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Resident Dining Comments

251 9/10/2020 11:54am
Can we please bring back waffles? I understand that students may not be able to make the waffles themselves, but it’d be really nice if there was a waffle station where we could have them made for us. Pancakes don’t really satisfy the warm, crispy taste that us waffle lovers live for. Thank you!
Wow- this is the second plea for waffles this week! Wish we could but the issues we can’t solve are that waffles must be served immediately to have that crisp finish – and they take time to make individually – and we cannot have lines in the serving area (physical distancing). We’ll keep looking for a solution! 
Ellicott 9/9/2020 1:19pm
If you guys took the noodles from the noodle salad, stir fried with vegetables, and labeled it “Lo Mein”, I would eat it every time it was available
South 9/9/2020 9;47am
Since the semester I have noticed that none of the dining halls have french fries of any kind on the menu for lunch/dinner service. I was wondering if this was due to COVID concerns and if this would remain the same for the entirety of the semester. I understand if the removal is due to the current pandemic, however I feel like french fries are a favorite of many students who go to the dining hall. Thank You.
Thanks for your comment and for your understanding. You’re right, this year, our primary focus has been to serve delicious, healthy, safe food. At this point, we’re ready to give French Fries and Tater Tots a try! Next week, look for veggie fries, onion rings, tater tots and French fries on the line: not all of the time, but sometimes. Go to nutritiion.umd.edu to see when we have them on the menu!
Ellicott 9/9/2020 12:09 am
Can you please bring back chicken tenders, Mac and cheese bar, tater tots/fries, Asian sesame dressing, potstickers, waffles, warm cookies, and smoothies. Thank you!
Clearly you are a returning student who is a fan of last year’s dining program and are missing some of your favorites. Please understand that we have had to streamline the program this year – due to the public health crisis, and to decreased enrollment / staffing changes. To start the year off right, we focused intently on delicious, healthy, safe food. 
To answer your specific questions, the mac and cheese bar is in the current rotation and you can see when it’s on the menu at nutrition.umd.edu. Asian sesame dressing. warm cookies. waffles, chicken tenders and smoothies – while they are really popular on campus, require either packaging that is unavailable or handling that does not meet current food safety protocols. We will work toward bringing them back when we can do so safely. 
Potstickers were a “Terrapin Favorite” special last year, and are not on the menu – great idea and i’ll bring it to our culinary team. Fries and Tots will start appearing next week! 

South 9/9/2020 12:09 am

Hi! I was wondering if theres any way you guys can make coffee available all day at the Diner. I know it closes at 1pm, but I always find myself needing an afternoon fix. I’ve spoken to other students who feel the same way. Thanks.

Because you requested it – we are going to leave the coffee station open until later in the day. We will track use and determine how late makes the most sense! Thanks,

South 9/2/2020 7:50pm

I am a freshman with a full dining plan. I live very close to the south campus dining hall and have been going there every day for my meals. I have been very disappointed with my vegetable options.I have noticed that there have not been very many vegetable options, and when there are cooked veggies they are covered in things such as cheese which make them less healthy. I much prefer simpler vegetables such as steamed broccoli or cauliflower with nothing on them.

I have also tried asking for a custom salad with more vegetables than the ones they have avaliable, however multiple times I have been told they couldn’t do that.

I like to eat healthy, and being a vegetarian, I would love to see more vegetable options. I would also like for it to be possible for me to have a bigger salad as a meal, rather than it being very hard to have a more complex salad. I think it would be very simple to have big boxes by the salad station for us to have a salad as our main meal.

Thank you for writing in.  We appreciate it, and we hear you.  Going forward you will find large boxes at the salad stations if you would like to build an entree salad.  We are also working with our vendors on the availability of other veggie options for that station.
Additionally, on Wednesday next week, we will be adding another station to the lines at all dining halls that will focus on simple veggies and proteins.  You will find steamed broccoli every day and a rotation of other steamed vegetables like carrots, green beans, and Brussels sprouts.  

Ellicott 9/1/2020 9:13pm

So, being a vegetarian, I have to constantly check the ingredients of all food I eat, because modern-day food producers love putting weird ingredients to enhance the taste. The most notorious of such ingredients is gelatin, which can be found in everything from yogurt to jell-o. Anyways, so I asked the dining hall manager about the yogurt containing gelatin, and he promptly directed me to the nutritionist nearby, who kindly showed me the website nutrition.umd.edu, and took me through the ingredients list of exactly what I was asking for. Not only, but he went to the kitchen and brought out the soy yogurt, which they normally serve in the vegan section, in its container and we went through the ingredients–NO GELATIN!! I can’t express how happy that makes me. Then, going even further, he offered to make a cup for me, to which I eagerly responded “yes please!” The yogurt was delicious.

This is hands-down the most respect I’ve ever been treated with as a vegetarian. The dining staff (beyond the nutritionist) truly care about delivering good food (and experience) to the students!

Ellicott 9/1/2020 8:04pm
It would be awesome if waffles could be added to the breakfast food cycle!

It would be awesome if there were fresh Belgium waffles for breakfast.

We have had them in the past, and the dining halls had self-service waffle irons ready all day. We can’t do self-serve right now and because there is limited space and (most critically) limited electrical power behind the serving lines, we have had to put the waffle irons away for now. 

Nice to know that they have a loyal fan and we will look for the first opportunity to bring them back! Thank you 
South 8/30/2020 11:57am

Hi! I was wondering if any of the veggie patties from the vegan section will be served this year. In the past I would eat the sunflower seed patty 3-4 times a week but I haven’t seen it or any of the other veggie burgers in the diner.

Yes – we will be serving the sunflower seed patties. This year, because of the smaller resident population, they will be in a rotation with other patties and you might see them a little less frequently. We adjust our menus based on use and popularity – so keep checking and they will appear (we served sunflower seed patties yesterday, 8/31!). 
Thank for commenting,

Ellicott 8/28//2020. 7:15 pm

Hi there!
We are sure you handle a lot of complaints so we wanted to share some positive feedback. Our daughter is a freshman living in the high rises in North Campus. She is a foodie and we were nervous what she would think. Although it’s only been 2 days of meals for her – we have heard nothing but rave reviews! She has had Peruvian chicken and cilantro rice, vegan chocolate chip pancakes, a wrap with avocado and vegan protein (she is not a vegan) and has said the food has been delicious so far. Also, everything was quick. Great way to start off the year. Hopefully the students all follow the rules to stay safe and they can stay on campus.
Thank you for ensuring our daughter has nutritious and delicious meals!

South Campus, 8/26/20, 3:16pm

Just wanted to give you guys some positive feedback. I am an RA that has been eating at the South Campus Dining Hall the past few days and just wanted to say you guys are doing an AMAZING job (way better than imagined) with the social distancing and the food. The quality of the packaged food actually tastes better than when it was Anytime Dining. The Sidekicks area is a great addition that should be kept for years to come. Specifically, for lunch I have gotten a Chicken Lo Mein Salad and it was delicious! I also had a cookie which taste like they have been improved! Even eating them when they are no longer warm, they are still surprisingly soft which is so great.

It is evident that your department is prepared for the situation at hand and it is truly appreciated. Please let your staff that are working/cooking know their efforts are noticed! Thanks for everything on behalf of my peers, and keep it up! 

You just made everyone’s week. Please stop and introduce yourself at dinner if possible. My name is Roy.
Really appreciate your generosity with compliments. I had the same salad and it was wonderful. We really do take our work seriously because each student is like our family and we want to take care of each of you!

It was great meeting you and your staff. My freshman year I was actually on the DSAB committee (Dining Services Advisory Board) through RHA, not sure if that’s a thing anymore. Let me know if there’s anything you would want from me to help out. I am in Commons 5 right next door! 

Wow, that’s great. I will have our Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications contact you for further guidance as well as partnering. I have copied him on this email thread.

No problem! I actually had someone reach out to me on Reddit saying they were from the Washington Post who saw my posts about the meals and wanted to know if I would agree to talk about the experience for a story. I did not respond, but let me know if this is something your department would want me or not want me to engage in, and I will respect the decision! 

I appreciate you and your kindness. We still meet with the DSAB and it is a great experience for all parties.  
I will certainly let you know of ideas for partnering, in the meantime please talk to any of our managers or chefs regarding any challenges or suggestions you might have, please.
Enjoy your last year and I would be happy to help you craft your story before you seek employment after graduation.

Ellicott, 8/26/20, 10:16am

Not just the Diner, but there should be more nutritional info available to students!

Good Morning. We have a website that students can access easily, upload to their phones and computers: Nutrition.umd.edu. You can see a week’s worth of menus and get all ingredients and nutritional information. Choose a Dining Room or outpost and a daily menu will appear, click on the apple, then click on any menu item and the nutritional information and ingredients will be shown. There’s even a way to filter by allergen or dietary preference.

Ellicott, 3/2/20, 3:16pm

Please don’t make the tofu (or any other meal at sprouts/the station to the right of sprouts) spicy anymore. If someone wants spice they can add hot sauce, but not conversely. Thank you.

Campus closed before we hd a chance to respond to you. I will share your comments with our culinary team and line staff – as soon as we’re  all back on campus again. You are completely right that a guest can add spice but once its in it can’t be removed. 
A few thoughts: 
 – We get frequent complaints that the food has no flavor so we do need to season it to meet the expectations of most of our guests.   
 – We have completely unseasoned tofu on the salad bar and are happy to stir-fry it to order.
 – We can usually custom-make a modified version of most of the Sprouts meals (if you have a few minutes and if you ask). 
And again, too spicy is too spicy and we will investigate further.  Stay in touch, and stay safe.

South 3/1/2020, 2;27 pm

Where can students eat on campus before 10 on weekends besides McDonalds and Chick-fil-a? 

Before 10:00 am on weekends, there’s Chick fil-A (Saturday only), McDonalds and the 24 Shop.
Two dining halls and the South Commons Shop open at 10:00. 

South 2/28/2020, 12;27 pm

The salmon yesterday was very good and so was the Indian food last night and the day before that. My friends and I also really enjoyed the chicken noodle soup and the mustard chicken with avocado.

South, 3/10/20, 10:24am

Hi. I understand that you guys all work hard but I pay way too much for this to not complain. I can deal with my chicken being purple, only having chicken served for days during finals week, and even my oatmeal being extremely soupy despite you guys saying you would fix it. But when you take away the oatmeal right before my eyes? And then not have any breakfast/brunch stuff that’s not super greasy or sugary? I’m sorry but that stuff makes me physically sick… I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating and probably being dramatic, but honestly can you at least keep some healthy ish stuff for breakfast, like the non-sugar yogurt? I would really appreciate it. Thanks for all your efforts.

This is quite a list of problems! Our team is really concerned that we are working hard to provide great food and have not been aware of these issues. If at all possible, let a manager know while you’re experiencing anything like this so we can correct it immediately and intervene with the staff member(s) involved.

I’m not sure what happened that the oatmeal was taken away while you were trying to get some. Did you ask the team member to let you have a bowl? What happened next? Please reach out again and give us your contact information so we can explore this further! I apologize that your Maryland Dining experience does not meet our expectations. 

South, 3/9/20, 7:20pm

Please make the oatmeal thicker in the morning. It is very liquidy.

Ellicott, 3/9/20, 5:16pm

I, along with most of my friends, think that it would be nice to have more options for breakfast. Since the food is mostly the same every morning, a ton of people skip breakfast altogether or get it at Stamp instead. Some different options could be chipped beef gravy, scrapple, deviled eggs, and crepes. Also, many people feel that the breakfast lasts for significantly too long on the weekends. Most people want lunch food by 2 o’clock on a Saturday, so putting lunch out earlier could also be helpful. Thanks for all the hard work you all do in Dining Services!

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I’ll share the menu suggestions with our culinary team for inclusion in future menus (I’ll show up for breakfast when chipped beef is on the menu). I do want to let you know that lunch starts at 11:00 on Saturdays and while breakfast (brunch) is on the line until 2:00, you can get a good lunch much earlier. 

3/9/20, 8:00am

I hope this email finds you well. I am a first-time freshman living in Ellicott Hall. Last week, my resident director informed me that all dining halls on campus will be closed during spring break. I am an out-of-state student and it is unrealistic for me to fly home for a week and a half. Before my RD let me know, I was under the assumption that I’d be able to enjoy my anytime dining plan at the campus dining halls. Being OOS, I have a part-time job to cover expenses but food was not budgeted for this month as I assumed that the diners would be open because UMD has a good bit of OOS and international students. I plan on visiting the campus pantry the latest I can but I don’t think the food will last me until halls open on the 22nd. Even then, I am worried about things spoiling. What options or alternatives does UMD offer to students?

I hear your dismay. I can imagine that it would be upsetting to discover – after committing to stay on campus – that one of your mainstays is not going to be available to you.
Let me explain a little. Dining Plans are intended to feed students during regular periods of campus occupancy. Rates are set based on the number of days that Resident Life plans for students to be on campus. Resident halls close for spring break. When the resident halls are closed, dining halls are closed. The calendar of dates we are open and closed is on our web site.
You have asked Resident Life for an exception to their general policy and they have granted your exception. However, for us to accommodate additional days of service beyond our published schedule would incur tremendous cost. We simply cannot afford the outlay given the current price of dining plans and the cost of food, labor, utilities, and etc. I am sorry. 
My best suggestion is to plan ahead carefully and use the cooking facilities in your resident hall creatively. This should minimize the additional cost burden on you. I wish I had better news. 
I am more than willing to continue this discussion. If you’d like to meet, talk on the phone, or email back and forth let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. 

3/8/20, 11:59am

Lemons all day please!!!

South, 3/7/20, 2:42pm

Make oatmeal thicker- it’s like water. More vegetarian/vegan protein options at main serving area. Lentils are not seasoned well- can’t eat them bc they taste bad. Please do a vegetarian “chicken” noodle soup

Ellicott, 3/7/20, 2:41pm

Don’t cover all the vegetables in oil and spices- just steam them bc they are gross to eat. Vegan chicken nuggets more often! Gyro day more often- or at least provide falafel more regularly

Ellicott, 3/6/20, 7:37pm

Good Evening! This is the third time this year I have been served raw/uncooked meat in the dining hall. Considering how much we spend on dining plans and this is really our only option, it is unfair I am being served this. It is not right that myself along with other students may suffer from uncooked food like this. Please let me know how to handle this as this is simply not okay.

This is not right. I am extremely sorry that it happened to you – three times! I hear you loud and clear that this is not acceptable and I agree. Would you be willing to share some specifics with us and perhaps meet with the Senior Associate Director in charge of resident operations? If you would, please give us a few days and times so Mike can make himself available. We would like to follow up on this. Could you tell me where it happened, what dining hall, what station, time of day and food item? Were you able to speak with one of the staff on duty about it? We have protocols in place designed to prevent this from ever happening and I’m sure Mike will tell you about those when you meet with him. Again, I apologize. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your response and understanding. I truly did feel bad reaching out but I felt like it was becoming an issue I needed to address. I can definitely schedule a phone conversation with a director as I will be going home for break this upcoming week. I can also email them if that helps to get stuff done sooner. This happened in the Diner on Friday night. I don’t remember exactly what time but around 6-8. This was in the last station near the kitchen (I forget the name). I never want to get anyone in trouble but this is the 3rd time this occurred so I felt bad for other students along with myself who may get sick. Thanks for your help!

Thank you. Would one afternoon this week work for you – for a phone call or to meet at The Diner? Wednesday or Thursday after 3:00? 

Ellicott, 3/5/20, 5:57pm

You should have to go boxes because so much food is wasted. I understand that we have unlimited swipes but there is so much food I would eat if I could bring it back to my room.

Thank you for your comment. I get it – you’d like carryout. I’m not sure, however, that carryout would in any way reduce waste. In our current system, students can take as much – or as little – as they care to eat. We encourage guests to take only what they will eat which helps minimize waste. We do our very best to minimize unserved leftovers while providing a complete meal for the entire period of service.  How much food is on the line (unserved) would not be impacted by the use or non-use of carryout containers.

I’m not sure how the second comment connects to the first. You are welcome to eat as much as you like in the dining hall. What is the limiting factor / why can’t you eat what you want to get enough in the dining hall? I am happy to continue this conversation – in person or by email. Please let me know if you’re available to meet.  Thank you.

Ellicott, 3/5/20, 9:05am

More vegetable options at the make your own sandwhich bar would be nice for vegetarians. Also having a separate area for vegetarian sandwhiches to be prepared than with the non vegetarian ones

Hi! Try checking out Sprouts and I believe this will meet some of the things you are looking for.

251 North, 3/2/20, 4:57pm

Was happy w 251 this semester until today. I went to get salad dressing and a worked was hovering over the top of the dressings which is gross and made me not want to use it. They were doing this for my whole meal and were still there when I left the dining hall. Kind of gross to be over top of food like that especially with sickness going around

We have addressed this with this particular employee and refreshed policy with all staff. You will not see it again. 

South, 3/2/20, 11:27am

Most mornings the diner has pancakes or other breakfast foods which seemingly could be made vegan by substituting milk (they have served vegan pancakes before), and it seems like plenty of other dishes could be made vegan with a small change to the recipe and giving students the option to add a non-vegan topping (like at the taco/sandwich station). The vegan options are already amazing, but I was wondering if the diner would have any thoughts on that. Is there not enough demand for it, or are there any other reasons as to why it couldn’t work? Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your compliment! We offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan food but can’t make everything vegetarian or vegan. To make pancakes vegan is a little more than swapping out the milk (there’s the butter, the egg, and, of course,the cooking surface). We will keep our eyes open. 

South, 3/2/20, 10:46am

please include more non beef options – chicken sausage or turkey sausage (not with cranberry) because there are not enough protein options for breakfast. the specials are always unhealthy options, making it hard to find healthy things to eat as my main dish

South, 3/1/20, 11:02pm

The food on the weekends is under cooked and there is not much variety to pick from. Also, is it possible to offer turkey burgers as another option along with different vegetables as sides?

We did test a chicken burger last Friday that everyone enjoyed so we anticipate offering those more often. We will have to see what options we might offer regarding turkey burgers. What different vegetables would you like to see on the menu? Have you visited the vegan station next to the Mongolian Grill? We offer many roasted vegetables there daily as well as throughout the main servery of the dining hall. Could you give me more information regarding the comment “food on the weekends is under cooked and there is not much variety” please? Can you be more specific about what you believe is under cooked and what variety would you like to add to the menu? We do take temperatures of our food regularly throughout the morning, afternoon, evening and until closing to ensure nothing is under or overcooked. I would like to meet in person if possible the next time you visit the dining hall to discuss your concerns and work towards solutions please. You can always talk to any manager or chef on duty when you need anything. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and for sharing your contact information, hope to hear from you soon.

South, 3/1/20, 7:55pm

Those chicken burgers that were being showcased the other day were really good. Is there any chance they will return?

The chicken burger we tested last Friday was good! It seemed that many people really enjoyed it, so we do anticipate offering those again. First, our procurement team will have to make arrangements for a consistent supply, then look for them on the menu! 

3/1/20, 6:16pm

Can you tell me where nuts and seeds are available for consumption? In addition, can something like unsalted peanuts be provided?

Thanks for your comment. Seeds are in a few recipes (look on the Nutrislice app for specifics), on some of the bagels and on the salad bar. We make a concerted effort to avoid nuts in the dining halls, to make dining a better experience for students with nut allergies. South Campus Dining Hall and the Diner (North) each have a “Peanut Station” featuring peanut butter, and some cereals that contain nuts. If you’re looking for nuts to snack on, we suggest the Shops at Maryland where they offer several brands, sizes and varieties of tree nuts, peanuts and seeds. 

Ellicott, 2/27/20, 10:31am

I was involved with an accident that occurred in North Dining last week that raised some concerns about protocols in the halls. In the dining hall, a girl was unable to breathe and was in a lot of pain so her friends called for an ambulance. A friend and I went to see if there was anything we could do to help and they asked us to see if anyone in dining services could help them until the ambulance came. We ran over to a worker who was seated where you “swipe” in and she said that we should talk to a manager. Almost as if she did not care for the direness of this situation, she got up slowly and called over to someone else to see if they knew where the manager was. That person also did not know where the manager was but we insisted that we just needed someone that could help. Finally, we went into the kitchen where someone listened to us and without hesitation ran over to the girl and helped her to the best of their abilities until the ambulance came. I am frustrated with the way the first set of people reacted when we explained to them that someone was in danger. I feel as though they should have reacted with more concern that someone needed medical attention. I was hoping that we could meet to discuss a few of my questions in regard to the protocols set for staff in these types of situations. Please let me know if you’d be willing to talk with me! Thank you.

Thank you for your concern. You raise some serious issues. We discussed your comment at our operations team meeting today, and have some thoughts. I would be more than happy to meet with you and hear your thoughts as well, intending to use them to improve our ideas as we make a plan. Would you let me know a few times in the next week or so that you are available to meet?

Change: The Diner is having greeters carry a walkie talkie and refreshing them that they need to get a manager right away when there is any customer incident – good or bad.

Ellicott, 2/25/20, 7:23pm

Everyone on the dining staff is doing amazing. We all appreciate everything that you guys do!!! And I loveeee the gyros!

Ellicott, 2/25/20, 7:21pm

Could you please put out shredded cheese in the morning for me to put on my grits?

Done! You can find it in the congee section. Thanks for your comment!

Ellicott, 2/25/20, 6:41pm

You should have a chicken tender bar with different seasonings/marinades on the chicken. You could have bbq, buffalo, Italian, etc. 

South, 2/25/20, 6:13pm

I ate at South Campus Diner Sunday, February 23, around 7-8 pm. After a few hours, I developed symptoms of food poisoning: uncontrollable vomiting, chills, dehydration, diarrhea. I think it might have been the grilled chicken. I recall seeing that part of the meat inside was tinged pink, but I thought nothing of it. I did not eat anything prior to or after dinner that could have caused these symptoms. I am still experiencing symptoms of food poisoning and would like to inform dining services of this incident.

This sounds really bad. I am so sorry you’re going through it. How are you now? Have you been to the Health Center or to a doctor? Would you be willing to meet with us so we can gather more info? Thank you for letting us know! And again, so sorry.

Thank you for the quick response. I’m still not able to eat properly but the symptoms have subsided. I have not been to the doctor or Health Center, honestly I don’t know what they can do. I can definitely meet to give more info.

Our nutrition team will reach out to you in the morning. I hope you continue to feel better. 

Ellicott, 2/25/20, 2:56pm

How come you guys don’t post the week’s specials online anymore? It has said “no specials found” every week this semester. I enjoyed being able to check beforehand since I have limited passes for the week. Thank you!

My apologies. We will sharpen up on our web posting of the specials. 

Ellicott, 2/25/20, 12:53pm

Can we please have the terrapin favorite hamburgers. Thank you.

We are glad to hear you enjoy our Campus Wye Angus Beef Burgers!  We will be serving them again on Wednesday, March 4th. Hope you enjoy!

Ellicott, 2/23/20, 11:56am

vegan croissants

Ellicott, 2/22/20, 7:37pm

Please expand your ice cream options and provide Sugar Cones for us to enjoy. They are a lot of people’s favorites cones, which leads to them eating at South Campus dining hall or 251 North. Thank you.

Ellicott, 2/22/20, 11:08am

I would like to know if there are any turkey bacon.

Turkey bacon is one of our breakfast meats. Look for it before 10:30 two days a week at The Diner and South Campus Dining Hall. 

South, 2/21/20, 8:25pm

Please salt your pasta, especially the mac and cheese. It’s always so bland. This is an issue at all the dining halls. Thank you.

Ellicott, 2/21/20, 4:58pm

Whenever I eat your lettuce or chicken my stomach is messed up for days. I don’t know what preservatives are on them but you should really fix that. Also the food selection is very strange and not the typical food that 18-20 year olds eat.

Please reach out again and provide contact information. We would love an opportunity to investigate this and to help you have a better Maryland Dining experience. The lettuce is washed but not preserved. Chicken comes in without additives and is grilled, roasted, sauteed, fried, etc. without preservatives. Ingredients are listed online and in the Nutrislice app. 

Ellicott, 2/21/20, 11:53am

I like big baked potato very much. Very happy it is a regular thing

Thank you! 

South, 2/21/20, 11:34am

Can you add Fruity Pebbles to the selection of cereals?

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll share with our culinary and operations teams as we are planning upcoming offerings. I’ll ask them to let me know so I can tell you what they are able to do! Thanks. (PS: I like Fruity Pebbles too).

251 North, 2/20/20, 7:34pm

What is an “open faced sandwich” and what makes you think you can actually classify them as real sandwiches? I am simply bamboozled that someone could possibly think its a good idea to only have a bottom piece of bread on a sandwich. that being said, the cordon bleu is fire, just add a top piece of bread and it would be perfect.

An open faced sandwich is:
1) A sandwich that is not enclosed by a top piece of bread. 
2) A simple way to have a hot sandwich that seems more like a dinner entree. 
3) A great way to have the flavor of bread and fewer carbs. 
4) A term that is frequently used and widely accepted
5) An open faced sandwich is very popular. 
** For those purists who prefer sandwiches with two pieces of bread, I suggest asking the person behind the counter for a second piece of bread. It might take a moment but will be totally worth it. 
Thanks for writing in – let me know how it goes!

Ellicott, 2/20/20, 7:16pm

microwaves would be awesome!! and normal bread for toast PLEASE

We have white and wheat bread available in the bakery case and at the peanut butter station. We also have a microwave out in servery now that you could use if you’re gluten free

South, 2/20/20, 3:21pm

My favorites at breakfast are the warm berry quinoa (thank you for making it unsweetened!), the spinach chickpea polenta (please add less salt though, it can be too salty sometimes), and sweet potato chickpea mix. For lunch/breakfast my favorites are the tofu from Roma Vegan station, quinoa from the salad bar, salmon and jalapeno grill! It would be cool if we had the jicama coleslaw at South Diner too since I had it at 251 and it was great

South, 2/20/20, 3:21pm

I love all that there are high protein vegan options available at Roma! If the area where the milk and soda machines are next to it had a Silk machine like the main cafeteria section does it would be perfect. It can be annoying to go between Roma and the main cafeteria for non dairy milk since they’re fairly far apart.

South, 2/20/20, 8:54am

I have been noticing a lack of cinnamon rolls during breakfast time at South. Please have them more often, they are my favorite!!!!

South, 2/19/20, 10:43pm

Hi, I really enjoy the jerk chicken. If you could put it in the regular rotation more that would be great. Thank you!

2/19/20, 7:19pm

There was chicken carbonara sandwiches the other day (like last week) and I just want to say it was really good and you should make it again. 🙂 please

Ellicott, 2/19/20, 1:29pm

Where is the margarine?? I can’t find it at the bagel stand or at Sprouts. Do I have to ask someone for it? Im vegan and don’t want butter. Thanks!

We appreciate that you submitted a question regarding one of the products that we provide to our guests. We have the margarine located at the end of the Waffle Station next to the Ice Cream Machines in the condiments holder and will ensure that it is always correctly labeled. Please feel free to reach out to any Diner Manager or Chef on duty with any concerns that you may have when visiting the Diner. Again, we welcome the feedback.

251 North, 2/19/20, 1:04pm

Please make chicken fingers daily. I don’t eat anything else and I am hungry every day.

South, 2/18/20, 10:07pm

Students being able to summit music playlist

We play XM radio – and, at South Campus Dining Hall, we play WMUC on Monday and Wednesday from noon to 5:00 (this semester). The agreement with WMUC changes every semester. 

South, 2/18/20, 9:09pm

Thank you for the vegan desserts 🙂

Ellicott, 2/18/20, 6:25pm

Please more grilled Boston coffee cakes! The cinnamon ones are to die for

South, 2/18/20, 5:28pm

When you say you are going to have buffalo cauliflower please actually have it. It is the only thing I like out of everything you make 

Great to know that the Buffalo cauliflower has a fan base. We do have it – today, it took about half an hour extra to get it out of the kitchen. We apologize for this inconvenience and will do better. 

Ellicott, 2/18/20, 2:51pm

please no sesame in gochujang the bottles get clogged and it doesn’t do much for flavor. thanks.

South, 2/18/20, 12:35pm

Could you add the Sweet and Sour Pork with sticky rice to the Terrapin’s Favorite please? They are good! Thank you!

Sweet and Sour Pork is a regular menu item and appears in each dining hall once ever four week. I’ll let the culinary team know you’d like to see it more often. Thanks.

South, 2/17/20, 7:00pm

desserts are good, omelettes more often, good scones, Great service, great chicken noodle soup, people have gotten food poisoning :(, chicken too dry and the burgers ore double chip cookies, we need grapefruit!, space out the good foods on different days,

South, 2/17/20, 2:54pm

WIll the vegan cheesecakes be returning? I miss them

They will be back as soon as our supplier restocks. 

South, 2/16/20, 11:57pm

Please always keep chocolate chip cookies out I am very disappointed when they are not out.

I am sorry, we do our best to have chocolate chip cookies or some version of a chocolate type of a cookie available in addition to a non-chocolate cookie, such as sugar or oatmeal available. Sometimes simply asking the person working cookies or a manager nearby is the quickest solution, as they may have just been taken out of the oven and on the rack behind the station, or we could simply bake more. Thanks for speaking up and contacting us. Next time you are in the dining hall please ask for Jeff, Chef George or Roy. We would love to meet you as we all share the same passion for cookies!

Ellicott, 2/16/20, 8:52pm

Please fix the ice cream cones! Because they’re all just tossed in a bucket, I’ve seen students touch several (with potential contamination) before choosing one to use. A simple fix would be to use a system like 251 North Diner where they’re stacked vertically. Please do this! Right now it’s gross. 

South, 2/16/20, 6:58pm

Is there anyway we could have salmon more frequently? I noticed it is quite popular among people I know and it is always disappearing quickly when it is served. 

Ellicott, 2/16/20, 6:25pm

The people who were working the quesadilla station on 2/16 around 6:30 were too busy having a conversation instead of making quesadillas and cutting up the ones that were ready.

We apologize. Our team was not focusing on the guests. We have addressed this with all staff working the stations.

South, 2/15/20, 12:18pm

Oatmeal has been way too soupy recently… Please thicken it up just a little

We improved it. It should be better now. Let us know!

Twitter, 2/15/20, 12:08pm

Ah yes, @UMDdining has discovered turmeric

Ah, yes indeed.

Ellicott, 2/14/20, 8:17am

During the morning time, during breakfast, I have consistently found that the milk is never full. I always fill a bowl of cereal and much to my disappointment, I have to let it go to waste. This has happened several times, including this morning. The employee standing directly by the machine saw what had happened and has yet to do anything.

Hi! I just addressed and stressed the importance of this with our beverage guy and will do so again throughout the day. Indeed very poor customer service, highly disappointed.

Ellicott, 2/13/20, 8:15pm

Brownies more and Caesar wraps

South, 2/13/20, 7:14pm

Stop serving those chicken legs on the weekend or anytime. I have seen so many students complaining about these chicken legs. They are barely edible. Their covered in oil and the bones on them splinter. I care about whats in my food and when I see that there is gluten, soy, and industrial seed oil slop in these chicken legs, I know I am stuck with eating burgers again. You could easily replace this with some sort of cheap carved meat like the turkey, pork, or brisket. The “harissa honey legs” and the “mustard baked herb legs” need to stop being served. Watch how many people eat them if you don’t believe me. 

Thank you for your comment. I hear that you (and likely your friends) have had enough of the chicken legs. We know that many students do like them because every time we serve them, they fly off the line. However, we also know that they are losing ground and have already taken action to reduce the number of times a semester that we serve them. Look for rotisserie chicken more often and the chicken legs (especially fried) less often. Stay in touch.

South, 2/13/20, 1:13pm

Golden Grahams cereal had multiple live flies in my serving

Thank you for speaking up. The on duty manager got your comment investigated and we emptied and cleaned the dispenser and cleaned the surrounding area. Please stay in touch.

Ellicott, 2/13/20, 7:47am

Good morning. I am hoping that more non-dairy milk options may be made available in the diners. It would be amazing if in The Diner, a non-dairy milk like almond milk could be put next to the coffee machine. That way, I would not need to walk across the diner to get soy milk for my coffee. When I have gone to the 24 hour shop, I have also noticed that there is no almond milk (or any non-dairy milk) available to put in coffee, as there had been last semester. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and let me know if I can help further. 

I took a little while and asked the operations team at the Diner and the 24 Shop for the details. We don’t offer almond milk in the dining halls out of concern for students who have nut allergies. Soy milk needs to be refrigerated and we have maxed out the capacity of the coffee station. Unless (or until) there’s more power in that area, we cannot add a cooler for creamer to that corner. The company that manufactured the 24 Shop’s nondairy creamer discontinued the product. The manager there is looking for another creamer substitute that we can use at that station. Thank you for understanding and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for looking into the situation, I appreciate it.

Ellicott, 2/12/20, 11:05am

Please provide Cholula Hot sauce with the other sauces

This should be a relatively easy add on – we will see if there’s a supplier we work with who can provide us with consistent product at a reasonable price!

South, 2/12/20, 8:26am

I really miss the breakfast muffins (not the sugary ones at the cookie station)

Our supplier was out-of-stock, but we will have more in a little over a week.

251 North, 2/10/20, 7:17pm

Please make the gyros a more regular item on the Terrapin Favorites rotation. My friends and I are sick of chicken tenders being in the Terrapin Favorites every single week and we would like to see more variety. Thank you 🙂

Ellicott, 2/10/20, 6:44pm

The jicama coleslaw served today was sooo tasty.


Ellicott, 2/10/20, 2:47pm

There was a bug in my food.

Oh no! I apologize for that. We try really hard to keep your food free of any sort of contaminants. Were you able to speak with anyone at the Diner about the incident? Did you get a photograph of it so we could see? If not, would you please tell me what food item was it, what station and about what time – so we can follow up with staff and (hopefully) prevent any future incident like this. Thank you – I appreciate you for speaking up and letting us know.

I didn’t speak with anyone and I didn’t get a picture, sorry about that.  It was in the broccoli at the station with the mac and cheese and other vegetables (sorry I don’t know the exact name!). Thanks for getting back to me! 

We would love an opportunity to speak with you and show you what we do to try and keep “extras” off the salad bar. If you send me your availability, the Assistant Director in charge of The Diner would like to meet you and talk with you about your experiences with Maryland Dining.

South, 2/10/20, 11:36am

I understand that there is only one bathroom currently open, but the employees are constantly filling the ladies bathroom. Most of the time they are just sitting in there talking on the phone or with each other. No matter what time of day it is if I go in the bathroom it’s full of employees seemingly just hanging out in there.

Thank you for speaking up. The operations team will refresh policy with the staff right away. 


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