Goodies-to-Go Upgrade

We know that sustainability is important to you and we hold it to be a core value, too! At Goodies-to-Go, we’ve looked high and low to find the most practical and environmentally conscious products on the market today. So, watch for the new compostable flatware, plates, cups and napkins in future orders. Remember to recycle serving utensils, boxes, bags and platters.

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Goodies to Go: Green FAQs

Waste separation: what goes where?

  • Food scraps
  • Coffee cups
  • Tumblers
  • Plates
  • Knives, forks, spoons
  • Wooden toothpicks
  • Wooden stirrers
  • Paper sugar, salt, and pepper packets
  • Paper napkins
  • Serving tongs
  • Serving scoops
  • Serving utensils
  • Pitchers
  • Coffee containers
  • Plastic platters
  • Plastic platter lids
  • Plastic wrap (bundle up in a separate bag)
  • Paper bags
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic bottles
  • Metal cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Printer paper
  • Tablecloths
  • Creamer cups
  • Jelly cups
  • Butter wrappers
  • Cream cheese cups

How can I compost on campus?

If your event is in The Stamp, ask your event coordinator to set up a compost bin for your event.

If your event is elsewhere on campus, contact UMD Facilities Management at recycle(at) two business days before the your next event to arrange for pickup.

How do I go totally waste-free?

Talk to us – we can omit the tablecloth and you can supply your own.

Talk to us – we can omit individual plastic items like creamer cups and butter wrappers – the Shops @ Maryland carries bulk products for your convenience or you can supply your own.

Talk to us – we can omit all disposable individual and service ware and offer you a 5% discount and you can supply your own.

What can I do with leftover food?

If you have too many leftovers, tell us about your event so we can help plan optimum quantities for next time.

Before your event, email umfood(at) for ways to get in touch with students who will help you donate unused food to hungry grad students or to area non-profits.

How can I serve water without providing plastic bottles?

Ask event attendees to bring their own reusable water bottle.

In advance of the event, locate the campus bottle refill station closest to your venue and post directions for your guests.

Is there anything else to consider?

Goodies to Go serves only Fair Trade coffee. Fair Trade coffee ensures farmers receive a fair price and ensures fair labor conditions.

Think about increasing meat-free options. Production of animal-based food results in more greenhouse gases than production of fruit-and-vegetable-based food. Vegetarian food is delicious – and not just for vegetarians !

Goodies to Go is on campus: as local as it gets. When we deliver, the transportation footprint of your event is as small as it can be.

We are part of the campus and we share your values. We support the academic, strategic and social initiatives of the University. Every time you buy from us, you contribute to the campus community.