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Resident Dining Comments

Ellicott, 12/23/2019, 12:23 pm

please make more vegan and vegetarian options available

The Shops, 12/17/19, 2:09pm

Main Coffee shop at ESJ closed at 1:30 today. Website says 2pm. Went to satellite shop and while they were cleaning they were still open and very accommodating.

Ellicott, 12/16/19, 3:13pm

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything dining services has done when it came to the football games, scaryoke, special dinners, and concerns regarding the food. I’ve never been in a place where the higher ups actually cared about what the little guppy of students had to say (AMA with Colleen), and seeing our concerns being handled with everyone in dining services made me feel like my voice mattered. I’ve also never seen the management team so proactive with the staff.The staff is always friendly and the management team doesn’t turn down feedback. Your team makes this campus feel more welcoming and worth the walk all the way from Lot 1 (if I’m lucky enough to find a spot) or Reckord Armory. Thank you again for everything.  🙂

Thank you! Hope your finals go well and that you finish strong. I’ll share your comments with the larger team. See you in the spring.

Ellicott, 12/16/19, 1:39pm

Very disappointed with the lack of effort put into meals with the amount of money we are paying. Breakfast is always out for way too long and it’s always gross food. Why can’t we have normal food? Also the staff is beyond rude and take so long (example: sandwich station takes longer than it needs to) there are always unnecessarily long lines for no reason. Very ridiculous how often you fail the students especially this previous week which should have been the best week of the semester considering we have finals. Thanks for letting us down.

Sorry to hear you are disappointed. We have some lines occasionally at made-to-order sandwiches, but we have two people making sandwiches and most of the time add a third when a line forms.  Also, there are lines at omelette stations, but a manager regularly times them and it is 6-7 minutes tops for wait. This improved when we started the vegetable omelette station. We actually turn our breakfast over earlier on weekends than the programmed hours.  We have Al’s Grill up by 1pm, Asian by 2pm, Pasta by 2pm and Blue Plate by 2:30pm for the left side and 3pm for the right side.What is normal breakfast food vs. gross breakfast food?

Ellicott, 12/15/19, 6:25pm

Unreal how during finals (most stressful time of the semester) you give us the bare minimum of gross food. It would make sense to give favorite foods during finals week rather than gross food.

We noticed something similar – not that it was gross, but that as we were managing inventory in advance of the month-long shutdown, we decreased variety and served more of the less popular items. We want to do better. We are reviewing our menus so that next year we are able to offer a wider range of more popular items through the end of finals. Stay in touch and let us know how we’re doing.

Ellicott, 12/14/19, 9:06pm

One of my favorite things to get at the diner is meatballs with marinara sauce. It is generally quite good, but the marinara sauce often seems to be slightly watery in consistency. Do you know why this happens and if anything can be done to fix it?

Great comment. Nice to know our meatballs and marinara have a following and good to have a specific issue we can address. Not sure yet what the problem is, but our operations team will explore possibilities with the cooks.

The Shops, 12/13/19, 10:55am

I’d like to see more flavors of Helados from Mexico, they have a lot of good flavors other than just strawberry.

More flavors are coming and we have added the new flavors to our purchasing profile!

251 North, 12/12/19, 3:25pm

The quesadillas need to be an option more often next semester

Thank you for speaking up. It’s important to know that the quesadillas have an active and enthusiastic following. (I totally prefer the quesadillas to the subs or grilled cheeses myself.) We will surely take your comments along with service records into account as we plan menus for next semester. Hope your finals go well – Finish strong! and see you in the spring.

South, 12/11/19, 7:27pm

U should make heart shape food on Valentine’s Day

Ellicott, 12/11/19, 5:20pm

There are no Terrapin Favorites for Thursday or Friday. Now I will be sad during my finals. Once again, you have failed this University and all of its students.

Ah, but as a surprise, we’re handing out snack bags after 8:30 on Thursday and Friday. Finish strong! 

South, 12/10/19, 4:30pm

The shrimp coconut milk curry was absolutely delicious! Thank you for reminding me of home.

Ellicott, 12/9/19, 9:01pm

During finals week, I felt the options for vegetarians were extremely limited ! Could we get more options for vegetarians pls

Our menu rotation has not changed, nor has our offerings.  We will not be on “chef’s specials” until sunday night monday and tuesday.

South, 12/8/19, 9:53pm

Please change the music. The radio station it’s set to has been playing the same ten songs on repeat and I now dread coming to the diner because I can’t stand the music anymore

We changed the radio station this evening at 5:30 pm. The station we put it on has more variety than the one it was on.

South, 12/7/19

I just wanted to make it known that I found a large piece of cardboard cooked in my mashed potatoes from South Campus Dining Hall last night (12/7).

Yuck, I am very sorry this happened to you. It is not acceptable. At all. Would you be willing to stop and talk with Roy (Assistant Director) or George (Executive Chef) the next time you’re in South? If you let me know when, I can make sure they are on the lookout for you. We would like to apologize in person, and we’d like to know a little more: time, station and maybe who served you? This is so we can address it with the person / people directly involved. Thank you for speaking up right away – that is the best way to help us follow up on this issue.

Ellicott, 12/7/19, 11:14pm

Bring back the veggie omelette stand!

We will! It was hugely popular! 

South, 12/7/19, 8:06pm

I love the Ezekiel bread and wraps at the vegan station! Please continue having these available!

South, 12/6/19, 7:08pm

The tres leches cake was really good! It should show up more often!

251 North, 12/6/19, 6:22pm

the sweet potato fries are bomb!!!! please continue to serve them!

Ellicott, 12/6/19, 3:00pm

I would just like to say that the lady who always works in the entrance of the dining hall is amazing. She is always so kind and welcoming and never fails to tell you to have a good day when you are leaving. She is awesome! Her kindness does not go unnoticed. A true superhero!

South, 12/4/19, 10:07am

Grilled chicken is dripping in grease and I always have to dab it off

Could you send us more information – what station, what time, or show us what you see; we will be better able to correct the grilled chicken.

Ellicott, 12/4/19, 9:30am

There’s a cockroach on the wall by the front entrance

We received this comment and found and corrected the incident. Next, we called our pest control person and had them come out immediately. 

Ellicott, 12/1/19, 5:56pm

There was a bone in my grilled chicken

I apologize for that. The grilled chicken comes to us already officially boneless. If we had the original product, we could take it to the manufacturer to help them correct their procedures. 

South, 11/26/19, 2:39pm

I would love to have some breakfast quesadillas – like the pizzas with a little bit of scrambled eggs, bacon bits, and some spinach. Now that would really get me out of bed in the mornings!

Ellicott, 11/25/2019, 7:27 pm

I just wanted to say I appreciate the constant improvements you guys do. I’m a sophomore and I think the diner has definitely improved from last year, notably how the food isn’t bland anymore.

The Shops, 11/22/2019, 8:40 am
Please bring back everything bagels! I can never find them at any store/cafe I’ve visited this semester (Union Shop, BRBean, North Convenience) – they’re the best bagel! Thank you.

Everything Bagels are my favorite, too!  I have contacted the locations and asked them to increase the frequency of ordering them.  The small units won’t be able to get them every day (so that we still have other varieties), but you should see them more often.

251 11/22/2019, 2:22 pm
The white BBQ chicken burgers you had today are really good. Also, the quesadillas here are much much better than the ones at the diner. I really like the Ranch Chicken ones. I feel like you should have them more. Whenever I get them at prime dinner hours, I have to constantly keep an eye on the chef so that I see immediately when they get put out cuz otherwise they will all be gone within minutes.

Great observations! Thank you!
We have heard about several items that are better in one dining hall than they are in another – and over break we will get the cooks together to explore that and figure out how to bring us all up to the same standard. 

South 11/20/2019, 6:09 pm
The chicken, especially from the taco bowl station, is always blue and purple.

Thank you for commenting. This is worrisome. We review the station routinely and have not seen. “blue and purple.”  We went by today and don’t see that. I’d love to be able to see what you’re seeing. Could you give me some more specifics – or would you be willing to talk with a manager and show us what you see?

Ellicott, 11/19/2019, 1:24 pm
I don’t understand why I need staff to serve me pasta. They always take their time and never listen when I ask for only a little bit on the side, they always ruin my plate by putting way too much sauce and pasta. Also the line is always ridiculous because they take so long to serve you food.

The pasta station in the evening is an action station: a made to order pasta station. It is possible that you are not be picking raw ingredients to saute and are walking up to the pasta and sauces.  An alternative is to select pasta and sauce of the day from the Blue Plate section from lunch through dinner.

Ellicott, 11/19/2019, 11:02 am
Cheerios are not Honey Nut Cheerios. Please do not say that Cheerios are Honey Nut Cheerios. They are Not the same.

Our supplier shorted our Honey Nut order for over a week. We ordered a case of regular Cheerios and then this morning’s staff was confused and thought it was Honey Nut. We don’t regularly carry plain Cheerios. As of right now, that entire dispenser has been pulled and will not go back into service until we receive Honey Nut Cheerios.

Ellicott, 11/18/2019, 6:33 pm
Today, November 18th, I was in the North Campus diner getting my dinner. I grabbed a bowl of spinach and then went over to the section with the Mac & cheese, brisket, mushrooms, onions, etc. I politely asked the man behind the counter if I could get mushrooms and grilled onions on top of the salad I was making. The man looked at me like I had 10 heads. I’ve never been one to leave a review about bad service, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had a rude encounter in the North Campus Diner. It leaves me feeling frustrated and bad about whatever I’m eating. I shouldn’t feel that way about the place I eat everyday!

We addressed this before the comment came in. One of our supervisors witnessed the encounter. The guest came up to New Yorker and the two items were self-serve. The team member motioned to the spoons without speaking. The supervisor had a conversation with the team member about good guest service and communication. The team member should have served this guest or at a minimum, politely told the student that she could help herself

251 11/17/2019, 12:52 pm

Please try to have all the food correctly labeled, oftentimes the labels are in the wrong place in the sandwich area, or there are no labels at all, which is very frustrating because I am vegetarian and sometimes cannot tell just by looking what has meat in it. Also, in the breakfast area the butter and the cream cheese look exactly alike and are hard to tell apart, please put labels on them so students know which is which.

Makes sense. Thank you. We can absolutely label the butter and cream cheese. The labels on the sandwiches sometimes “wander” – guests or staff might nudge them out of the way. If you’re unsure, please feel free to ask and we are happy let you know.

Ellicott, 11/18/19, 1:42 am

Again I am sending a complimentary message regarding another member of your staff. I want to make sure that Dining Hall manager Steve Ray is commended, as he is fabulous with the customers. Steve is always willing to help, and goes the extra mile for every consumer whether they are students, parents, professors, university staff, or university affiliates as myself, etc,.  He makes every one feel comfortable and welcome at the dining facility. Steve was exceptionally helpful in making sure there were other desserts other than the usual chocolate type, as I would rather not consume chocolate every day for dessert. Great people like Steve Ray keep the affiliates, faculty, and staff always returning for the good food.


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