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Resident Dining Comments

Ellicott, 11/14/19, 9:20am

No tendies today smh 🙁

We had them yesterday and they will be back next week! 

Ellicott, 11/13/19, 10:09pm

The cheesesteak rolls used to be a bit hard. I don’t know if you guys got new bread or the guy today is really good at cooking them, but the rolls for the cheese steaks are on point. Nice and soft. Please don’t change!

Ellicott, 11/13/19, 7:36pm

Can we have another potsticker special 🙂 xo

Coming next Friday (11/22)! 

South, 11/12/19, 7:30am

we should have the chia oatmeal pudding more often

South, 11/11/19, 6:18pm

Bug in my burger bun

Thank you for speaking up. We emptied the display case, made sure it was clean and bug-free, and refilled it with fresh buns. 

Ellicott, 11/11/19, 12:16pm

Vegan cheeseless vegetable pizza with extra sauce (or use vegan cheese).

We would love to serve vegan pizza. We are trying to find a way to cook it – we could not use our regular counter space or pizza ovens and still call it “vegan.” 

South, 11/11/19, 12:10pm

Please have chicken deli meat at the sandwich station. That’s way more popular than ham and turkey

I am sorry but we will not be serving chicken deli meat. “Chicken roll” is a pressed meat product made from chicken scraps. Turkey is whole meat and a much better and more nutritious product. And (just so you know) turkey and ham are the most popular deli meats at delicatessens, meat counters and supermarkets across the country. Thank you for understanding. 

Ellicott, 11/8/19, 9:19am

Thank you to the wonderful woman who was working at the front check-in of the diner around 8:15 PM on Thursday, November 7. I was having a really horrible day and she completely turned my day around with her kindness. I hope she gets some kind of reward, and i just want to say thank you!

This is AWESOME!!!! Thank you!!!

South, 11/7/19, 5:18pm

I break out in hives when my body gets too hot. The South Campus dining hall does not need to have the heat turned all the way up when it’s only 58 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Please turn it down for the sake of your students health!!!

It was really warm in there. We adjusted the thermostats right away. Please note that, just like the resident halls, some of the heating and cooling is out of our control and is run by the SCUB building next door. 

251 North, 11/6/19, 11:37pm

The grilled chicken at 251 is usually overcooked and dry. It is much better (not overcooked) at the Diner. Could we please have the same quality of grilled chicken in 251? Thanks!

Great call. We have gotten people from the two dining halls together to see what we can do to fix this. 

Ellicott, 11/6/19, 2:19PM

I’m pretty sure there were some chunks of meat in the vegetarian chili

We were serving the Vegetarian Quinoa Chili yesterday. This chili is not made in house and there is no meat in its ingredients.

Ellicott, 11/3/19, 4:07pm

after school job

Are you looking for work in the evening? Please reach back out so we can talk. Thank you.

South, 11/2/19, 7:49pm

the dining halls used to have a different type of straight cut fries that were a million times better than the ones now. The curly fries are okay, but please bring back the other variation of fry. Thanks

We switched brands this year. The new fries are the same cut the we use to use. We do not and have not served a steak cut fry. The reason that we switched is that the new fries are not coated, contain no additional ingredients and hold up on the line better. 

South, 10/30/19, 9:52pm

The cookies can be overbaked and too crunchy. Thanks for having berries though!

South, 10/30/19, 2:38pm

I wish there were beyond burgers more often

Thanks for your comment. It’s great to know that the Beyond Burger have a fan base. Those food items are right in line with our desire to decrease the “global impact” of the food we serve by putting plant-based food forward on your plates. Your vote will weigh in with usage, sustainability, and cost data as we plan menus for upcoming cycles! Stay in touch!

South, 10/30/19, 8:22am

I have a peanut and tree nut allergy and am also a vegetarian. While the dining hall offers vegetarian options, I rely on the vegan wraps as my main meal. Lately, there has been a lot of nuts there which has been pretty hard. is there anyway to get the other party’s back so I can eat there again? It’s hard to get protein not eating there. Thank u all have a nice day!

We serve hazelnut patties and sunflower seed patties. We do offer the mushroom patties and a veggie burger (occasionally.) You raise a good point and we’ll do what we can as we plan menus for the future. 

South, 10/28/19, 12:41pm

The veggie rings and fried buffalo chicken sandwich are exceptional! Please have more of these!

South, 10/27/19, 6:48pm

Why is the pasta sauce always spicy? It’d be great if it wasn’t.

Hmm. We changed the recipe from last year to decrease the garlic (the only “hot” spice in the sauce). I’ll share your comment with the operations team for further evaluation. Thank you.

South, 10/27/19, 3:06pm

Why do you put margarine in the brown rice??

We have margarine in the recipe for brown rice because it coats the rice and helps the holding time, brown rice tends to dry out quickly. 

South, 10/27/19, 11:28am

Would it be possible to get Egg White Omelettes at the weekend Omelette station?

Absolutely! Come back to the station to the omelet station and we will make one for you.

Ellicott, 10/25/19, 12:20am

Hi! I love the asian vegan chicken dishes like the general tso’s chicken and the sweet and sour chicken and all of the asian chicken dishes from the vegan station. The flavor is great, but the chicken is weird because it is not technically chicken. I know the menu item is good for vegans, but would it be possible for some of the chicken at the Asian station to be more in line with the asian dishes at the vegan station? I’ve seen general tso’s at the vegan station a bunch, but the only chicken dishes I’ve seen at the Asian station are black pepper chicken, korean grilled chicken and chicken pad thai. While those dishes are good, I would love to see some takeout Chinese styled dishes (like those at the vegan station) at the Asian station. Thanks for all your hard work and I hope to see some non-vegan general tso’s or sesame or sweet and sour chicken at the Diner soon.

Thanks for your detailed comment. I understand that you really like the “takeout-style”: Chinese food. we had that a bunch on the Mongolian Grill at South Campus Dining Hall last year and it was not popular so rather than extend its reach we decreased. it. We will reevaluate and see what we can do for you moving forward. 

South, 10/24/19, 8:33pm

Is there bacon every morning? I only come some mornings, so it is hard to tell and the online menu is not always accurate. There should be bacon every morning though, it is much healthier than those processed sausages which contain corn syrup and other unhealthy oils.

Bacon is on the menu every other day. 

South, 10/24/19, 5:36pm

Thank you for bringing back potstickers!! For maximum happiness, it would be great if you brought back potstickers for a third time (they say third times the charm!!)

Ellicott, 10/24/19, 4:18pm

I love candy corn! The candy corn desserts you have made have been delicious and I’d love to see more of them, or even just a bowl of candy corn for the taking (since it is October…) . The food is great, keep up the good work!

We are so glad you’ve enjoyed our food and seasonal desserts…keep a look out as our Pastry Chef will get creative around holidays.  Make sure you join us on Halloween for our Scaryoke event…while we won’t have candy corn, we will have plenty of other candy to enjoy! Have a great weekend.  We really appreciate the kind words!

Ellicott, 10/23/19, 10:49pm

I miss the strawberry yogurt 🙁

No fret… here is the Diner’s yogurt flavor rotation along with the plain and greek yogurt we serve every day. Strawberry Yogurt: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; Blueberry Yogurt: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Thanks for writing in!

South, 10/23/19, 12:53pm

I like croissants but they’re typically only made in the morning, and only like one tray or so. Could you

South, 10/23/19, 9:37am

The chicken and pasta would taste better if you replaced the peas with green apples

Ellicott, 10/22/19, 10:58pm

Please have blueberry yogurt daily!!!! Also more tea options 🙂

South, 10/22/19, 6:53pm

Please bring back the cheesecake you had last year. I am depressed without it. Also please do the baked potato bar more often than jalapeño grill and also pot stickers should be more often. The dining hall ran out by the time I got there.

Thanks for commenting. I hear your double disappointment loud and clear – and I apologize. I’ll ask the Maryland Bakery about the cheesecake. They make fresh dessert everyday right here on campus and I bet they can work cheesecake into their offerings. Keep your eyes open! And I checked with the operations team and they report that they served 40 cases of potstickers on Tuesday – way more than expected. They did run out intermittently because they went so fast! The team has made adjustments to the procedure and to the order for the next time. Our plan is to have enough postickers for you and all your fellow Terps! 

Ellicott, 10/21/19, 7:39pm

One word: MILKSHAKES!!!!!

251 North, 10/21/19, 12:26pm

I have been trying to eat very healthy while at school but you guys seem to make it very difficult to do that. I pay $25 a day to eat at this place and everytime I get cooked vegetables they are always undercooked, the broccoli is basically hard and tastes like they put it in water for a minute and that’s it. I’m a sophomore here and this has been a problem since day one, if you guys strive to have good food which I think you do, then try some of the food you serve here and realize how bad it can be sometimes

I hear that you are frustrated. I appreciate your struggle to eat healthily (and I share in that struggle). The degree of “doneness” to which vegetables are cooked is a very personal matter. Some people like them barely warmed, and some like them cooked to soft and colorless. Our recipes intend that the vegetables are cooked to just in between the two. Once out on the serving line, they continue to cook – but they will never be less cooked than when they leave the kitchen. And as they continue to cook and sit on the line, they lose nutrients. Crisp vegetables are actually healthier. Thank you for your comment – we will review recipes and methods with the cooking staff in the dining halls to try and ensure cooked but not overcooked vegetables.  

Ellicott, 10/21/19, 12:03pm

Your sticky rice is too grainy and salty

Ellicott, 10/21/19, 8:46am

The chia pudding was delicious and I hope you serve it again soon

South, 10/20/19, 8:34pm

Please leave the waffle batter out all day! Waffles are good for more than just breakfast!!!

South, 10/20/19, 3:40pm

Can you please add chicken deli meat to the sandwich station. That’s a very common deli meat and a lot of people would enjoy it. Turkey and ham are not enough

Ellicott, 10/20/19, 3:12pm

The Korean street tacos are not that good. Something is off with the sauce

Ellicott, 10/20/19, 3:11pm

The Korean street tacos are really bad and should be cancelled.

10/20/19, 2:33pm

I wanted to take this opportunity to state how wonderful the Dining Halls are. The food choices are quite good,  and the level of cleanliness is superior to most other dining halls I have visited at other universities. I do appreciate the hard work from your staff to produce such great outcomes. At South Campus Dining Hall, your manager Jeff is fabulous. He is friendly with the patrons, as well as fantastic with managing his staff. At the Ellicott area Dining Hall-Tonya is a super manager. She has been very friendly, and has responded to several questions for me. You also have some very nice and efficient staff at the Ellicott Area dining hall as Michele, Steve, George, as well as the other Managers I see on a regular basis. I am usually at the Ellicott Dining area 3 times a week in evenings. I look forward to many more visits to your dining halls. I am an University Affiliate with Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

South, 10/20/19, 1:26pm

Please bring back the chia oatmeal pudding it was delicious!!!

251 North, 10/18/19, 11:30am

At the special harvest dinner in September, you served a garlic/spinach bread pudding dish. This was amazing and was one of my favorite dishes I’ve had in the dining halls. Is there any way you can serve this more regularly or incorporate it into the weekly specials menu?

South, 10/17/19, 6:39pm

Missing chocolate chips from ice cream toppings bar for multiple weeks

South, 10/16/19, 7:14pm

Please bring back potstickers. They were SO GOOD. Thanks and have a nice day!!

Ellicott, 10/16/19, 2:21pm

I was eating my meal today and noticed a weird brown object in my corn. Upon further inspection, I realized it was a half cooked end of two wooden chopsticks. It had been cooked to the point of being soft, but if someone had consumed it, there would have been a choking hazard. Please take appropriate actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thank you.

Could you please give me a call at your soonest. I would like to discuss the corn incident with you. We are trying to ensure that this issue gets corrected immediately… Thanks for calling and speaking with me today. Per our conversation the issue with the corn was that our staff had overcooked it and the pieces you described were not wood, but corn. We are extremely sorry that you had to experience this situation. Our Chef Team felt fairly certain after further examination that the issue was not pieces of wood in the corn because the corn was roasted and had some brown pieces (cooked corn). We have been engaged with the entire kitchen staff to educate and train to better serve our valued guests to prevent any situations like this from happening again. Please feel free to bring to our attention immediately if you have any unfortunate Dining issues and we will gladly try and correct on the spot. Again thank you for your comments.

South, 10/16/19, 7:14pm

Please bring back potstickers. They were SO GOOD. Thanks and have a nice day!!

10/16/19, 12:19pm

gluten free bread option for sandwiches (Applause cafe)

10/16/19, 12:19pm

I love Applause, the staff is kind and courteous. I am however gluten free and would love it if you guys could please offer a gluten free bread option so I can buy sandwiches instead of just salads!

251 North, 10/16/19, 12:09am

The buffalo sauce is really good, can you leave a container of it out to be used for everything else?

We just got new condiment dispensers for the dining halls. They should be in circulation very soon. Buffalo sauce is on the menu!

251 North, 10/16/19, 12:08am

Chicken tender sauces are never to be found. The sign above the chicken tenders offers a variety of sauces but they are never out

We just got new condiment dispensers for the dining halls. They should be in circulation very soon. Sauces for Chicken Tenders will be on the condiment station!


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