Contact: Food Allergies and Intolerances

Our nutrition staff is prepared to help you manage your allergy or intolerance; we are happy to work with you to identify and select appropriate food from our menu offerings or discover when you might need specially cooked meals.

We provide additional accommodations for allergies and dietary restrictions on an individual, case-by-case basis and are prepared to help you as much or as little as you would like. To find out about our nutrition programming, go to

We welcome the chance to speak with you.

Please fill out this form to introduce yourself and identify your allergy or intolerance.

We will contact you and make an appointment to talk with you about your options for Maryland Dining.

Here are a few highlights of the UMD special diets nutrition program:

  1. The Purple Zone
    The Purple Zones are stations in 251 North and South Campus Dining Hall where all the food is free of the most common allergens (dairy, peanuts/tree nuts, eggs, sesame, soy, fish, gluten, shellfish).Purple Zones are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner serving many of the same menu items that can be found at other stations in the dining hall – completely free of the top nine allergens.
    Examples of menu items range anywhere from Buffalo Breaded Chicken Breast on a Kaiser Roll to Chocolate Chip Pancakes. The Purple Zone menu changes every day and repeats after three weeks. Trained servers at this station will be wearing purple aprons so you can easily identify them.

  2. The Purple Fridge
    Purple Fridges are self-service stations, one in each resident dining hall, that contain packaged frozen entre and dessert items from popular brands such as Udi’s, Amy’s, Daiya and Enjoy Life. All items in the Purple Fridge are NOT free from ALL common allergens: they are marked with the allergens that they do contain. A list of everything in the freezer and the allergens that they contain is posted on the inside of the door. One example of an item in the Purple Fridge is Udi’s Sausage Cheese Lasagna. This product is labeled as – Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free – Contains Egg and Dairy.
  3. Know before you go!
    To see what is on the menu each day at the dining halls, visit This website lists food served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at every resident dining location on campus. Filter your search for appropriate foods by selecting the filter option in the top right and you will see only the food not containing the allergens you specify
  4. EpiPen
    Many of you have stated that you have need of an EpiPen. We strongly encourage you to carry your EpiPen with you everywhere and at all times.
  5. Questions
    If you have a question that requires an immediate answer while in the dining hall, ASK FOR A MANAGER OR CHEF. Servers are not trained to discuss specific allergen requests. The manager on duty or chef on duty will be able to handle any questions you have about the food being served. If your question is less time-sensitive, contact me, the Dining Services Nutritionist, at or Chef John, Senior Executive Chef for Dining Services at


For more information about allergies and food intolerance, click here.