoy any of the offerings on the menu
  • to consult with our Nutritionist and Senior Executive Chef about special dietary needs, like an allergy or intolerance
  • to food that is prepared using the published ingredients, cooking methods and safeguards
  • to due process in the event that you are accused of misconduct
  • to expect that other people eating in the facility will behave in a manner that respects your rightful place in the community
  • to expect other people to conduct themselves in accordance with the University of Maryland Student Code of Conduct, and the Dining Services Rules
As a resident dining plan member, you have the RESPONSIBILITY...
  • to conduct yourself in accordance with the Dining Services Rules and the University of Maryland Student Code of Conduct
  • to inform yourself of the rules that apply to your conduct
  • to behave in a manner that respects other students’ rightful place in the dining halls
  • to respond in a timely fashion to an inquiry by a University Official concerning your conduct
  • to confront others whose conduct violates your rights
  • to willingly and truthfully participate in fact-finding proceedings concerning conduct violations

The strongest statements that the Department of Dining Services makes concerning the boundaries of your behavior are the Dining Services Rules. Each rule is stated as a prohibition of a behavior that may be dangerous, may be destructive or disruptive, may violate law, or constitute other forms of failure of responsibilities necessary for the order and success of an academic community.

Dining Hall Rules apply in all dining halls, cafés, conveniences shops, restaurants, buildings, and surrounding grounds. These rules are enforced by the Department of Dining Services in conjunction with the Department of Resident Life and the Office of Student Conduct. Definitions of specific terms, interpretations of regulation, the adjudication process, etc., found in the Code of Student Conduct shall be applicable.

Should you be found responsible for a violation of one or more of the following rules, your intent will be considered in the course of fact-finding and sanction decisions. Intent will be defined by one of the following:

  • Willful: The violation found was the direct result of the respondent’s deliberate intent.
  • Reckless: The violation found was not intended by the respondent, but was the direct result of other willful violations on the respondent’s part.
  • Negligent: The violation found was not intended by the respondent, but its potential in the respondent’s act, or failure to act, could be foreseen by a reasonable person.

As per the University of Maryland Code of Student conduct, attempts to commit acts prohibited by any of the Dining Hall Rules shall incur sanctions to the same extent as completed violations.


  1. The following are prohibited conduct in the University of Maryland dining halls, cafés, convenience shops and restaurants:
  2. Removal or possession of food, beverage or equipment to include tableware from the dining hall will be considered theft and adjudicated under the UMD Code of Student Conduct.
    *Note that during the COVID19 public health crisis, Dining Services has changed style of service and will allow, and (at times) require carryout. In addition, during this time, we may restrict access to the dining halls to dining plan participants only. We will clearly communicate these conditions and their justification. When this style of service is in effect, all the following rights and responsibilities still pertain to members of the Maryland community.
  3. Sharing dining hall food with any person who is not a resident dining plan member will be considered theft and adjudicated under the Code of Student Conduct.
  4. Providing or facilitating unauthorized access to a dining hall for any person who is not a resident dining plan member will be considered theft and adjudicated under the Code of Student Conduct.
  5. Possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages in the dining halls. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed in athletic venues and at catered events, subject to Prince Georges and University of Maryland Dining Services alcohol policies. Underage consumption of alcoholic beverages is never permitted.
  6. Unauthorized entry into any secured or restricted Dining Services space.

Some forms of misconduct violate not only Dining Hall Rules and the Code of Student Conduct, but also state and federal laws, for which students may also be held accountable. Such violations are referred to the University Police for possible investigation.

Dining Services is protective of the resident dining experience and strives to minimize outside impingement on residents while in campus dining halls, cafés, convenience shops and restaurants.


Signs or flyers may not be posted in dining hall spaces and/or common areas regarding the programs, information, and services of any organization including registered campus student organizations. Dining Services may, at its sole discretion, post information about select all-campus initiatives.

No postings of any kind may be placed on exterior or interior walls, doors, columns, or on the ground, sidewalks, benches, signs, or lampposts in and around the dining halls. Any improperly placed or unapproved postings will be promptly removed by Dining Services staff.

Solicitation / Canvassing

Solicitations and canvassing of any kind are prohibited by all persons, whether students or commercial salespeople. If someone approaches you in a dining hall, café, convenience shop or restaurant and you do not wish to talk with them, request that person to leave your table. If the person persists, report the incident to the manager on duty. This applies to all groups including commercial, political, religious, and academic, social, and student organizations.


We understand that, at times, students and others may wish to film or photograph in the dining halls for class projects or other journalistic endeavors. Prospective photographers must contact Dining Services Marketing or 301-314-9413 to confirm understanding of the guidelines and details of the project. If approved, DS Marketing will contact the management team of the dining hall, café, convenience shop or restaurant to confirm. The guidelines are:

  1. The photographer may not interview customers inside our facilities. Any interviewing of customers must take place a minimum of 15 feet away from the entrance to the facility.
  2. The photographer may not interfere with the regular flow of business. The equipment and personnel cannot get between customers and service, between employees and their work stations.
  3. Before any film or photograph is taken that includes any staff member, the photographer must get permission of that staff member.
  4. Staff can be interviewed only when on official, manager-approved break, and away from the work station. Staff members are not obligated to participate in an interview and can decline for any or no reason.
  5. The photographer must agree to these conditions and provide the number of people in the crew, the general type of equipment, and the date, time, and location of the filming.

Then we will let the operating managers know to expect you.

Tabling Outside the Dining Halls

Tabling may not be done inside the dining halls and the space outside the dining halls is not an approved tabling space. We will remove people or groups who are closer than fifteen feet to our entrance or are impeding aceess to our facilities. Tabling space is available in front of the Stamp. .

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