Ramadan Morning Meals available at The Diner and South Campus Dining Hall

Ramadan: April 12–May 12, 2021

We recognize that during Ramadan, observant students must finish the morning meal before sunrise and cannot eat again until after sundown.

Those students can request a morning meal.

The morning meal consists of a breakfast main course, yogurt and fruit cup. Other items should be collected from the serving lines during dinner hours.


How to request meals

We ask that you complete the Ramadan Meal Request Form (below the calendar) each day so we can be ready with a Morning Meal.

Collect your meal from South Campus Dining Hall (SOUTH) or The Diner (NORTH) after 7:00 pm for that overnight.

Please ask greeter for a manager between 7:00 pm and close (9:00 pm). We will bring the meal out to you.

Please submit your request before 6:00 pm—
We need at least thirty minutes prep time to prepare a Ramadan Morning Meal. Thank you!

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Menus may change based on availability.