Useful Links

Dining Hall Comment Card

Whether you see something that’s just “not right,” and you have a suggestion for an improvement – or if you’d like to compliment our staff or your favorite dining hall menu item, we want to hear from you!
Your input will help us enhance your Maryland dining experience.

Sick Meal

We recognize that there are times when resident students are unwell and that it may be unwise for them to come to a dining hall for meals. In those cases, we ask that the resident student complete the Sick Meal Request form and send a representative to collect a Sick Meal on their behalf.

Dining Plan Calendar

A guide to important dining dates this semester.

Where to Use Your Plan

A convenient chart showing which on campus locations accept which dining plans, Terrapin Express, cash or credit cards

Online Services

Verify your dining plan and verify current balances
View recent transactions including Dining Dollars
Add purchasing power by buying blocks of Dining Dollars or upgrading your Resident Dining Plan
Purchase a dining plan (certain times of the semester only)
Change from one dining plan to another (certain times of the semester only)
Report your UM ID card as lost – and prevent anyone from using your account
Reporting your card as lost through Online Services does not affect door access.
To disable door access call x4WORK / x49675