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Resident Dining Comments

Ellicott, 5/14/18, 10:02pm

Thanks for the popsicles and ice cream!

Happy Finals studying!

Ellicott, 5/14/18, 9:31am

Please ban people from blowing their noses in the dining hall i can’t take it anymore, lose my appetite soon as i walk in

South, 5/14/18, 9:30am

The cinnamon rolls are kind of hard

Ellicott, 5/10/18, 1:38pm

<NAME> at the sandwich making station is very rude.

Thank you for saying something. We will have a conversation with that person.

Ellicott, 5/9/18, 7:30pm

I’d like to appreciate a chef and a cook at North Campus; they are excellent people. They are very nice and I really enjoy the food at North Campus, especially the Chinese food! I think everyone in the dining staff should get a raise. I am also developing a dining app for students so they can all meet together. www.umddinewithme.com.

South, 5/9/18, 12:24pm

The ginger/carrot broccoli was amazing today, Wednesday (5/9). It was the best thing I ate for lunch, had not too much ginger but was there, and was cooked just right. It was awesome. I also really liked the sauteed mushrooms.

Ellicott, 5/9/18, 3:53pm

it looks like you printed a “good luck” message over the Friday specials, what special are you going to serve then?

“Good Luck” 🙂

Ellicott, 5/8/18, 7:45pm

The pasta that you serve is almost always dried out and crunchy. It’s horrible to eat, and I know because I eat that pasta almost every day. Find a way to make your lights less hot or something, in this day and age there should be no excuse for dried out pasta. The same goes for your brown rice. Either its uncooked and hard or dried out and hard. I’m sick of hard starches. It’s almost the end of the year so maybe over the summer you’ll be able to sort this out. Thanks for your time

Ellicott, 5/8/18, 6:53pm

What kind of special is “Good luck on finals and have a great summer!” the name is really long and i’m curious as to what kind of food it is.

Ellicott, 5/8/18, 5:32pm

M&M cookies make me happy

Ellicott, 5/7/18, 10:41pm

Thanks for bringing out the watermelon

South, 5/6/18, 8:53pm

Tomato sauce is gross, it’s so spicy! too much garlic. otherwise i like most things. thanks

251 North, 5/7/18, 11:28am

I’m not a fan of mashed potatoes that are made with JUST potatoes (no seasoning) and I don’t think anyone else is either :/

Ellicott, 5/5/18, 11:36am

Hi. Would you bring back the strawberry cream cheese at the diner, please?

I’m glad to hear you enjoy our flavored cream cheeses.  Our apologies for running out this weekend…we make in large batches and guests seemed to be eating more than usual.  We will keep an eye on this to make sure we have enough to last the weekend. We are making another batch of strawberry cream cheese today so please enjoy. Thank you and good luck on Finals!

South, 5/5/18, 10:19am

The meal list for this upcoming week (in all the little triangle holders on the tables) has Mega Cheese Fry night starting at 58:00PM, which is obviously a typo. Does this start at 5pm or 8pm?

8pm – thanks for that catch!

South, 5/4/18, 5:24pm

You need to fix the seltzer

South, 5/4/18, 12:35pm

Use the curved edge plates for Mongolian Grill to allow for better mixing and overall total experience. It improves the student ecosystem and livelihood overall.

South, 5/4/18, 12:33pm

Can the stir fry station use the curved plates so that it’s easier to mix the sauce without food spilling over the edge

South, 5/4/18, 10:40am

Please consider stopping serving romaine lettuce .See the CDC’s recommendations. My friend ate a sandwich yesterday which had romaine lettuce! We are keeping an eye on her. College students are tired someimes and don’t think to check hat they are eating or check on the CDC’s news. Please be prudent regarding this issue.

Our procurement officer is constantly in contact with our distributors and follows the CDC closely in the recent E. coli outbreak updates. There have been no reports with our distributor in regard to the romaine lettuce that we offer in our dining halls. We will continue to monitor this serious issue.

South, 5/3/18, 8:25pm

I would really like to be able to get watermelon in slices with the rind on

Ellicott, 5/3/18, 12:08pm

Please increase garlic bread and croissant production

Ellicott, 5/2/18, 7:16pm

The leftover banana bread should be put out for breakfast

Ellicott, 5/2/18, 6:09pm

More tiramisu! I freaking love the stuff and there’s never enough

251 North, 5/2/18, 1:55pm

Why the marinara be spicy, just make it normal.

Ellicott, 4/30/18, 8:50am

The creamer cups are really bad for the environment. If the creamer was placed in insulated pitchers then so much waste could be reduced.

Ellicott, 4/30/18, 7:51pm

The pupusas were very good and should be a Terp favorite.

Ellicott, 4/30/18, 3:17pm

I think foods containing allergens need to be labelled better and with more specifics. For example, some muffins have nuts and are not labelled, as well as some cookies, despite not being in the “nut section”. Further, it would be incredibly helpful to label what sort of nuts are specifically in a dish. Although I understand there is a risk of cross contamination, it would still be helpful if I could know what sort of nuts are definitely in a given food.

South, 4/30/18, 12:27pm

We need more healthy options and less fried food. We need more seafood options and a larger variety of fruits and vegetables.

Ellicott, 4/30/18, 12:26pm

Vegetables are always over cooked and there isn’t much variety of vegetables to choose from. Very disappointing and difficult to eat healthy

South, 4/30/18, 12:26pm

These fried chicken sandwiches at south today are great.

South, 4/29/18, 7:07pm

E. Coli possibility — Ever since I ate a tuna salad from the diner yesterday which had lettuce in it, I have had diarrhea, nausea, and haven’t been feeling alright. I understand it might not be the lettuce but I’d like to extend the possibility that the lettuce at the diner may be infected with E. Coli.

Our procurement officer is constantly in contact with our distributors in the recent E. coli outbreak updates. There have been no reports with our distributor in regard to the romaine lettuce that we offer in our dining halls. We will continue to monitor this serious issue.

251 North, 4/29/18, 6:06pm

Please make sourdough grilled cheeses again

Ellicott, 4/29/18, 3:33pm

Can you please bring back back sweet potato fries

South, 4/29/18, 11:58am

Could you please add corn salsa and southwestern dressing to the salad bar?

251 North, 4/29/18, 11:57am


Ellicott, 4/29/18, 11:22am

The vegetables are always under-cooked, making it hard to eat healthy.

Ellicott, 4/29/18, 11:10am

I want nuts in the diner. They’re a really healthy snack and quick to eat. Please add some nuts. To the salad bar maybe? Like peanuts and almonds

We are very serious about working with students who have allergies and about alerting all students to possible allergens. For this purpose, in line with general practice, we treat peanuts and tree nuts as one allergen.

Because of the large number of students with nut allergies, we have removed nuts from most stations in our serving areas and keep peanut butter in  a separate location. We have posted signs on stations where nuts are present warning students that these products do or may contain the nut allergen. This procedure is the same as our procedure for posting other major allergens.

Most of the desserts we serve are produced in our central bakery and may come into contact with a variety of nuts. Because of this possibility of cross contact, we do not specify which nut is in which bakery product. Baked goods and other products that we purchase may be produced on machinery that is used to produce food that contains nuts.
There is a serious risk that nuts could be in any product made in these facilities. Manufacturers do not specify to us what nut products are produced on their machinery.

We ask students who want more information or assistance than this to identify themselves and meet with us. At that time we will walk you through how to select food that you can eat in the dining rooms. I hope this explains why we don’t specify particular nuts and why we don’t have a wider range of nuts in the dining halls.

Ellicott, 4/28/18, 10:35pm

My friend and I are both allergic to nuts, but only certain ones. I’m allergic to pecans and walnuts, and she’s allergic to cashews and pistachios. We are not allergic to traces, and realize that bakery items may have traces. It would be greatly appreciated if you would label ingredients more clearly on your items. I almost accidentally ate a banana nut muffin without realizing, and there have been desserts containing nuts that are not properly labeled with the fact that it contains nuts, or which specific nuts it does contain.

South, 4/28/18, 4:58pm

Foods often seemed over seasoned and too spicy. Also I think you should do lasagna more often

Lasagna is served once every three weeks in every dining room. That means you can find lasagna once every week in a dining hall on campus (dining rooms are on different rotations) – but I hear your request and we will look at that over the summer as we plan for fall.

Shops, 4/27/18, 11:27am

Hello, I have noticed that the Maryland Coffee shops sell the same coffee for different prices. The Coffee Shop at McKeldin sells a caramel iced coffee for $3.13 just like the price of Starbucks, while ESJ sells the same coffee for $3.45. Could you please explain this difference in coffee prices. All these coffee shops are owned by UMD and it doesn’t make sense why the prices vary.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The price at Footnotes is the correct price for a grande iced coffee.  At ESJ they either charged you for a venti iced coffee which would be 3.45 or they charged you extra for the caramel. Either case we are checking our register programming at all locations to make sure the prices have been entered correctly.  Our supervisors will explain to the baristas and cashiers that ice coffee is the same price regardless of flavor.  Please stop by ESJ and ask for the manager on duty and they will be glad to provide a drink “on us” for your inconvenience.

South, 4/27/18, 7:28am

Where are the bananas in the morning?!

South, 4/26/18, 7:36am

There should be bananas for breakfast!!!

Ellicott, 4/25/18, 1:31pm

Workers can be very rude at the Diner. One worker yelled at me for reaching over to get sugar and I do not appreciate this treatment from the staff.

Ellicott, 4/25/18, 7:30am

There should be bananas during breakfast!!

South, 4/23/18, 10:54am

I am curious about where the ramen noodle went. I miss it

The Ramen Noodle bar is one of the rotating themes. There’s a week of Ramen, a week of stuffed potato, a week of the Jalapeno Grill. Each dining hall has Ramen Noodles on a different week, so you can usually find them somewhere. Ramen will be back!

South, 4/22/18, 1:01pm

I’m so glad the new Terrapin Favorites cards now specify what is the vegetarian/vegan alternative! Keep it up!

Ellicott, 4/22/18, 2:54pm

The Buffalo sauce for the fried chicken wraps and sandwiches is terrible. Its obvious everyone likes barbecue or just ranch more.

Ellicott, 4/21/18, 12:52pm

I am allergic to mushrooms and the omelette makers refuse to use a different spatula on the different omelettes.

We can fix that! Thank you for speaking up.

Twitter, 4/20/18, 11:21pm

why do the diners at umd still have romaine lettuce in them if every other establishment stopped selling it bc of the E. coli outbreak.. y’all tryna kill us or something?

Our procurement officer is constantly in contact with our distributors in the recent E. coli outbreak updates. There have been no reports with our distributor in regard to the romaine lettuce that we offer in our dining halls. We will continue to monitor this serious issue.

Ellicott, 4/19/18, 7:21pm

Suggestion: If you got napkin dispensers in which you could only take one napkin out at a time, there would be way less napkins used, being more sustainable. Because currently, people can just take stacks of napkins easily when they don’t even need that many in the first place.

Ellicott, 4/18/18, 9:05pm

If you spent a little bit more money on making quality food, you would spend less money because people wouldn’t throw away as much. At least that is something I think you should consider.

This is an intriguing comment. Do you have any particular food items in mind? We work hard at making quality food and when we miss the mark, we appreciate specific, constructive comments. Thank you!

Yes, I should have elaborated. It was spur of the moment and I thought I was being humorous, although sincere. I feel the sentiment is shared among many of the students that the food gets old really quickly. Most things just taste “eh” and I along with many other people waste a lot of food. Just to riff a bit: The green beans are typically not cook very long and are hard. The corn has improved in freshness, I give you that. The Mac and cheese has this real dull flavor. The roast beef thing tastes charcoal-y. The burgers are gristle-y. The Asian station has like the most simple ingredients/flavorings and it is bland. The lasagna is often not fresh–the noodles are typically crunchy and the red sauce is sparing. The fish is often dry and has an odd taste. I don’t know I just go to the diner and most days I feel like I’m consuming a low quality meal. I just wish the options were more complex flavor wise and less repetitive. I assume the idea is that you are trying to appeal to a basic pallet, but I think people would like to try new things, particularly if they are tasty. Like the taste of the earth yesterday–it was pretty bland and that’s why I sent a message. I meant to attend one of the dining workshops but I was unavailable at the time they were being held. Also, I do appreciate and understand that you all work hard. Healthier and more quality options, more complex options, and more flavorful options are my suggestions. How exactly to work that out, I am not completely sure. But I am not very satisfied with the diner food typically. I do like stuff like, say today, the sweet and sour chicken. Or the meatball subs. I do like the salad bar. I like the south campus salad bar more–I like that they have slices of ham there and the salad is kept fresher. Just some thoughts.

This is a really thoughtful and insightful comment. Please stay in touch; I’d like to hear more.

I’m glad to hear and I’m glad to share! I will do that. Perhaps I could email you every once in a while about my thoughts about the food that week?

South, 4/18/18, 7:33pm

Earth day cupcakes are delicious. I am in such a good mood because of them. Thank you, South Campus Diner

You are most welcome and we are so happy to hear that you loved the Earth Day cupcakes! They looked so cool and our bakery did a great job. I will personally let them know how much you enjoyed their creation. We truly appreciate the feedback!

South, 4/17/18, 9:00pm

Not enough healthy vegetarian options. Try eating vegetarian for a week. It sucks, not because of the meat, but because the choices suck

251 North, 4/17/18, 5:03pm

Why does the music volume have to be so high? I don’t like the music, I don’t care for having music, and I would like to be able to hear my friend talk.

Ellicott, 4/17/18, 10:30am

I checked 3 times and there is no fruit of any type at 10am.

We checked in with the manager on duty and were told that there were several fruit choices but no blueberries. Since blueberries are popular and expensive, we get a limited amount of them knowing that they will run out.

Ellicott, 4/17/18, 8:15am

When I went to the diner on Tuesday April 17 in the morning the grapes I were about eat had white mold growing all over them

Twitter, 4/16/18, 6:38pm

Can you please leave out the @sbrbbq? It’s 100x better than the Heinz but it’s rarely ever available. #Please #UMD #Dining #CampusLife #BBQ #ThankYou

Ellicott, 4/15/18, 11:50pm

I would appreciate if you guys replied to these comments without me needing to add my email address. How do I know if my request for new foods and ideas is being considered?

We post all comments on this comment wall and have recently added a link to this wall directly to the electronic comment card. We do consider each idea – and almost all have been discussed by the management team, or with our staff – and we have put many of the ideas from the electronic comment card into action. We do have to apply considerations of history, cost, food safety, equipment availability, staff skill sets, and etc. as we decide which ideas are feasible and which we will put into play.

Ellicott, 4/15/18, 11:47am

Shelled eggs for the omelette station would be great!

251 North, 4/15/18, 11:12am

Came to have breakfast at 11am and there is no milk. since 251 is serving breakfast it should have milk ready before they open! also the plate i got had many sticky spots which seem like syrup or something that hasn’t been washed up. Nasty!

Ellicott, 4/13/18, 8:28pm

Since you love serving frozen guac I recommend you put popsicle sticks in sectioned frozen cuts so we have a delicious snack in the coming hot days.

South, 4/11/18, 6:19pm

The vegan/vegetarian options here are seriously lacking compared to the north campus diner. The vegan station simply doesn’t offer as much in terms of protein (like the fake chicken and beef) and it is closed after 8. Furthermore I would love for the collard greens to be made vegetarian because I love collard greens but these are not marked as vegan/vegetarian friendly.

Thanks for your comments: we will work to improve – I want to let you know that for the last few weeks, vegan food has been moving to the main serving area at 8:00 pm and is available there until closing time! We will work on using signage to highlight this offering.

South, 4/11/18, 3:38pm

I am not a fan of the entrance using the hand swipes. As someone who has aggressive Raynaud’s disease that makes my hands cold even with gloves, I would much prefer a better alternative entrance. I understand I can have a worker swipe me in, but they usually have me try several more times before they are willing to swipe me in.

Ellicott, 4/10/18, 10:44am

Can there be some specials or just like choices for the vegan station cause the build your own thing gives me anxiety.

Yes, any special that is not vegan has alternative options at Sprouts.

South, 4/10/28, 8:05am

New chicken congee has the correct flavor, but it’s a little too thick. I added some hot water to thin it out. It’s usually thinner than oatmeal or grits. Thanks for the congee!

We really appreciate your feedback on our new breakfast item; we will adjust the consistency as suggested. Check it out tomorrow morning and let the manager on duty know how we did.

The chicken congee this morning was perfect. Not too thick or thin. And the rice was the right texture too. Thank you!

Glad to hear it was perfect!

Ellicott, 4/9/18, 4:55pm
The green beans and sweet potatoes are commonly drenched in grease. Today, yesterday I fully saturated four napkins with grease from patting down my vegetables. Please use less butter or oil when preparing vegetables.

Ellicott, 4/9/18, 4:57pm

The black beans at the taco station were really good, even without a burrito. I would eat them all the time if they were added to the regular rotation of diner foods.

Ellicott, 4/9/18, 10:58am

Pancakes for dinner is terrible. Every day a schedule has it is an a day without specials for me and friends. if we wanted pancakes at an ungodly hour we’d come in on the weekends where you serve them until 3 for some reason.

Ellicott, 4/8/18, 1:41pm

Blueberry biscotti is way better than raisin. Everyone agrees.

251 North, 4/4/18, 9:23am

Bean salad for breakfast

We value your opinion here at The Diner so we will now have bean salad, tomatoes, and chopped lettuce on the salad bar every morning for breakfast moving forward.

251 North, 4/4/18, 8:59am

I got food poisoning from a taco bowl on Monday. Please make sure that ALL of your food is decently heated and not expired.

I wish you’d said something to a manager right away. No one else reported becoming ill after eating with us on Monday and it’s much easier to pinpoint a problem if we learn about it immediately. Please contact our nutritionist, Sister Maureen mschrimpe@umd.edu so we can investigate together whether or not this is a true case of food poisoning and if it can be attributed to our food.

South, 4/5/18, 3:00pm

Can you do a vegan desert, like a vegan cookie option?

Ellicott, 4/3/18, 7:23pm

Great place to eat. Love the quesadillas!

South, 4/3/18, 5:39pm

Please make chicken tender day on Fridays

South, 4/3/18, 4:13pm

Please bring back the bananas ASAP. Those were my only hopes for food.

Ellicott, 4/3/18, 9:20am

Is it possible to put out sliced tomatoes, bean salad and or green leafy green out during breakfast to provide a healthy alternative to an egg sandwich/bagel/toast? Thank you

South, 4/2/18, 9:22am

Why do you not have matzah out in the morning ? It is hard to predict what to bring or when to eat at the dinner when the accommodations are in consistent. IF you are going to accommodate specific religious dietary restrictions, please be reliable!

You’re absolutely correct and we apologize that we did not have it available for you when you came in today. We do have it available now if you are still in the dining hall. In the future, please see a manager on duty and we will try to resolve any issues or concerns immediately. Have a great day!

Ellicott, 4/2/18, 11:31pm

grilled chicken too salty

South, 4/2/18, 6:42pm

We LOVE ice cream sundae Thursday!!!! It’s the only thing that keeps me going. Thank you



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