Apartment Dining Plan

The Apartment Dining Plan allows you to spend points any way you choose throughout the academic year.

Non-Traditional Students

If you either live off-campus or in an on-campus apartment, you are not required to have a Dining Plan. However, if you wish to purchase a Dining Plan to fit your needs, we recommend the Apartment Plan.

How the Plan Works

  • Apartment Plan points are accessed through the UM ID card. in any of our locations, one point is equal to one dollar.
  • Join at any one of four levels, depending on how much you think you will eat with us during the semester.
  • This plan is accepted at 37 locations all over campus and can be used to buy balanced meals, light snacks, fast food, espresso beverages, sweet treats, groceries, and more.
  • Because the Apartment Plan is a dining plan, purchases made at Dining Services locations using the plan are tax exempt–you’ll save up to 6% every time you use the plan!
  • Plans start when you enroll — any time after August 10. Points are available to you for the entire academic year. Plans purchased during the fall semester will be available during the winter term and spring semester, and expire on May 31.
  • Compare Terrapin Express to the Apartment Dining Plan.
  • Purchase an Apartment Plan through Online Services.

Apartment Plan Prices & Points

Plan Price Points Fee
Plan 1 $250.00 225.00 $25.00
Plan 2 $500.00 475.00 $25.00
Plan 3 $750.00 725.00 $25.00
Plan 4 $1000.00 975.00 $25.00

Note: the Apartment Plan is not an approved dining plan for students living in traditional on-campus housing.