Graduate Express

What is Graduate Express?

Graduate Express is a debit account created by the Graduate Student Government Association and the Department of Dining Services.

You can load prepaid Graduate Express Points on your UM ID card. It’s a convenient way for graduate students to pay for goods and services across campus without carrying cash or a second ID card..

Graduate Express is available only to graduate students. Unlike Terrapin Express, Graduate Express can be billed to your Student Account Receivable (SAR Account) in the Bursar’s Office at any time.

How Graduate Express works

    • Create your account online using Dining Services Online Services and your UMD ID number.
    • Once your account is populated, points are available immediately. There is no service fee.
    • Access points using your UMD ID card.
    • The charge for points you put on your card will be billed to your SAR Account within two business days.

Graduate Express automatically carries over to each new semester, term, or academic year.

How to open a Graduate Express account

    • Go to Graduate Express Online Services to activate your account. Have your directory ID and password available.
    • Select level 1 ($250) or level 2 ($500). When you confirm your order, the charge will be sent to the Bursar’s Office.
    • Pay for Graduate Express according to the routine campus billing schedule.
    • Use these points anywhere that accepts Terrapin Express.
    • Use Online Services at to maintain your account.
        • “Lost Card” will freeze your account until you find or replace your card.
        • “Check Your Balance” will show you your current balance and transaction history.
    • Using the same process, you can increase your Graduate Express balance at any time by adding more level 1 or level 2 accounts to your card. ($250 or $500 each). New account funds will be added to your existing balance.

    Check Your Balance

    Four ways to check your balance:

    1. Online at Online Services.
    2. Online at Testudo.
    3. Call the Terrapin Express Office at 301-314-8068.
    4. Ask any cashier for your balance or for a receipt.

    Report a Lost Card

    Two ways to report a lost or stolen card:

    1. Use Online Services to deactivate your card, or
    2. Visit us at 1109 South Campus Building, Mezzanine Level.
    • We will freeze your purchasing accounts. This does not affect other functions of the card. Be sure to disable those separately.
    • The University assumes no responsibility for charges to your account prior to your notifying us.
    • To get a replacement ID card, go to the Mitchell Building during regular business hours

    More Information


    • Terrapin Express is not accepted anywhere off-campus. Accepted everywhere that accepts Terrapin Express. .
    • Not a substitute for a resident dining plan.


    • Request a refund or cancellation in person or in writing to the Dining Plan Office.
    • Refunds are mailed from the Bursar’s Office to the student’s permanent address.
    • Processing time is a minimum of four weeks.

    Still have questions? We have answers!

    Contact us:

    Dining Plan Office
    1109 South Campus Building, Mezzanine Level