Special Diets


Dining Services offers many vegetarian and vegan selections: effective Fall 2016, every dining hall has a dedicated vegan station. Contact our nutritionist for more information regarding menu options.

Current dining room menus include many recipes that have passed the Dining Services Vegetarian Advisory Board (DSVAB) student taste test. For more information call 301-314-8058 or send an email.


Students wishing to observe a kosher diet should contact the Maryland Hillel Center. The Hillel is the only campus facility serving food prepared with oversight by a Mashgiach. Students living in traditional on-campus housing are required by the University of Maryland to purchase a full dining plan from either Dining Services or from the Hillel. Hillel points are valid only at the Hillel and UM ID card accounts are not accepted by the Hillel. To learn more about getting a kosher meal plan visit the Maryland Hillel Web site.


Dining Services offers a variety of menu item in dining halls, convenience shops and cafes that are appropriate for people following a halal lifestyle. We are happy to offer a guide to these items and access to additional menu items. If you observe halal dietary customs and would like more information, please contact our nutritionist for an appointment.