Great Pay, No Commute !

Where to work? 

Dining Halls

The Diner (Ellicott) South Campus Dining Hall 251 North
Hours available every day, early and late. Work close to your room,
Serving, patio, cooking, dishwashing, dining room, greeter


Good Tidings Catering
Pick your own schedule by signing up for events on campus
Waitstaff, bartender, utility, driver

Stamp Food Court

Chick fil-A, Sbarro, Maryland Dairy, Subway, The Coffee Bar
Work for a national brand-name favorite in the heart of campus
Cashier, cook, utility.


Maryland Terrapin Athletic Events
Work sports events and cheer for the Terps!
Cashier, cook, runner, driver

Cafes and Convenience Shops

Nine cafes in academic buildings, Four convenience shops
Cashier, Stock, utility

Student Engagement Team

Work with the team to market messages and initiatives that include sustainability, culinary programming, value, variety and customer service using social media! Commitment of  about 10 hours/week during the semester. Review social media mentions, post daily on social media, create and design social media posts, promote sustainability initiatives — interact with staff, students, and faculty, relay feedback from students to dining hall managers to improve the Maryland Dining experience

How to Apply for Employment

DS student job descriptions and find a job that appeals to you.

Download, complete, and submit your application to our student employment coordinator and they will forward it to locations currently in need of employees.


Dining Services offers two employment options to students:

  • Student Employment
    Dining Services offers flexible hours, excellent pay, opportunities for advancement, and a free meal for every four-hour shift! For more information or to apply for Student Employment, call 301.314.8058 or email
  • Federal Work Study (FWS) Employment
    A federally subsidized program through which graduate and undergraduate students earn an FWS award by working with approved employers. To be considered for FWS, students must meet Office of Student Financial Aid criteria. For more information about FWS, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 301.314.9000.

Dining Services offers scholarships to outstanding Student Employees:


What ID do you need to show us before you start? 

WE do need certain forms of ID before we can enter you into the system. Here’s a list of List of acceptable documents.
Please have them ready when you submit your application.

Note that there are different requirements for F1 visa holders.