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Resident Dining Comments

Ellicott, 3/13/18, 9:15pm
I would greatly appreciate bringing back a vegan spatula like first semester for the pasta station (currently the meat spatula is being mixed with the vegetables).

South, 3/12/18, 8:22pm
The stir fry staff is very kind, however, the noodles are overcooked, burnt and hard, and the vegetables are undercooked and raw. I would recommend more moisture when cooking and leaving vegetable heavy plates on the grill for a longer time to allow them to be cooked.

Ellicott, 3/12/18, 7:47pm
bring back beef pot roast and onion rings

Ellicott, 3/9/18, 1:17pm
Lack of kosher food. I think that there should be prepared kosher deli meat sandwiches in the diner because not everyone can make it to Hillel for meals and everyone should be able to have food that they could enjoy eating. I do not enjoy being forced to be a vegan every meal I eat on campus because my religion requires that I eat certain foods. If you can serve halal meat why can’t you serve kosher meat?

251 North, 3/7/18, 12:37pm
I was super excited to see tofu nuggets at the vegan station for the first time this semester. However, the reason why I had gone to the station was to get the veg option for the Gyros. And they told me there wasn’t one and they didn’t know what I was talking about and it was probably a dinner special or something. I didn’t want to argue and I didn’t know who I was supposed to contact about this. This is like the fifth time that the vegan station at 251 hasn’t had the veg option and wasn’t aware that it existed.

Ellicott, 3/6/18, 1:22pm
I would love it if we could have rice krispies cereal in this diner because i noticed south campus has it but north doesn’t. North diner is better than south so i feel like it should have rice krispies. Thank you

Ellicott, 3/5/18, 8:03pm
I’d love to see more Beef Pot Roast

Ellicott, 3/5/18, 5:55pm
Honey Bunches of Oats??

South, 3/5/18, 5:48pm
I think it would be great if the tofu nuggets were a veg alternative on chicken tender days

South, 3/5/18, 12:49am
Roasted veggies are too oily and bagels aren’t available still at lunch time

Ellicott, 3/5/18, 12:43am
Brown rice always undercooked and hard

Ellicott, 3/4/18, 11:29pm
They keep mixing up the sweetened and unsweetened iced tea

Ellicott, 3/4/18, 8:16pm
Cheese fries!

Ellicott, 3/4/18, 8:14pm
Can you get cookie dough for a topping for the ice cream?

251 North, 3/2/18, 4:14pm
You only ever have pineapple and melon as fruit options and I am allergic to them. I would appreciate if you would have strawberries everyday instead.

If you ask the cook at Harvest they can usually get you some strawberries. We usually have strawberries.

Ellicott, 3/2/18, 8:09pm
Every day should be tenders day.

Ellicott, 3/2/18, 4:09pm
Last week you had chicken tender day on a Friday during Lent. Many people cannot eat meat on Fridays during Lent due to their religion. I personally look forward to the chicken tenders each week, but I could not eat them. Please do not do this again.

Ellicott, 3/2/18, 7:15am
Does the diner deliver its too windy!

Ellicott, 2/17/18, 4:25pm

Bring back the wrap station including chicken Caesar wraps because there aren’t a lot of healthy options.

South, 2/16/18, 8:30pm

Please get rid of the crepe station and bring back the pasta station instead. I just want to have some pasta with alfredo. Thank you.

Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to know that that pasta station has some huge fans. For right now, the pasta station is open Tuesday and Thursday evenings after 5:00 pm. – and there is pretty much always some variation of pasta on the line – and then there’s the Terrapin Favorite stuffed pasta special every two weeks or so. We will take your comment (and comments of like-minded individuals) into serious consideration as we move forward, and we will watch that crepe station closely: if its overall popularity falls, that would be the right time for the full time return of Pasta Alfredo!

South, 2/15/18, 6:05pm

Thank you for the corn muffins. I’ve been sad that I could only find cornbread on north campus.

South, 2/15/18, 6:04pm

Thank you for having corn muffins! I love their addition to the diner!

Ellicott, 2/14/18, 8:44pm

The lasagna is dry and doesn’t have enough sauce

Ellicott, 2/14/18, 5:11pm

Grilled portables at vegan station were good but I’d make BBQ optional b/c the flavors don’t match up

South, 2/14/18, 2:53pm

Please serve sweet potato fries

South, 2/14,18, 1:33pm

I really love all of the new vegan Terrapin Favorites! I’m really happy that they include these vegetarian options along with the other weekly dishes.

South, 2/14/18, 1:32

Vegan barbecue chicken was SO good!!

251 North, 2/12/18, 8:32pm

Replace the Asian station with chicken tenders every day.

South, 2/12/18, 8:31pm

The vegan chicken, beef, and orange chicken are all wonderful. We need more !!!

South, 2/12/18, 8:30pm

The Vegan BBQ portobello was amazing. Please serve it more often.

South, 2/12/18, 7:22pm

Where is the cinnamon? It used to be there. Also the oatmeal is on the runny side

South, 2/12/18, 5:22pm

The carbonated water machine has been broken for too long, only lite ranch is being served which is a crime against humanity and the pickles aren’t even out half the time

I know this is the second time you have mentioned the issue with the ranch….not sure how that is happening as I agree that lite ranch is truly a crime against humanity and a cultural violation against pizza, chicken strips, salad and many other food items…I saw someone put it on their cooked broccoli the other day! We serve a lot of ranch dressing and have back up containers on standby for replenishment. We actually do know people who prefer the lite ranch…but as you can tell, I am not one of them. Please ask a manager the next time it appears that we do not have REAL ranch available…we might need to replenish the stock level on the salad bar but I’m pretty sure we always have it in the back…so sorry.

The carbonated water machine is being repaired tomorrow but we also have carbonated water on the soda machines by the salad bar all of the time.

About the pickles…we rotate those on the condiment stand but usually have them available on the deli or by the grill station depending upon the menu selections of the day. Feel free to arrange to meet with me in person next time you stop in for a meal and I will personally make sure you are taken care of concerning those issues you mentioned. Once again, I am sorry and really want to correct all of those concerns.

251 North, 2/12/18, 3:05pm

This tomato basil soup is amazing!

Ellicott, 2/11/18, 7;43pm

Cheese Fries or Chili Cheese Fries would be a great pop-up for the Diner!

South, 2/9/18, 1;29pm

Instead of having late closing hours, the dining hall should open earlier on the weekend. Instead of 10 am it should be 9 am

Ellicott, 2/8/18, 11:02pm

corn muffins were great

South, 2/8/18, 8:42am

In the mornings sometimes, there is no soy milk. It sucks to realize this only AFTER I get bowl of cereal.

South, 2/7/18, 11:31pm

I continuously find egg shells in the diced hard boiled eggs.

South, 2/7/18, 8:24pm

Disappointed that you ran out of burgers by 8pm during the carving table dinner on Wed night

South, 2/7/18, 6:26pm

The garlic bread today was great! So much better than usual – please make this new garlic bread the norm.

Ellicott, 2/6/18, 7:08pm

The Dumplings were so good yesterday

South, 2/6/18, 3:59pm

The soup at the salad bar labeled bean soup, as vegetarian and dairy free, is most definite just the beef and bean soup that is also found on the adjacent side. Please label your food correctly to avoid food allergy, preference, and religious obligations mistakes.

South, 2/6/18, 11:54am

No more light ranch we need full fat ranch it taste so much better at least give us the option for one or the other

Ellicott, 2/6/18, 11:08am

Could we make one of the two smoothies offered daily sugar free?

Ellicott, 2/6/18, 11:07am

The South Diner provides one smoothie as sugar free and one with sugar. This allows students to choose a healthier sugar-free option without having to have to hassle of asking the worker to make a new one. Could this be implemented at The Diner as well? It is a quick and easy change.

South, 2/5/18, 10:22pm

Please make chicken sandwiches without the spiciness

Ellicott, 2/5/18, 8:51pm

Please have vegan/ vegetarian potstickers. The Terrapin Favorites lead us to believe that there could be a non meat option for potstickers. However, there were only meat potstickers and some tofu at the vegan station. We were very disheartened.

I apologize for our mistake. The good people at The Diner simply missed the notation on the menus and didn’t have the ingredients in stock to make vegan potstickers. They assured me that they will have them the next time this special runs. I’m pretty excited about the vegan specials in general, and it’s great to know that you’re already looking out for them.

Ellicott, 2/5/18, 8:47pm

Several friends and I are all pescatarian, and we’re excited when the special cards this semester included “vegan option available at Sprouts”. So today when for Potstickers special it said this under my friends and I were upset to not fine meat free potstickers at Sprouts. We are confused weather they ran out or if they began option addition to the specials sheet only means that we can find vegan food at Sprouts? With restrictive diets we are typically bummed to find most specials are meat related and were excited by the idea of vegan options being available.

I apologize for our mistake. The good people at The Diner simply missed the notation on the menus and didn’t have the ingredients in stock to make vegan potstickers. They assured me that they will have them the next time this special runs. I’m pretty excited about the vegan specials in general, and it’s great to know that you’re already looking out for them.

251 North, 2/5/18, 2:10am

Please have the corn muffins more often with cinnamon in them.

Ellicott, 2/5/18, 2:10am

The tall man with the beard that works at the taco stand is extremely respectful! I appreciated his service.

Ellicott, 2/4/18, 3:13pm

Would love to see more vegan dessert options

South, 2/4/18, 3:08pm

I think it’s ridiculous that we pay thousands of dollars to eat at the diner but I can’t leave with more than one piece of fruit without being yelled at. This needs to change.

Ellicott, 2/4/18, 1:19pm

Cut the broccoli shorter

South, 2/3/18, 7:18pm

The grilled chicken is ALWAYS bone dry. It’s like a charcoal briquette assaulting my mouth and snapping away it’s moisture.

Ellicott, 2/3/18, 1:15pm

Please put speakers in the back rooms like they are in the main room!

Ellicott, 2/3/18, 12:43pm

I stood in omelete line for 45 minutes

251 North, 2/2/18, 9:16pm

overcooked corn muffins

251 North, 2/2/18, 9:15pm

pls bring back tomato soup and grilled cheese

Ellicott, 2/2/18, 7:55pm

I just wanted to say that yesterday (2/1) was one of the best meals I had on campus. The vegan buffalo chicken strips were so good, and I’m not even a vegan. The pesto parmesan crusted chicken was also so good. I’d love to see those again in the near future!

Ellicott, 2/2/18, 12:54pm

I found a hair in my salad that is not mine

South, 2/1/18, 3:54pm

I LOVED the southwestern black bean patties and avocado slices that you had today! I also really appreciate all the great vegetarian options y’all have had at 251 recently!

South, 1/31/18, 7:45pm

more tofu options, more chicken readily available at busy times, less carb options, more variety overall it is a lot of the same food everyday unlike the other diners, more fish options but not breaded or fried, have more raw vegetables, and have cold cuts like the other diners like a deli section

South, 1/31/18, 11:24am

We would love to see unsweetened soy milk (or another vegan milk) option bc it would be like having only vanilla regular milk available, which would not be acceptable

We had been using plain soy milk then our supplier discontinued packaging it for bulk use. We have not been able to identify another supplier who makes plain soy milk in packaging that we can use in our machines – or any machine. The vanilla silk is as close as we are able to get. I hear your comment and I actually agree with your main point. We will keep our eyes open for a replacement supplier.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help with this concern! Another thing that could be considered could be another non dairy milk such as almond milk, if you’re already going to be looking for replacements.

The issue there is the nut thing. Almonds are nuts and there is a measurable contingent of people for whom nuts are a significant problem. We keep nuts to the peanut butter sandwich area only. Somehow we’ll solve this.

I see the issue with the almonds, thanks anyway!

24 Shop, 1/31/18, 1:15am

Please fix the Freal Smoothie/Milkshake machine in the 24 shop. It is often down (I am assuming because it is cold) but I know a lot of people other than me who still want it in the cold.

The machine is working now!

Ellicott, 1/31/18, 1:13am

Vegan stir fry is good!

Ellicott, 1/30/18, 4;47pm

Can you please serve Salmon plain without the BBQ sauce. Simply grilled would be perfect.

Ellicott, 1/30/18, 8:22am

I believe the heat in the Quiet Room is broken. When I went in there both this morning and yesterday morning for breakfast at 7:30am, the room was significantly colder than the adjoining rooms. Please look into this.

We had our Facilities team assess the situation this morning.  They will make the Quiet Room more comfortable as soon as possible.  As of this evening, it is still a little on the cold side, so hopefully the problem is taken care of soon. Again, thank you for your feedback…we are always looking for ways to improve.

Ellicott, 1/29/18, 8:40am

Why do you always make smoothies with the same few combinations of fruits? Why can’t you combine them in different ways so there’s a greater variety of smoothies?


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