Dining Plans for Faculty and Staff


We invite you to participate in Dining At Maryland affordably by offering Faculty & Staff Dining  Plans!
Flexible block plans that get you great, healthy, affordable meals — right here on campus!

Two conveniently located dining halls are open from breakfast to midnight. The third, 251 North is open for lunch and dinner Sun – Fri.
Connect with colleagues and students, enjoy a tasty meal, and save time and money.

Discover Dining at Maryland — we are the right choice for great value, variety, and convenience!

Faculty & Staff Block Plans

Plan Price Price/Meal Door Prices
25 Meal Plan $199 $7.96 $12.95/$15.95
11 Meal Plan $98 $8.91 $12.95/$15.95

Faculty & Staff Block Plan Details

  • Plans provide a set number of meals in the dining hall(s) of your choice. Each meal is one all you care to eat experience at: South Campus Dining Hall, The Diner, or 251 North.
  • You can use meals from your plan to treat guests as long as you are present with your UMD ID card. (UMD ID cards are not transferable).
  • Dining Halls do not provide carryout options.
  • Your Faculty & Staff Block Plan carries from semester to semester and year to year and is fully refundable at any time.
  • You can purchase additional Plans at any time.

Also Available to Faculty & Staff:

Dining Dollars

  • Accepted at Mulligan’s Grill, 6 convenience shops, 19 campus cafés, 3 dining halls (door price), and 7 brand-name fast food stores (5 in The Stamp, 2 in Martin Engineering)
  • Access fresh portable food from cafés and convenience shops.
  • Buy increments of 250 Dining Dollars
  • 5% discount when you purchase Dining Dollars, and no sales tax (6%) when used, giving you a potential 11% discount.

Order Up Your Dining Plan

Visit the Dining Services Contract Office, Room 1109 South Campus Dining Hall Building, open Monday–Friday 8:30am–4:30pm.

You can purchase a Plan using cash, check, or credit card.

Call 301-314-8067 or email diningplan@umd.edu  with questions or concerns .