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Resident Dining Comments

South, 11/13/18, 9:37pm

The hot chocolate machine has been broken for so long. Please fix it.

South, 11/12/18, 8:15pm

The hot chocolate machine has been broken for like a month. I just want hot chocolate, I’m tired of not having hot chocolate.

Currently, two motors in the machine need to be replaced and there are other parts needed in order to have it fully functional. Unfortunately, we have had to wait for these parts to arrive and then our supplier will send a technician out to make the repair. We have spoken with our supplier and voiced our frustrations. We have asked for a new machine and they will be delivering one tomorrow. I can truly understand your frustration as nothing would be better, now with the temperatures dropping, then a nice cup of hot chocolate.

South, 11/13/18, 5:28pm

The veggies are super undercooked and not seasoned at all and the burger buns are super dry. Also, we would like to suggest bagels all the time, more mozzarella sticks (maybe by putting them in the fry rotation), and more, softer chocolate chip cookies. Thank you for bringing back the thin hotdogs! BBQ chicken is yum.

South, 11/13/18, 8:24am

When you all announce/post the special foods of the week (aka terrapin favorites)!on the dining tables, you guys should actually follow through with them. Today, August 13th, I was very excited to see that the special this week was going to be the big cinnamon rolls that you guys had as the special 2 weeks ago. I woke up and came to the diner at 7:30, which is earlier then I usually do, just to enjoy the amazing cinnamon rolls special that you guys had last time. When I arrived, I was surprised how there not only were no cinnamon rolls, but the dining staff had no idea that this was going to be the special this morning. I walked all the way to the north campus diner out of frustration and instead of cinnamon roles, they made some type of apricot rolls without cinnamon in it whatsoever. Please follow through with the commitments you make for the week on the weekly specials announcements on all the dining tables

Good morning- I was also disappointed to see that we did not have the cinnamon buns available when I arrived this morning and I was working on resolving the issue when I received your comment. Unfortunately, our distributor had shorted us the product yesterday. We had to wait for this morning’s delivery, which arrived around 8:30 am, and we had the special available for our guests around 8:45 am. If you ever have a question or concern about our specials, just ask for the manager on duty and we will be happy to help. Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback!

11/11/18, 8:49pm

There are no more lucky charms. My anger is immeasurable and my semester is ruined. I also love quesadillas, Please replace the grilled cardboard with quesadillas

South, 11/11/18, 11:12am

How long will it take to get back to me about the job.

Good afternoon,

I am the hiring manager for student employees at South Campus Dining Hall. I am sorry that no one has gotten back to you regarding the status of your application. I have not received or seen your application, so I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. Did you turn your application in online or in person? If it was in person, do you remember what day you submitted your application and who you gave it to?
  2. If you submitted your application online, can you please forward it to me for review.
  3. Did you have a preferred location to work?

I will check our open positions here at South Campus when I have the opportunity to review your application. I can only let you know about the open positions at South Campus Dining Hall. Please respond back at your earliest convenience and let me know if you have any other questions.

Yes, I am still interested, but  I have not submitted any applications and I needed to know how do I go about that.

An online application can be found at dining.umd.edu/contact/employment/student-opportunities/

South, 11/6/18, 8:04pm

Consider opening earlier on weekends. 10 AM is way too late!!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We researched longer weekend dining hall operations but after we reviewed the labor, utility, and food costs associated with extending our hours, it seemed doubtful that we would be able to recoup those costs by finding additional dining plans to add to our system. When we looked at our ability to staff longer hours, we had serious doubts about our ability to staff them because many of the people on our staff rely on public transportation – which does not operate overnight.

South, 11/6/18, 8:00pm

An employee who I accidentally ran into said ‘Excuse me,’ but when I just went by without saying anything, they shouted across the room saying ‘Damn, Excuse Yourself.’ I felt very upset and humiliated by this incident and I didn’t mean any disrespect because we barely made contact when we slightly bumped into each other. Please train your staff to be more polite. Seriously disappointing…

South, 11/5/18, 11:41pm

Please fix the soft serve machine in the South Campus dining hall. It’s been broken for days at this point.

Sorry the machine has been broken! The machine is fixed now. Thank you for speaking up!

South, 11/4/18, 7:36pm

Every time I go eat at the Diner, I always see employees sitting around, and just talking and not doing anything. I understand that they have breaks from time to time, but it just seems like they have breaks when they are not supposed to. They go inside the bathroom constantly, and they stay in there for 10-15 minutes, and they seem to gawk at students passing by, which makes me uncomfortable. Also I feel like the Dining Hall is overstaffed, as I see employees not having anything to do but just walk around and lounging.

Ellicott, 11/02/18, 11:21am

It’s been really hot in the dining area for the last few days

Hi – A lot of the campus is on an old-style heating and air condition system. On a scheduled date, the campus turns off the air conditioning for the year and if there’s a hot day after that, there is no way to cool the building. We don’t have the heat on, but there is a lot of cooking equipment pumping out warmth. I apologize that it is so uncomfortable.

Ellicott, 11/1/18, 4:05pm

Could you please season your vegetable (especially the broccoli) even if it’s just putting more salt in the water when you steam it.

Ellicott, 10/31/18, 4:24pm

I just looked at the pasta you have served right now. That’s kinda disgraceful. It’s so dry that it looks like uncooked pasta, it feels like plastic and is entirely unedible. I hope you can work to make this situation not happen again. This isn’t the first time.

Thank you for speaking up. Yesterday we were serving whole wheat pasta. Whole wheat past is extremely difficult to serve from a serving line: it doesn’t hold well, and dries out fast. We have been frustrated as well: students ask for whole wheat but we can’t keep a good quality product on the line. We will keep working on it for you.

251 North, 10/31/18, 12:01am

As a general rule of thumb, the barbecue is over-sauced and too sweet. The salmon is generally very good, so keep it up! I loved the enchiladas from last year, but did you change the recipe? They seem different (in a bad way). I think that the rotisserie chicken is served with too much frequency. Also, most of my friends agree with me that there is a shortage of double-chocolate cookies. The ramen bar is delish. As a general rule of thumb (and this goes for all dining halls at UMD), the preparation of vegetables is unsatisfactory. They are either undercooked and flavorless or drenched in oil. What I love most about 251 besides the food is the amazingly responsive and friendly management (hence why I’m writing).

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. We especially appreciate the compliments to the management team.  When I spoke with the operations managers at 251, they were immediately concerned and responsive, just as you said! The enchilada recipe has not changed; Chef will taste them before they are served next. Rotisserie chicken is included in all dining hall rotations – I’ll pass your comment to our Senior Executive Chef to consider as we plan next semester. Hopefully you can still find plenty of other choices every day! Chef will order more double chocolate chip cookies right away. Finally, the vegetables at the Ciao station have some oil for roasting but the vegetables on the Chef’s Table station do not. Chef will review cooking procedures at both stations. The manager on duty would be happy to hear directly from you – maybe you could point out the exact products that aren’t right. If you can’t find a manager, the door checker can always get one for you quickly. Thanks again.

Applause, 10/30/18, 10:38pm

Gluten free options–I’d like to confirm if there are any gluten free options at Applause cafe (I don’t have any other dietary restrictions or allergies).

I’ve attached the most recently vetted copy of the cafe menu with dietary icons and an explanation for decoding them. You will see that there are some gluten free items on the menu. All the food served at Applause is assembled and cooked in the 251 North commissary, and the commissary cooks are diligent in adhering to recipes. In addition, the supervisor would be happy to talk with you about items that have been added to the menu. If you like, you could also talk with our nutritionist by emailing nutrition@umd.edu

South, 10/30/18, 4:04pm

I want gyro

Hi! Gyros are a “Terrapin Favorite.” They have been featured a few times this semester and will be featured again soon. Table tents, Twitter, and the Dining Services website have daily updates on our Terrapin Favorites!

South, 10/30/18, 1:08pm

This year at umd, I started using the nutrition website to make sure what I’m eating isn’t too healthy. Upon using this tool, I found that so many items served here at umd contains trans fat. So far I have found these items to have trans fat: basmati rice, pancakes, scrambled eggs (white and yellow), fried eggs, pizza, anything containing Alfredo sauce, and the garlic bread. Now I know not all these options are healthy but I still would like trans fat to be removed from these items, such as basmati rice, which people wouldn’t suspect having trans fat. Trans fat is a man made fat which when left outside for many years won’t degrade so imagine what it’s doing in the body. Also no level of trans fat is safe and therefore shouldn’t not be allowed in the foods we eat. It is such a big deal that countries, such as Denmark, have banned this hazardous compound. Therefore I would like some initiative to be done to decrease trans fat use at u! Md.

Good Afternoon, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We removed Trans Fats from all of our products years ago. I looked in our recipe/nutrition system and found that two products had not been updated to the products we are currently using. Our margarine and Alfredo sauce are trans fat free. We have corrected these products in our system. Attached is the nutritional info for our margarine from our main food vendor. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

South, 10/27/18, 7:57pm

I do not understand, why I cannot walk out with two fruits? I have seen people walk out with multiple different combinations of ice cream and a banana, banana and a cookie, apple and a cookie, but why not two fruits? I want to understand the harm of taking out two fruits? I am trying to be healthy and do not want to take a cookie and a fruit. I want to be able to eat my two fruits.

Thank you for commenting. I hear your frustration. Our actual policy is that nothing can be carried out. Our practice is that one item is okay – either a piece of fruit or a handheld dessert (not both). If someone is indeed carrying out more than that, they are going past both our policy and our practice. This is a difficult situation; we want to be hospitable and friendly but we do need to ask everyone to adhere with our own policies and practices. We will review with the door greeters.

South, 10/25/18, 9:30pm

Quesdilllas should be served more please

South, 10/25/18, 9:04am

The staff needs to do a better job of keeping the milks restocked. Too many times through the day I try to get milk and it’s empty. Lately two of the machines have been broken, and this has been for a few weeks

10/24/18, 2:01pm

I am emailing you regarding take-out food at the North campus dining halls. I have talked to many students about the fact that we have not been eating much because we genuinely can not find the time. It may not seem like it, but it is very time-consuming to have to sit in the diner and eat. I believe this school could benefit tremendously by allowing students to take out food in takeout boxes. I met with a nutritionist at the beginning of the year because I was not eating enough, I still cannot find the time, nor do I have the patience, to sit in the dining hall and eat while I could be studying and doing other things at the same time. If we are paying as much as we do for our unlimited dining plans, I believe we should be allowed to take out food. The unhealthy eating habits that are developing upon students, due to this issue, are taking a massive tole in our daily lives. Please get back to me and let me know what you can do to resolve these issues.

I hear clearly that you are not happy with the resident dining program. You’ve brought up several points that would, I think, be better talked through in person rather than by email. Would you be willing to meet with me and have a conversation about dining at Maryland? If so, please send me me a few times and we will figure out wh

South, 10/24/18, 1:05pm

Please post ingredients for the chicken tenders special on the menu website. They aren’t there, and this is bad for people like me with allergies who can’t fish eating them. Thanks.

Thank you for letting us know. We do not generally post ingredients for specials like the Terrapin Favorites. Chicken Tenders arrive frozen and pre-breaded, so it should be fairly simple for us to get at the full ingredient list. We will check with the nutrition team and, if possible, will update the website.

Ellicott, 10/24/18, 10:10am

I would like equality among the dining halls. At the diner, we do not have iced coffee, or sugar cones like the other halls. Many ither food items are served only at 251 or South campus and not at the diner. I would also like the diner to stay open til 12 on weekends.

Each dining hall serves food from the same menus and also features different food and beverage based on popularity and capacity. The staff of each dining hall prides themselves on serving their guests. Hours are based on guest flow. We will take your comment into consideration as we plan for future semesters – please be aware that extending weekend hours would probably entail cutting other hours or programs.

Ellicott, 10/23/18, 6:33pm

Chicken tenders everyday please

Ellicott, 10/23/18, 6:30pm

The pasta was burnt

Ellicott, 10/23/18, 1:03pm

I greatly enjoy the muffins at the diner, and they make a great breakfast. However, they are not available at breakfast regularly, and have not been available at all the last few days. If possible, could you try to have a tray of muffins in the bakery case during breakfast hours? Thank you!

Hi – That’s not good, I apologize. Unless there’s an unavoidable shortage, we have muffins on the menu every morning. If you don’t see them – ask at the bakery counter or check with a manager. The bakery counter is between Sprouts and Smoothies. The greeter can always find a manager quickly. Thank you for speaking up!

South, 10/22/18, 11:42pm

The hotdogs are too thin for the buns, bring back the thicker buns please

Ellicott, 10/22/18, 11:40pm

You should bring back the thick hotdogs b/c the thin ones are too thin for how thick the buns are

Ellicott, 10/22/18, 8:16pm

Literally nothing at all tastes good, there is never a variety, it is the same food everyday,

Wow. I hear clearly that you are not happy with our offerings. I am a little surprised because the feedback we get from students is generally much more positive than this. We work hard and believe that we serve a wide variety of nutritious, good-tasting food. Would you be willing to have a conversation with me so that I can get more specifics from you? Let me know when you are available and I can meet you on the north – or south – side of campus.

251 North, 10/22/18, 12:22am

There was a fly in the grilled onions by the burgers at 251. I told the staff and they did nothing about it.

251 North, 10/22/18, 12:12am

good food

Ellicott, 10/22/18, 10:30pm

I would like to request Special K Chocolatey Delight as a cereal option.

South, 10/21/18, 8:00pm

I don’t like the new hotdogs. They’re so big that the inside barely gets cooked and they don’t taste as good. Are the old ones gonna come back or are these the new hotdogs?

Hi! The original hot dogs are back! The bigger ones were a temporary item.

Ellicott, 10/20/18, 1:38pm

Quick thing, but Jasmine and Daeon should both be recognized as some of the most friendly, welcoming greeters you have. Both take the job a step further than just a “hello,” and really make my day when I walk through.

251 North, 10/19/18, 2:03pm

There should really be bowls by the soup in 251. The only bowls in the whole dining area are by the burgers all the way across the building

Ellicott, 10/16/18. 10:26pm

QR code too small, was hard to scan, my phone couldn’t focus when I held it close enough to scan and it took a lot of effort to make it recognize the code from far enough away to focus. I would make the code larger by shifting the text above it into the same column as the url, allowing the qr code to reach up to the word “join.” Food’s fine I guess

Sorry about that. Sometimes our Terrapin’s Favorites card is extra long and this crowd the QR code. We sometimes have space for a table tent card dedicated to “Talk to Us” that features an extra large QR code in the center that brings a link to the comment cards. Thank you for taking the time to notice and comment!

South, 10/16/18, 7:33pm

I believe a lot of the foods are very processed and use faux substitutes (such as egg substitute Instead of real eggs). It makes the food less enjoyable and hard to eat due to flavor and more importantly health wise.

I am sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying the food and believe it isn’t healthful. We work hard to make real food, from scratch, using fresh ingredients, every day. Please go to dining.umd.edu, select Menu, then a Dining Hall, and click on a red apple, you can then get the recipes for every regular menu item in the dining hall that meal. These recipes contain the actual, verified ingredients. Our team is extremely concerned with accuracy and reviews these procedures, and ingredients continuously. They need to be reliable, especially for people with allergies or other special dietary restrictions. I would like the opportunity to ask you more about this. I wish you had left contact information with your comment so we could correspond or talk. I want to understand what your belief is based upon and hopefully help improve your dining experience. If you are willing to engage, please email me at bhipple@umd.edu Thank you, Bart

251 North, 10/16/18, 10:13am

The cereal bowls have water between them when they are stacked.

South, 10/16/18, 9:56am

Im sitting here trying to enjoy my breakfast alone and in peace and one of the workers sat behind me. She has her phone on speaker phone with what sounds like the volume being all the way up… I’m sure that I am not the only one bothered by it.

We want your dining experience with us to be stress free and pleasant and hopefully you will not encounter this again. We can correct on the spot if you let a manager know right away.

Ellicott, 10/15/18, 1:23pm

I really like the cornbread you guys have but I haven’t seen it at all this year. Also, every time I have come in in the last two weeks, I have seen french toast for breakfast. What happened to the waffles? And I haven’t seen the vegan chicken nuggets either.

Ellicott, 10/11/18, 7:00pm

251 serves a really great Oreo pie, and it would be awesome if the Diner served it too!

Ellicott, 10/11/18, 12:17pm

Oh my Lord, do you guys even know how to cook vegetables? Every single time I get vegetables they are undercooked. Why does this happen every time? I feel like you guys should know how to do this

I am wondering if you have spoken with a manager about this? There might be some disagreement on undercooked, cooked, and overcooked – and we would like to have an opportunity to talk through that. Vegetables, like beef, can be cooked rare, medium or well done. Different people have different preferences as to the degree of cooking done to their vegetables. The only way to reach consensus would be to talk with a manager and look at the vegetables on the line.

South, 10/10/18, 7:28pm

I want there to be more vegan sausage, chicken nuggets, and curry at south campus dining hall. It is so good! Please!

Glad to hear that these are a hit! I appreciate your comments – we look at customer feedback as well as past usage when we’re planning future menus. Sometimes menu items have a loyal following that doesn’t necessarily directly correlate to the quantity served. I’ll be sure to get your kind words to the team.

10/10/18, 1:14pm

I’m a freshman and I just wanted to reach out and say a big thank you to everyone in dining services here at UMD. You guys don’t get enough credit—I can’t even imagine how much work it must take every day to provide us with so many food options at all times of the day, and even after that, I find I’m always greeted with a smile when I catch an employee’s eye. I’m vegetarian and was curious what my selection would be in the dining halls, but I find that I’m almost overwhelmed with the amount of food available to me. I’ve never even had edamame potstickers before, but I loved them! It’s so fun to be able to try new and delicious dishes. University dining halls seem to get a bad rep, but I’ve been nothing but impressed with my experience here. I’m not even sure who this email is going to, but I thought I had to say something. I appreciate all the work you guys are putting in—keep doing what you’re doing!


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