Waste Management

Dining Services has many initiatives to help reduce waste on campus.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your waste in the dining halls is to pay attention to what’s on your plate! Food waste is a major source of waste in the United States. Take what you can eat, and you can always go back for more. Food that is not served is recovered from dining hall kitchens by the Food Recovery Network. This food is brought to organizations in the area that feed hot meals to people in need.

Composting and recycling are available in all dining halls. You can always put your meal tray on the conveyer belt, and Dining Services staff will make sure any waste is composted or recycled properly. If you sort your own waste, make sure you sort correctly – there are signs on all the bins to help if you don’t know what goes where. Either way, you’re keeping your scraps out of the landfill. In 2014-2015, Dining Services had a waste diversion rate of 74% – right on track with the campus goal of 75%.

You can reduce the waste you create by using reusable cutlery and plates in the dining halls, and using the reusable carryout containers if you have to eat out. In 2014-2015, 10% of carryout used was reusable! Be part of the 10% and carry a reusable container. Once you pay for your first container, just keep bringing it back to exchange it for a clean one. Plus, in addition to reducing your waste, you’ll also save money.

Reusable mugs, cups, and bottles are welcome in the dining halls, cafes, and convenience shops – use these for your beverage and you’ll get a 20-cent discount as well as reduce your waste!

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