All-Campus Plans

Is an All-Campus Dining Plan Right For You?

It’s not for everyone! It could be for you, if you:

  • Have completed two semesters in a traditional residence hall
  • Are a very light eater or a very heavy eater
  • Are willing to exchange some purchasing power for maximum flexibility
  • Are able to keep track of your usage as you receive different discounts at different locations
  • Want the flexibility to spend any of your points at any dining location on campus

Plan Costs

The total cost of an All-Campus Dining Plan is the sum of two basic components.

  • Base Cost: Non-food costs for operating the dining rooms. When you purchase an All-Campus meal plan, you have paid your share of the base cost for the entire semester.
  • Point Cost: Funds available to you for meal purchases. With each food and beverage purchase, the All-Campus point cost will be deducted from your account.

How the Plan Works (briefly)

All-Campus Dining Plan points have different values in different locations on campus. Points left over at the end of the fall semester are added to the opening balance of your All-Campus Plan for spring semester. You must have an All-Campus Plan for spring semester for the carryover benefit to apply.

In the Dining Rooms

All-Campus points have maximum purchasing power in the resident dining rooms and for dinner at Adele’s Restaurant. The base cost for those operations is paid up front for the entire semester, so you pay 34% of the cash price each time you visit.

In The Cafés and Quick Food Locations

All-Campus points have considerable purchasing power in the cafés and quick food locations that also accept Terp Bucks. There is a smaller pool of points covering the base costs for these operations, so you pay 50% of the cash price for meals each time you visit.

In the Convenience Shops

The convenience shops have a completely different cost structure than dining facilities. Labor is a much smaller portion of the cost and the cost of goods sold is much larger. You pay 70% of the cash price for purchases each time you visit.

In the Student Union Food Court (and other branded locations)

These are locations that are operated by Dining Services in partnership with a corporation or are operated by a corporation that pays rent to the university. All-Campus funds can not be used to support the base cost of operating these locations so you pay full price, and the days and times you may use your points have been restricted.

Point Price as compared to Cash Price 34% 50% 70% After 2:00 PM and
during regular weekend hours
Dining Rooms
The Diner X
South Campus Dining Room X
251 North X (1 per week) Additional meals within same week at full door price
Adele’s Restaurant (dinner and carry-out only) X
Mulligan’s Grill and Pub X
Cafés & Quick Food Options
Applause X
BRBean X
Bytes X
The Coffee Bar X
E+M Cafe X
E+M Deli X
Footnotes X
Kim Kafe X
Maryland Dairy X
Mulligan’s Grill X
Off the Record X
Physics X
Quantum X
Rudy’s X
Sneaker’s X
The Shops @ Maryland
24Shop X
South Commons X
East Leonardtown X
North Campus X
Union Shop X
Franchise Locations
Auntie Anne’s® X
Chick-fil-A® X
McDonald’s® X
Moby Dick® X
Panda Express® X
Saladworks® X
Sbarro® X
Subway® X
Taco Bell® Express (Stamp & Kim Engineering) X
Tappan and Sushi by Panda® X

How Much Buying Power Will I Have?

If you eat only in dining halls, Plan 3 contains enough All-Campus Points to buy about 12 Chef Feature meals per week for the whole semester.

Plan 6 is the plan for you if you want to eat regularly in the dining rooms and have plenty of points to use in other campus locations. You will have more than enough points to buy breakfast every morning, purchase 14 value meals every week, and visit Late Night Dining every evening.

Points available per day if you use your plan
4 days 5 days 6 days
Plan 1 4.90 3.92 3.27
Plan 2 6.47 5.17 4.31
Plan 3 8.03 6.42 5.35
Plan 4 9.59 7.67 6.39
Plan 5 11.15 8.92 7.43
Plan 6 12.71 10.17 8.47
*Average – 16-week semester

Remember: 3.35 points is equivalent to:

    • $10.05 in the Dining Rooms
    • $7.70 in the Cafes
    • $4.79 in the Shops
    • $3.35 in the Food Court

and, as a bonus 3.35 points is equivalent to $10.05 in Adele’s at dinner