Optional Dining Plans

Our mission is to provide you with healthy and popular food in welcoming, comfortable spaces – every day – regardless of whether you live on campus or not!

If you live off campus, ask yourself:

  • Am I on campus at meal time and looking for some great food?
  • Do I want a convenient, welcoming place to meet up with friends?
  • Maybe a comfortable, quiet place to relax or study?
  • One where I can find lots of healthy, affordable menu choices?

If your answer is “Yes!” then you’re in luck!
We are pleased to offer you many ways to get great meals on campus:

  • Connector Plans provide you with a number of meals each semester.
  • Anytime Dining gives you unlimited access to three dining halls
  • Dining Dollars offer UMD ID card convenience at shops, cafes, and dining halls – at a discount!

Sign up at dining.umd.edu/online-services (your purchase will be added to your Student Account) to start enjoying the quality, convenience, and hospitality of Maryland Dining.

Our four optional dining plans offer students who live off campus the flexibility to dine how they want while on campus; extending their connection to their friends and the UMD campus community.


Option 1

(“I love to cook, but some days I’m busy)

50 meals – $500
About three meals per week

Option 2

(“I like to cook, but it can be a hassle)

100 meals – $950
About six meals per week

Option 3

(“I love to eat, but I don’t love to cook!”)

150 meals – $1350
About nine meals per week


(“I want to get plenty of food in the dining hall – and pick up some Starbucks and a snack near my classes”)

70 meals + 250 Dining Dollars – $895
About four meals per week + flexibility to spend at any Dining Services location

*Connector Plans do not replace the 7-Day Anytime Dining Plan requirement for resident students

**Connector plans expire at the end of each semester. If you meet certain criteria, you may request a one-time Optional Dining Plan rollover exception .


Want More?

Even if you live off campus, you are welcome to an Anytime Dining Plan. You’re even eligible for a 5-Day Plan!

Anytime Dining: anytime we’re open, anything we’re serving, any campus dining hall

Plan Name
Dining Dollars
(per semester)
(per semester)
2018-19 Price
(per semester)
Five-Day Five-Day
Unlimited Access
Premium Seven-Day
Unlimited Access
400 8 $2,720
Preferred Seven-Day
Unlimited Access
300 6 $2,644
Base Plus Seven-Day
Unlimited Access
200 4 $2,560
Base Seven-Day
Unlimited Access
2 $2,380


Want Less?

Don’t want a dining plan but still want a deal? Use Dining Dollars to eat at any Dining Services location: 19 cafes, 6 shops, 3 dining halls, and a restaurant.

Dining Dollars

Purchase a a discount, save 6% sales tax, spend Dollar for dollar.

Purchase up to two bundles per semester.

250 DD Bundle                  $237.50

500 DD Bundle                  $475.00

Security Update, February, 2020

If you have Dining Dollars, you may notice that the customer display on our new point-of-sale system does not show your balance after presenting your
campus ID card for payment. This is a security requirement built into systems which we cannot change.

If you would like to know your current balance, ask the cashier for a receipt – the balance is automatically printed on the receipt and not on the
display so that only you can see it.  You could ask the cashier for your balance – they can provide it as soon as your transaction is completed.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but hope the added security will make your funds a little more secure.


Gossett Breakfast Plan

This optional dining plan includes an all-you-care-to-eat breakfast buffet Monday through Friday at the Gossett Team House – home of the Terrapin Football Team. $1048 per semester, excludes university holidays.