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Resident Dining Comments

251 North 2/22/21

I’m disappointed with the weekday breakfasts at 251, particularly at the “West Deli” section where eggs and breakfast meats are offered. The eggs have either been so wet that the bottom of my cardboard container has a quarter inch of egg juice at the bottom, or stale and rubbery. The pork sausage is often undercooked and inedible. What I’m most disappointed with is the service during these hours. Typically 251 service is the best of the 3 dining halls. But the breakfast on weekdays is lacking. Several of the employees wear masks BELOW their noses which makes me concerned for my safety. I have found hair in my eggs. And I usually need to try and get their attention for 30 seconds or so before they realize I’m there to serve me. I’m paying $6,000 a semester for this. Wish it was worth the money. Clearly isn’t right now.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re on it! As part of the retraining, a manager will spend most of the morning in the West Deli for the next week or so. Please say ‘Hi’ and chat for a minute – share any additional comments. We will bring the service back to our “best on campus” standard! We appreciate your confidence that we are better than this.

251 North 2/19/21

Please bring back the buffalo chicken panini as a staple on the menu!! It is a favorite of many 🙂 so good. Also, you guys are doing a great job during this hard time!

South 2/19/21

Please offer Croque Monsieur sandwiches. They are such a delicious basic cafe/take-out food in Europe and are very simple to make. It seems like they could be an easy thing for UMD dining halls to offer.

South 2/18/21

I really love the buffalo chicken wraps and think they should be served more often.

South 2/18/21

The purple zone has constantly had the same menu this semester with some interesting options that seem to always be uneaten.. pork, beef, pulled chicken. I would really like some better protein options like regular grilled chicken and shrimp. I feel that the dining hall always tries to spice things up and add flavors to each item which is sometimes good, but grilled chicken will be much more eaten by a lot of people!

The purple zone menu has a 3 week rotation giving students with the top nine allergens and students looking for some healthier options variety in their meals. We can’t serve shrimp in the purple zone because shellfish is one of the top nine allergens. Plain grilled chicken is served several days a week at the broiler works station and is always cooked on a separate grill with none of the top allergens touching the grill. Check it out! 

South 2/18/21

Please offer a wider selection for the salad bar. The salad bar is one of the few truly health parts of dining hall meals so it’s really unfortunate only having the same 3 options everyday. Adding additional items to make different salads like Tex mex salads or adding chicken to Cesar salads could go a long way in improving the options.

South 2/18/21

Please offer more pasta dishes other than chicken Alfredo or Alfredo based pastas (these seem to be the pasta options for maybe 80% of days). Alfredo pastas are so rich and heavy and really don’t feel good to eat so it would be really nice to have some variety sometimes and have, healthier pasta options like bolognase pasta, creamed leek pasta, etc.

South 2/17/21

Please bring back ice cream. I would greatly appreciate it.

South 2/17/21

The milk served at the dining hall is giving me nausea when I drink it. I have checked over the two semesters if I might potentially have lactose intolerance, but off-campus milk does not give me the same indigestion issues as I have seen on multiple instances from milk from the South Dining Hall.

So sorry to learn of your experience. Please ask for me the next time you visit the dining hall and I can show you the milk we use. We can try to figure out what might be happening.

Ellicott 2/15/21

I loved the pot stickers, but wish there were more pork potstickers. By the time I arrived to the diner, there weren’t any left. :/ I’d love to see them become a part of the regular menu! On another note, I too would love breakfast to be served later (during lunch times if possible). There seem to be two stations for the Asian station. Perhaps one of them could be used to serve breakfast?

Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate hearing from our guests!  So sorry, you missed the pork dumplings on Friday night, they proved to be the most popular.  I hope you got to enjoy the other potstickers and the rest of the special menu.  Please look out for potstickers again on March 3rd. As far as breakfast being served longer, we do hear from our guests and it’s about a 50/50 split for those who want breakfast longer and those who want lunch out sooner.  We try to walk that fine line and have lunch start at 10:30am while the main breakfast line stays out until about 11am. Anytime you have a question, suggestion, or maybe want an item we are currently not serving, just ask for a manager and we will take care of you to the best of our ability. Have a great week!

Ellicott 2/15/21

add a grilled chicken to the quesadilla options please!! Also, since there are are two salad stations, would one be able to be an acai bowl station ??

Ellicott 2/14/21

Please bring back the red velvet pancakes and the birthday cake pancakes! Also, other fun pancake flavors are appreciated! The recent specials have been amazing and I’d love to have this become a daily thing. They make it more exciting to get food from the dining halls!

Ellicott 2/14/21

I would really like to see a variety of fruit served all day. I love fresh fruit and I often don’t visit the dining hall until after they have stopped serving it for the day, it doesn’t make sense that this is only served in the morning given that it is a nutritious option that should be available all the time.

Ellicott 2/14/21

To whom it may concern, Firstly, I would like to commend the dining hall staff for keeping the Diner running smoothly during these difficult times. I am just writing this to ask if the Diner could leave the fruit bar open throughout the day so that us students can access the fruit for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Ellicott 2/14/21

I’d like to see the Diner provide fruit salads throughout the day and not just during breakfast hours. 

Ellicott 2/13/21

The Sweet Fire Tempura Chicken and Pineapple is becoming more and more dry. The box I got today was basically pieces of fried chicken with one tiny piece of pineapple and a couple drops of sauce. Please use more sauce. Also I really like the Buffalo Chicken wraps are good. More of those would be nice. 🙂

Ellicott 2/12/21

I loved the fried oreos on the super bowl special day! I’d be nice to have them again.

South 2/12/21

Please keep breakfast open for longer. I went in at 9:30 am and 90% of the breakfast options were gone and they were already setting up for lunch. It’s too early for lunch food at 9:30am. Thank you

Ellicott 2/11/21

The Buffalo cauliflower wings were great tonight! I wish they would have them more often because I’m vegan and cauliflower is a yummy meat replacement!

Ellicott 2/10/21

Things you should have more often: Buffalo chicken quesadilla, Fried Buffalo chicken sandwich, Chicken tenders, Red velvet cake

South 2/10/21

I am wondering if UMD Dining is going to bring back the soft serve machines in the dining halls? I understand that students serving themselves is not safe right now. But I was wondering if it is possible for diner staff to serve for the students? I really love the UMD diner soft serve and I would love to be able to have some again 🙂

We hope you are safe and well on this snowy Thursday.  Thanks for writing in.  It is our intent to offer soft serve at some point during the semester.  We know nothing is better than a cone with sprinkles.  Look for them as we get closer to spring.  

South 2/10/21

The reubens this week were delicious! Is it possible that we can have them more often?

Ellicott 2/8/21

The Aloo Chana Sabji along with basmati rice in the Sprouts/vegan area of the diner was fantastic. Would love to have it more often for either lunch or dinner.

South 2/7/2021

My friends and I wanted to share a couple of recommendations we have for the dining halls.  First of all, we would like to see breakfast stay out slightly longer.  My first class is often at 9:30 and I do not have the time to grab food before class.  However, when I go to the dining hall at 10:45 the breakfast is already gone.  I don’t know anybody who eats lunch at 10:45 and therefore I believe breakfast staying out until 11:30 would benefit all students.  Also, I would try to improve the pizza.  This is the first pizza I have not liked and therefore I would like to see a change in the pizza recipe.  It always has so much cheese and the crust has a weird taste.  I hope that these suggestions are considered.  

I hope you are safe and well!  Thanks for writing in and providing feedback.  Breakfast is a tricky topic.  In the fall, we experimented with serving breakfast longer(based on similar feedback), and when we did, we received comments that we were serving breakfast too long.  We will work with the Dining Halls on serving some of the more popular items longer in the time frame you are suggesting.  I think we can find the balance between breakfast and lunch.

And, we can definitely work on the pizza and offer more variety on the pizza builds to give more variety and flavor profiles.  Are you able to provide specifics on the dough?  We source our dough locally from Nino’s, and will provide the specific feedback to them.

Commons Shop 2/8/2021

I live on south campus, and the past two weeks when J stopped at the commons shop there was no kraft mac n cheese! I love having the mac n cheese cups to microwave in the dorms, and the lack of them was very disappointing

Sorry for your disappointment concerning Kraft Mac n cheese products. All products are currently in stock and you should be good to go.

Ellicott 2/5/2021

please give us chicken tenders that’s all i want

Ellicott 2/4/2021

The day the diner or any umd does chicken tenders as their special has always been a student favorite day. Ive overheard tour groups many times citing it as such when talking about dining. More so true in pre-covid but “tendie day” still does incite a happiness in most students ive talked to about it. Hoping we can see it more often this semester 

Ellicott 2/2/2021

For the last couple of days the quality/taste of the noodle dishes seemed to have changed. More specifically the following dishes: Hakka noodles and lo mein noodles. It would be nice if the dishes went back to how they used to be. Aside from that everything has been nice and I liked the Tuesday breakfast special!

Ellicott 2/1/2021

Please listen to when students ask for a specific serving size! I often ask for one scoop or a smaller portion of a meal and the dining hall staff will acknowledge my request and still put too much. I feel really bad wasting extra food

South 1/31/2021

would love it if you brought back the General Tso’s Cauliflower from the vegan station as well as the carrot and white bean veggie fries! Also smoothies (especially mango banana) are severely missed. So good and good for you!! Thank you for all you guys have done 🙂

Good Morning, General’s Tso’s Cauliflower is still on the menu and will be served on Tuesday dinner this week. Menus are a three week rotation .

The Carrot and White beans fries will be served a couple of times as we run out of product from our main supplier. They will not be served on a regular basis due to the manufacturing issues that are out of our control. We will bring them back in the Fall if the manufacturer can get back up to speed with production.

Everyone misses the smoothies including me, but in the current situation we had to move other products in order to serve students safely. That took the space and electricity for making smoothies. 

We all can not wait to get back to normal service in our dining rooms and offer all of the items students are missing. Have a great day!!!!

251 North 1/30/2021

Why does the 251 North Dining Hall have to be closed on Fridays and Saturdays? It really is limiting the options I have as a vegetarian and I feel like I’m not getting what I’m paying for in my dining plan!

Thank you for writing in. I can tell that this is important to you and that you are really disappointed with the new schedule at 251 North. 

To be good stewards of student dining plan funds, we must occasionally make hard decisions about the services we provide. We looked at our operations and saw that costs for five-day operations at 251 North would be significantly lower –  and that Friday and Saturday were the least busy. We will continue to have a dining hall open on the north side of campus and a dining hall open on the south side of campus every day so that the walk isn’t too, too long. 

I am really struck that you say that this impacts your experience as a vegetarian. I’ve asked around and we think that The Diner offers as many or more choices to vegetarians than 251 North. Could you tell me specifically what you’re missing when you eat at The Diner? Would you be willing to talk with Chef Michael over there about how he can strengthen the vegetarian Maryland Dining Experience?  Chef Michael enjoys conversation with students and is really open to making changes that improve his dining hall.

I look forward to hearing from you and continuing our conversation. Again, please let me know if you’re willing to meet Chef Michael to talk about vegetarian dining at The Diner.

251 North 1/29/201

Please bring back the buffalo chicken panini at 251!! It is a favorite! Thank you 🙂

251 North 1/28/201

Please offer more diverse options at 251. It is horrible to have to walk to the diner everyday for decent food. 251 should have a menu that rotates and not the same burrito and tempura chicken. It also stinks that 251 will be closed on Fridays and Saturdays this spring semester since it is still cold out for a couple months.

Thank you for writing in. I hear in your email how disappointed you are and how important 251 North dining is to you. The menu at 251 is constantly evolving. Based on feedback from last semester, we have strengthened the Allergen-Free Purple Zone offerings and redefined the Vegan Station. While 251 is smaller than The Diner, I think that if you look around and are willing to try something from a different station like Ciao or Harvest, you can find many other offerings besides burritos and tempura chicken. 

And yes, it is sad that 251 North is closed on Friday and Saturday. We made that decision based on the guest counts there and at The Diner on those days, and on feedback from the RHA (who also proposed that we open the C-Shop in Cambridge this semester !!). 

We will keep a close eye on these two things – variety and hours of operation – as we plan for upcoming months and semesters. We welcome suggestions and do make good use of them both right away and as we look ahead. Again, thanks for speaking up. Stay in touch.

Ellicott 1/26/2021

Two things. I found a hair in my chips from my potato tacos. I would give the benefit of the doubt, but I just got a haircut and it’s like really short. Also, why can’t we get 3 tacos, like most restaurants serves, rather than 2.

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know about your experience this evening.  We really appreciate when we get feedback about our dining program.  I am so sorry that you found a hair in your meal tonight, that would upset me as well.  We hold our staff to strict hygiene guidelines including pulling hair back and wearing hats and/or hair nets.  We checked our staff working tonight and while they all had proper hair coverings, sometimes that is not enough.  We will use this as a training opportunity for our staff.

We are more than happy to give larger portions on any station, all you need to do is ask.  We do often pre-box sandwiches and tacos on the Deli station, but just ask the server to make you a box with 3 tacos and they will take care of you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions. Have a great rest of the week!

Ellicott 1/26/2021

Can you please bring back the Wagyu beef burgers that we had last year at The Diner! I miss them so much and all my friends always loved them.

Also, can you please provide a way to cut/toast bagels. If you could have the person set up by the milk/vegan station be able to cut and toast bagels I would greatly appreciate it. I currently have no way to toast bagels since I don’t have a toaster in my dorm and I miss having warm bagels.

Thanks for writing in! We appreciate hearing specific requests. The Wye Angus burgers will return in the Spring as they did in the Fall – watch for them on the Terrapin Favorites posters or follow us on Twitter (UMDDining) where we will tweet the daily specials starting Feb 8.

I gotta say that I love my bagels toasted, too. The problem we are trying to solve is the time you’d have to wait in the serving area for the bagel to toast. In the current circumstance, we can’t offer food that makes anyone stand around waiting: we need to keep people moving through and out of the serving area. What I can do is share your comment with our culinary team for them to use in planning and ask them to try to figure out the logistics of providing cut and toasted bagels.


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