March Madness 2021!

Dinner Menu

Burrito Box
marinated beef and chipotle shrimp, grilled onions, grilled peppers, spicy red beans, saffron basmati rice, cheddar cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheddar, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo in a 12” flour tortilla

Vegan Burrito Box
roasted sweet potato, fried plantain, grilled onions, grilled peppers, saffron rice, spicy red beans, guacamole, sour cream, shredded lettuce and pico de gallon in a 12” whole wheat tortilla

Mac n’ Cheese Dog
all-beef hot dog and loaded with creamy macaroni and cheese and a couple of shakes of Old Bay®

Coney Dog
all-beef frank smothered in cumin-spiced bean less beef chili, and topped with chopped onions and shredded cheese

Corn Dog

Buffalo Popcorn Shrimp Quesadilla
spicy popcorn shrimp, cheddar cheese, onions and peppers on a 12” flour tortilla, sour cream, guacamole

Spicy Black Bean Corn Quesadilla

The Boss Burger
burger, fried egg, bacon, provolone cheese, green chili pico de gallo

Waffle Fries

Tortilla Chips

Double Cream Chocolate Layer Cake

Strawberry Sherry Trifle 

Contest & Prizes!

Enter our Sweet-16 Bracket contest for a chance at several amazing prizes!

Just select the tournaments winning team (and a tie breaker score) from the 16 teams on the entry form, then cheer on your team to victory!

Prizes include:

Nintendo Switch

Apple Watch

Apple AirPods

Maryland Athletics Memorabilia
(example items shown)

Maryland Under ArmourTM Gear
(sizes and item selection varies)

and more!