Resident Dining Plans

As a resident dining plan member, enjoy access dining to campus dining halls — any time we are open, you are welcome – enjoy a meal, grab a snack, or maybe just meet up with your new friends.

Resident Dining Plans

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Every student living on campus in traditional residence halls must have a Resident Dining Plan. These plans are designed to provide for your dietary needs, seven days a week for the whole semester, while classes are in session and during finals.

Our focus will be to serve delicious and popular food while ensuring your health and safety. We will continue to offer a wide variety of food at each meal, modifying the overall plan and our service methods in accordance with best practices this fall.

Dining Halls:

Resident Dining Plans include access to plenty of food all semester long. We are open breakfast. lunch and dinner every day. Come in and enjoy anything from the wide range of offerings you find on the serving lines.

You enter the dining halls by waving your hand through the scanners at the front entrance, which provide a convenient and secure way to verify your identity. Two dining halls: The Diner (Ellicott) and South Campus Dining Hall will take reservations after 10:00 am and offer dine-in, all you care to eat dining experiences. 251 North (Denton Community) will offer five stations serving fresh gourmet carryout meals.


We have created satellite stations convenient to campus for you to drop in and pick up delicious fresh carryout. You can get a composed meal, salad or fruit, cookies and a beverage. Check the menus (one week ahead) on Your favorite meal might be served at an Outpost!

Dining Dollars:

Dining halls provide a wide range of tasty and nutritious food, but we know you’ll want to eat somewhere else now and then. Dining Dollars are special funds that you can use at many locations  on campus, including the convenience shops, cafes and several of the brand name franchises in the food courts. Dining Dollars are always bought at a discount, and you don’t pay sales tax when you use them! Three of the Resident Dining Plans include Dining Dollars, and you can also buy them separately in bundles.

We strongly recommend the upgraded plans because they include Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars enable you to get fresh carryout from cafés and convenience shops on days when you can’t — or prefer not to — eat in a dining hall. Dining Dollars are great for room snacks and supplies. Read up on resident dining plans, or keep reading to learn more about Dining Dollars.

Upgrade Your Plan!

We offer four different Resident Dining Plans so you can find the option that works best for you. We recommend the Preferred or Premium plans to get the best discounts on Dining Dollars. These upgraded plans will give you greater flexibility and spending power at our locations!

Options and Pricing

New to Housing Residents

Resident Dining Dining Dollars Fall 2020 Price* Spring 2021 Price Price above
Base Plan
Premium Seven-Day Access 400 $2,780 $2,720 +$340 15% DD savings
Preferred Seven-Day
300 $2,704 $2,644 +$264 12% DD savings
Base Plus Seven-Day
200 $2,620 $2,560 +$180 10% DD savings
Base Seven-Day Access $2,440 $2,380  –

Returning Residents

Resident Dining Dining Dollars Fall 2020
Spring 2021
Price above
Base Plan
Premium Seven-Day
400 $2,720 $2,720 +$340 15% DD savings
Preferred Seven-Day  Access 300 $2,644 $2,644 +$264 12% DD savings
Base Plus Seven-Day Access 200 $2,560 $2,560 +$180 10% DD savings
Base Seven-Day
$2,380 $2,380  –


View Locations & Hours here and Menus here.

*Fall price includes Resident Dining for Fall Welcome and the New Student Welcome event. Returning students are exempted from this charge.

Allergies, Intolerances and Special Diets

Our team is well-trained to help you manage your allergy, intolerance or dietary preference. Contact us at to discuss which menu items suit your needs or to make accommodations. We have recipes for many diets, including halal, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

If you maintain a kosher diet, contact the Maryland Hillel Center for information on their Platinum Kosher Plan, which may be substituted for a Resident Dining Plan.

Any other questions?

Check out our FAQ page, contact us at 301-314-8068, email or visit our office in the South Campus Dining Hall (come halfway down the outside stairway on the west side of the building and in through the glass doors). We’re in room 1109, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Or see our calendar for important dates, like when your plan starts and ends and when we’re closed for breaks.