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Ellicott 4/26/21

please for the love of god can we have some variety i swear to god there’s like 12 total meals y’all actually have i am dying how is every night taco night

Ellicott 4/26/21

Can non-dairy milk be put out like regular milk. I don’t want to have to get someone to get it for me every time I want serial.

South 4/26/21

Hi, I am a student who was on campus for fall 19 to spring 20, and I haven’t been back since because of covid. I am looking forward to returning this fall (2021) in an off campus apartment, but I still want a dining plan. I have a couple of questions: 1. Will resident dining in the fall work how it did in fall 2019, or closer to this current academic year where there’s no unlimited dining hall option? I know I won’t be a resident, but I am considering a residential plan. 2. Is this page up to date? It doesn’t seem so, because it has 19-20 prices listed. If you could give me a run down of my options for fall 2021, that would be great.

Ellicott 4/24/21

Can you offer bread and butter with the soups?

South 4/24/21

Where does the milk in the dining hall come from?

Thanks for writing in.  Our milk is supplied to us by The Cloverland Dairy, Baltimore Maryland.

South 4/24/21

For the vegan section of the dining hall, can the staff members who work there have more training in wrapping the vegan wraps? I love the vegan wraps for the customization, the freshness and how healthy it is, but nothing ruins the wrap like a staff member not knowing how to wrap and gives me a horribly wrapped wrap. I have refrained from getting wraps more often because when I do get one, the staff member either rips the wrap, ignores it and just places it in the box, or staff will wrap it terribly so that when I pull it out it falls apart, or the staff member re-wraps the wrap like 4 times and takes a long time to make it. I suggest that more training is offered to teach how to wrap the wraps in a nice clean way making the wraps much more enjoyable and letting us eat it like a wrap instead of picking up the wrap, seeing it fall apart in our hands and then not want to eat it anymore.

Ellicott 4/24/21

I had a tomato and fresh mozzarella sandwich here like maybe last week and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you.

South 4/24/21

I found what appeared to be a twisted staple or piece of wire in my food after I bit into something hard. Thank god I didn’t swallow but it was sharp.

Would love to ask you more about this and make sure you’re okay, but there was no email for us to respond to. We are sorry this happened and would like to understand more. Please reach out to us if you see this. Thank you.

South 4/20/21

I liked the kung pao tofu. 7/10. Much better than tofu with tomatoes. There is too much tofu and not enough sauce. Also, stop putting the verification to fill out out this form. It’s highly irritating and equally impossible for a human to do it as a “robot.” Make us do a math problem instead. Great, now I have to do it again.

Ellicott 4/20/21

Gazpacho no good

Ellicott 4/20/21

Staff was so kind and welcoming. I had the shrimp one and it tasted so good!

Ellicott 4/20/21

Liked the shrimp thing but it was very awkward to eat (“drink”?) in the little shot glass

Ellicott 4/20/21

I tried the gazpacho and it was great

Ellicott 4/20/21

I love The Diner! The staff are always friendly and helpful and the food is always really good. I’m so glad the fruit bar and ice cream machine was added too; it really improved the options. Specific shout out to Stephanie and Liliana for being so helpful and friendly when I need help or when I’m getting fruit! My one suggestion is to have chicken tenders more often.

Ellicott 4/20/21

Great shrimp taste tester very good flavor honestly anything other than the sweet and sour chicken different Chinese chicken versions is better so tastes great 9/10

Ellicott 4/20/21

Shrimp I tried today was really good. I’d love to see it in the dining hall!

Ellicott 4/20/21

I enjoyed the sample. The flavor was a bit strong but I thought it was well done. Also, good on ya for going more vegetarian/pescatarian.

Thank you for trying out the samples we served out front of the Ellicott Diner today for our “Cool Food Pledge”. Your participation greatly helps us in our pledge (UM Dining Services was the first University in the world to sign the Cool Food Pledge) in reducing food-related gas emissions by 25% by 2030. We are very grateful that you are helping us lower the carbon footprint of the University of Maryland, again a sincere Thank You! Please continue and do not hesitate to send us comments that help better our customer service initiatives.

Ellicott 4/20/21

Very good

Ellicott 4/20/21

I liked the shrimp gazpacho and I like trying to serve less red meat. I think shrimp is a good initiative. However, the tomato gazpacho was really sour and i didn’t really like it.

Ellicott 4/20/21

Loved the gazpacho!

Ellicott 4/20/21

I would love to see Mozzarella Sticks on the menu more often!!

You will be happy to know we have Mozzarella Sticks on our Terrapin Favorites Special Dinner Menu on May 11th.  Please come and enjoy!!

251 North 4/19/21

Can you please indicate whether something has pork on it on the cards when it is not obvious. Earlier, I bit into something, thinking it didn’t have bacon in it and it did

South 4/17/21

I bit into a chicken bone when eating a “mega taco” with shredded chicken 4/17/21 around 6pm. Definitely a choking hazard and qc oversight. Photo evidence upon request.

I am so sorry this happened to you. Really unpleasant. Are you okay? I would appreciate it if you could forward the photo to me. This chicken is cooked and cut in our commissary operation and then sent to the dining halls. Staff in the commissary is specially trained to prevent this from happening. I will notify the commissary manager and show them the photo so that they can refresh that training to keep this from happening again. Thank you for speaking up. 

South 4/17/21

Please have tomato soup more often! It’s by far the best soup offered (in my opinion) and I feel like I only see it around once a week at most so I’d love to have more opportunities to have it. 

Ellicott 4/17/21

The Buffalo cauliflower was delicious! Please make it again soon since everyone loved it!

South 4/13/21


Ellicott 4/13/21

Please bring back the waffle and omelette stations, they both made the breakfast at umd a hit.

South 4/13/21

We NEED More of those country fried steaks! Those are awesome but only see them 1-2 times per semester. Would be even better with some country gravy that you guys have for sausage sometimes. Also, need more chicken tender days!! Thanks for your service to the students.

Ellicott 4/12/21

I would love to see chicken salad and tuna salad at the daily salad bar for more protein options on top of my salads.

South 4/12/21

Do you have a place where Muslim students can learn more about the specifics of the ramadan menu? For example whether any of the beef is halal, what the kabob is, and whether the barbeque sausage and the deli meat meals have pork in them?

Good Morning, I purchased all of the proteins for the Ramadan Meals from Midamar Halal Meats and My Halal Meats. All of the proteins on the ramadan menu are Halal. You can go to our web site to see the daily menu and ordering page. Students can navigate the stations in  the dining room to get all of the side dishes and salads they need to make a full meal. Pre order the ramadan meal that will come with the entree, fruit cup and yogurt cup. Have a great day!!!

South 4/12/21

Every time I get pasta there are pools of oil in it! My box of pasta shouldn’t have liquid soaking through by the time I get back to my room!! This is gross! Please add less oil to the pasta!

Ellicott 4/9/21

Sati’s wraps at sprouts are amazing!!

Ellicott 4/6/21

I loved the carbonara today! So delicious! Please bring this back!

I am so happy that you enjoyed last night’s Carbonara special at the luigis’ station.  It is a delight for me and the rest of the team here at the diner know that our customers enjoy our specials.  This will definitely return.  I encourage you to look out for more specials that we will have here in the future to build excitement and customer engagement.  I hope to continue to hear your feedback.

South 4/6/21

Can we bring back strawberries and blueberries for breakfast? Those are always the best – and normally I like the grapes, but they’re often way too soft.

South 4/5/21

My favorite dinning hall menu is the orange chicken and pot stickers. I would love to have it more often and it seems to be very popular in my residence hall.

South 4/3/21

I would like it if the condiments went back to the original way of serving (pre-filled containers) because I have seen messes made so many times, as well as I feel that it is unsanitary for everyone to be touching the handles and touching containers and putting them back.

Ellicott 4/3/21

the breakfast pizza was BOMB!!!!! please make it more often 🙂

South 4/2/21

I’d like to see more halal options for food, as it’s difficult to find. I also find a lot of the food to taste bland or the same, so perhaps more spicier options would be nice.


Sometimes when I get 4 grilled cheeses at the Diner or a slice of pizza at 251, the employee puts in into a small box, making it impossible to close. Would y’all please stop doing this?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We absolutely want to make sure you can carry out your food safely and securely.  Please don’t hesitate to tell our servers that you would like a large box before they start serving.  We are more than happy to follow your instructions, especially if you know your selections will not fit in a small box. Have a great weekend!

Ellicott 3/30/21

What brand are the chicken cutlets they have at Sprouts? I want to buy them in bulk and make them next year

Good morning, we are using the Gardein Brand Crispy Chick’n Patty. I have seen them at Giant and Shoppers.

Diner 3/29/21

Sali at Sprouts always makes the best wraps and is always so kind!

South 3/28/21

Please make breakfast pizza like the diner does, it would add nice variety

South 3/27/21

Love the Passover options!! Matzoh pizza and matzoh ball soup were great!


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