First look: Farmers Market Shopping and Cooking Tips

Fall semester has just begun. Sweat drips down your spine as you make the hike up Campus Drive. While you pass Stamp your mind is clouded by homework assignments, extra-curricular meetings, and going out plans. You take a moment to glance up from your phone and see the white tents that appear every Wednesday outside Cole Fieldhouse; a signal that the farmer’s market has returned.

You walked past the farmer’s market a few times last year but only ever stopped once or twice to try a bread or cheese sample; maybe even buy an apple when you were starving before BIO240.

The food looks great you tell yourself but lets be real you wouldn’t know what to buy, it’s more expensive than the Giant or Target Express, and it would go bad while you sat in the two hour class that you’re off to.

If any of this sounded familiar then keep reading. I’m here to change your mind.

I will show you how you can save money by shopping at the farmers market, how to prepare the food you’ve purchased, what to get if you’re stopping by before class and the basic grocery staples that require little time and effort to prepare in either your dorm or apartment (yes! I’ll have recipes that can work in a dorm if you only have a mini fridge, microwave, and blender available.)

And if you’ve ever wondered about the natural beauty products sold at Randalia Beehive’s station, I’ll be revealing the ingredients that Neil uses in his products and why they work wonders for the skin (I was able to cure my chronic acne and dry skin!).

If you’re ready to start your best semester with improved health, energy, and cooking skills then stay tuned.

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