Welcome to Our Ocean Friendly Campus

Dining Services launched several initiatives to reduce plastic waste and create an Ocean Friendly Campus: 

  • A free reusable bag is available for each student with an Anytime Dining plan. Students with an Anytime Dining Plan can pick up their free bag by swiping their ID card at the following locations: 24 Shop, South Commons Shop, and North Convenience Shop. 
  • Paper straws, paper bags, compostable utensils, and paper stirrers have replaced plastics in campus shops and cafes.
  • Anyone can take advantage of Dining’s “green discounts”: 20 cents off your purchase when you bring a reusable mug or cup to campus cafes and shops and 5 cents off your purchase when you bring your own bag to grocery shop on campus.
  • The Anytime Dining program eliminated all single-use disposable packaging in the dining halls, removing 6.3 million disposable items from the waste stream annually.

The transition to an Ocean Friendly Campus was made possible in part by the University of Maryland Sustainability Fund.