Dining Plans for Faculty and Staff


We invite you to participate in Dining At Maryland affordably by offering Faculty & Staff Block Plans!

Flexible block plans that fit your schedule and help you stay on budget.

Three conveniently located dining halls are open from breakfast to midnight. Connect with colleagues and students, enjoy a tasty meal, and save time and money.

Discover that Dining at Maryland is the right choice for great value, variety, and convenience!

Faculty & Staff Block Plans

Plan Price Price/Meal Door Prices
25 Meal Plan $199 $7.96 $12.95/$15.95
11 Meal Plan $98 $8.91 $12.95/$15.95

Faculty & Staff Block Plan Details

  • Plans provide a set number of meals in the dining hall(s) of your choice. Each meal is one all you care to eat experience at: South Campus Dining Hall, The Diner, or 251 North.
  • You can use meals from your plan to treat guests as long as you are present with your UMD ID card. (UMD ID cards are not transferable).
  • Dining Halls do not provide carryout options.
  • Your Faculty & Staff Block Plan carries from semester to semester and year to year and is fully refundable at any time.
  • You can purchase additional Plans at any time.

Also Available to Faculty & Staff:

Dining Dollars

  • Accepted at Adele’s Restaurant, Mulligan’s Grill, 5 convenience shops, 19 campus cafés, 3 dining halls (door price), and 7 brand-name fast food stores (5 in The Stamp, 2 in Martin Engineering)
  • Access fresh portable food from cafés and convenience shops.
  • Buy increments of 250 Dining Dollars
  • 5% discount when you purchase Dining Dollars, and no sales tax (6%) when used, giving you a potential 11% discount.

Order Up Your Dining Plan

Visit the Dining Services Contract Office, Room 1109 South Campus Dining Hall Building, open Monday–Friday 8:30am–4:30pm.

You can purchase a Plan using cash, check, or credit card.

Call 301-314-8067 or email diningplan@umd.edu  with questions or concerns .