Sustainable Food Committee Meeting – Student Presentations

We have had the pleasure to assist and guide students with sustainability projects for Spring 2017!

Focusing on a wide array of Sustainability, Health, and Wellness topics, these special students explored issues that mattered most to them.

251 Waste Audit

By Mark Townsend, Tobias Alaye, Kylie McCabe, Michael Connor, Jordyn Berry, Eltayeb Abdelrahman, and Serebour Kubi



North Campus Waste Audit

By William Clark, Ciera Miller, Aashish, Anthony Talentino, and Nick Wong



Terp Farm’s Flowers

By Lillian Kahl



SGA Health and Wellness

By Melanie Zheng, Ro Nambiar, and Kimia Abtahi



Sustainability Review of Anytime Dining

By Bharadwaj Chintalapati



By The GoECO Pioneers