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Resident Dining Comments

Ellicott 12/15/17, 10:07pm

Dis CHICKEN jih trash more nah I’m sayin’
Overall my experience at the diner was nothing less then excellent, however the moment the rice landed in a taste bud I was in shock so please try. You know cook it

Ellicott 12/15/17, 8:41pm

This should be 24 hours; should have specials every day including the weekend

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We actually researched 24 hour dining hall operations and one of our consultants also suggested that we be open around the clock.
But. After we reviewed the labor, utility and food costs associated with 24 hour operations, it seemed doubtful that we would be able to recoup those costs by finding additional dining plans to add to our system
And when we looked at our ability to staff overnight operations, we had serious doubts about our ability to staff the overnight shifts because many of the people on our staff rely on public transportation – which does not operate overnight.
On the other hand, we might be able to go somewhere with your suggestion that we extent the Terrapin Favorites to the weekends. I’ll pass that along to our culinary team for discussion as they finalize plans for next semester.
We are always looking for ways to make our dining program more valuable, and your comments are a great way for us to learn what’s important to our students. Stay in touch.

South 12/15/2017, 5:52pm

I think that a great addition to the new salad bar would be cherry tomatoes and feta cheese!

Ellicott 12/16/2017, 6:17pm

The food is usually ok, but most of the time in the morning and afternoons there is nothing come out of the soda fountains other than water. Several times I’ve gotten a cup full of soda water other than whatever I was actually getting. Also the workers don’t seem than enthusiastic to work. It doesn’t take upward 30 minutes to cook a grilled cheese.

251 North 12/15/2017, 11:38am

The Chipotle Ranch Avocado Chicken is something that should come back every 2 weeks or so because it tastes amazing!

Thank you for your comment (I love that too, I’m in line every time it’s served). I’ll make sure the culinary team considers this as they plan for spring semester.

251 North, 12/10/17, 6:57pm

There should be a toaster with bread/bagels, peanut butter, and cream cheese at 251

251 North, 12/10/17, 6:25pm

Ramen noodles today was absolutely horrible. The noodles were all stuck together and was not well made! not edible!

South, 12/9/17, 7:39pm

Can you please have chicken tenders all the time. It would make me very happy especially with finals coming

I’m glad you really like the chicken tenders! At this point, they will continue to appear as a Terrapin Favorite special every week (we know they are very popular, and we also know that they really aren’t great brain food or even extremely nutritious). Please enjoy them as a treat!

South, 12/8/17, 12:31pm

Is the garlic focaccia bread offered vegan?

No. There is cheese included in the recipe.

Okay, well It’s been labeled vegan.

Yes. I apologize. Before answering you, I consulted with our nutrition team and they researched it – and noticed an inconsistency. We are in the process of making the correction. Thanks for speaking up!

Ellicott, 12/7/17, 9:29pm

Please bring back the baked potato bar and make it a regular station in the rotation. Also, please get rid of the caesar wrap bar. No one really wants that when we have wrap options everyday at all dining halls.

251 North, 12/7/17, 5:21pm

The mashed potatoes here always have way too much seasoning or something. It makes them discolored and gluey, and gives them a weird taste. I thought they might be better for the holiday dinner but no. The diner always has good potatoes, so could take a note from them. Thanks!

Ellicott, 12/6/17, 1:24pm
Please have greek yogurt out during lunch as well as breakfast!! thank you :)))

Ellicott, 12/5/17, 11:19am

Would greatly appreciate the bacon being moved to the other side of oatmeal away from brown sugar and raisins – the bacon often gets in those and cannot eat once the foods get combined. Thanks!

Ellicott, 12/1/17, 9:37pm

Can you please open 251 at more convenient hours. Many students do not have the opportunity to eat dinner before 8:30 pm.

South, 11/30/17, 10:30pm
I have suggestions about how the grilled cheese can be improved. First, the non-butter cooking spray is very noticeable. While grilled cheese is a simple meal, its ingredients should be authentic. Using real butter or a buttery spray would make a big difference in the taste of the bread. Next, often the cheese is not fully melted. Perhaps grilling the sandwiches at a lower temperature for a minute longer would fix this issue. Thanks!

South, 11/30/17, 10:25pm
Really appreciate the winter theme decorations! The extra effort is definitely worth it

South, 11/30/17, 6:41pm
I think a great addition would be a screen above the Mongolian Grill station that says the names of people whose dishes are ready. That would make it a lot easier. Maybe we could type our names in in the beginning or something

South, 11/30/17, 5:29pm
I’m a huge fan of this salad bar I literally went to my summer camp because they would have a salad bar and I’m so excited about this rotating station.

Ellicott, 11/30/17, 10:13am
If there are still eggs being served the bagels should still be refilled, I just want to eat a plain bagel at 10am and it’s always empty

We had bagels at this time, but hadn’t have a chance to restock the bakery case. If you see this again, please ask for help and we will get it done. Oh – and we increased our daily order by a dozen or two bagels just in case.

South, 11/29/17, 6:51pm
Can we get frozen yogurt like Ellicott?

South, 11/28/17, 7:29pm
Can someone tell me why Fox News is always on every TV in here? Know your audience. I respect that other students may enjoy Fox News, but I feel that it’s overkill to have multiple TVs on the same channel.

I agree. There is at this time no hard and fast rule about what channel the screens are set to. Please feel free to ask the greeter at the door or a manager for a change.

South, 11/28/17, 3:13pm
I just wanted to commend the dining halls for their quick and helpful responses to the posts on this wall. I have noticed that our comments and concerns are heard and are often immediately reacted to and amended. Great job!

South, 11/27/17, 7:04pm
I want another chili/bread bowl night! It was so good!

Thanks! Keep your eyes open, there will be at least one chili/bread bowl night this spring.

South, 11/20/17, 3:35pm
So I wrote one of these a couple weeks ago asking for Cheerios and you all got them. That was great. I really loved having a simple easy option for breakfast or snack. Now you have removed them again and replaced them with Special K. I understand that you want to give people options. However, a better option may be to remove one of the sugary cereals you offer and instead carry two healthy options: Cheerios and Special K. I have enjoyed that option recently and was disappointed to see that it was not offered. Thanks

251 North, 11/20/17, 12:25pm
Please bring these cinnamon muffins to the other diners!

Ellicott, 11/19/17, 9:15pm
Please make a pizza that is not drowning in oil.

South, 11/17, 3:00pm
No specials / Terrapin Favorites that are vegetarian on Friday 11/17

South, 11/16/17, 9:38pm
Hey! That pumpkin pie for thanksgiving dinner was amazing!!! Please send or put out the recipe!!! Would love to make it for the family!!! Please send the recipe to my email!

South, 11/16/17, 4:52pm
I found a hair in my mashed potatoes and I know it’s not mine because it’s long and my hair is tied up. Do better

251 North, 11/16/17, 4:30pm
Thanksgiving dinner is good 🙂

Ellicott, 11/15/17, 10:30pm
Because certain people have late classes like myself I feel the diner should still have food for those coming late. I am in freshman connection and generally eat late and majority of time I come I am always told that food ran out but I feel there should be enough to last till 12 being that those are week day times.
I am sorry, I totally get that this is disappointing and not pleasant or useful.

We have specifically set our menus to serve dinner all evening so that students who are in class late can find a balanced and tasty meal at the end of their day.
We do try to end the night having minimized left overs. If we’re low or almost out of something that takes significant time to make we might not replace it (and Terrapin Favorites are served until they run out).
One final note: The guest comments are meant to help us see what you see. Could you tell me what specific items or types of items run out – and about how often do they run out?

Ellicott, 11/15/17, 10:30pm
Most recent and pretty simple if you all serve tacos, by the time I’m able to come they run out of salsa or sour cream which I think are simple things.

Ellicott, 11/15/17, 10:19pm
I had an extremely poor experience in which I was accused by the dining hall worker at the door of stealing a banana. Firstly, I did not take a banana, as with unlimited swipes if I needed a banana I would just go back in and eat a banana. What really upset me was that I was berated and treating like a criminal by a dining hall employee. If these employees are going to be interacting with other human beings they should be taught kindness and respect.
I’m very sorry you experienced this in the Diner yesterday.  We train our employees to be hospitable and respectful and it is completely inappropriate for our cashier to react in a way that made you feel uncomfortable.  We immediately spoke with our staff about the incident.  Please understand that it is the cashier’s job to make sure guests are not abusing our no “take out” rule.  While you may not have been taking anything, students often try to walk out with food.  We allow guests to walk out with a dessert or piece of fruit but anything more than that is not allowed.  We will use this incident to retrain our cashiers and stress great guest service.
Again, I am very sorry about this incident.  In the future, if you ever have a question, comment, or concern while in the Diner, please ask for a manager and we will do our best to make sure you leave happy.
Have a great Thanksgiving break!
South, 11/15/17, 10:18pm

I had an extremely poor experience in which I was accused by the dining hall worker at the door of stealing a banana. Firstly, I did not take a banana, as with unlimited swipes if I needed a banana I would just go back in and eat a banana. What really upset me was that I was berated and treating like a criminal by a dining hall employee.

I am sorry that you were yelled at – that’s not how we want our guests to be treated; it can’t have felt good. We will have conversations about this to be sure.
As you know, there is a limit on what can be carried out of the dining hall; we need to balance practicality with reasonable-ness. While we want to be warmly hospitable, our dining program is not intended to include carryout. I believe that the cashier was trying to look out for the best interest of the dining hall and making sure the policies are followed. I get it that you weren’t taking anything out and we will try to find a way to “hold the line” without treating good people like criminals.
Again, I apologize that you were berated and I thank you for your understanding.

Ellicott, 11/15/17 9:07pm
The marinara sauce is spicy but never labeled as such, there should be a non spicy marinara sauce available

Thank you for writing in about your experience with our marinara sauce.  We do have a few different sauces that we rotate and they all should be labeled. They include red pepper sauce, Bolognese, and clam sauce.  I will look into what happened and focus especially on signage.  The good news is, unless we have a special pop-up on that station, there is always a plain marinara and Alfredo sauce on that station available to add to your meal.
If you ever have a question, comment, or concern, please ask for a manager or chef and we will be happy to help.  We are here to serve.

Ellicott, 11/15/17, 5:58pm
Ramen bar is awesome but you should have option to put eggs on the ramen!

Ellicott, 11/15/17, 5:52pm
Love the new foods and new ramen bar, however I’m wondering if we can have Kimchi at the diner

Ellicott, 11/15/17, 5:36pm
Can you guys do wings night more often? Please?

Glad you like the wings!
We do offer them several time each semester and know that they are popular. We will certainly include your comment as we plan for the spring semester.

South Campus, 11/14/14 7:21PM
It would be nice to have more non-greasy vegetables at the vegan bar. Instead of having oily cauliflower, simply steamed cauliflower would be nice. I try to eat healthy, but whenever I eat vegetables, I often come away feeling just as greasy and gross

South 11/14/17 6:11PM
Need more raw vegetable options. The vegetables at the vegan bar can be very greasy.

251 11/14/17 5:00 pm
Comment or Concern If I had to slap my mother to get a muffin here at 251 I would do it 100 times

251 11/14/17 4:00 pm
Comment or Concern The grilled cheese & tomato soup is so good please make this a regular!

251 11/14/17 6:51pm
Comment or Concern Okay but for real, cinnamon sticks are lit

Ellicott, 11/14/17, 12:16pm
I would just like to let you all know that there were dead bugs in my Apple last night. Please fix this! It’s disgusting! My parents don’t pay thousands each semester for me to digest insects! Thanks.

I am so sorry this happened. It’s not what you want or expect and not what we work hard provide. We have protocols in place to minimize the chance that this will happen – but this one slipped through. I will reach out to the operations management team and let them know so they can refresh their training efforts and check the equipment and processes so that this doesn’t happen again.

South, 11/13/17, 8:41pm
I picked up a biscuit and it was as hard as a crouton! I went back to get another one and I poked them all with the tongs and they were all the same way. I would appreciate an edible biscuit.

South, 11/12/17, 11:46pm
I’d like to say that there are never enough chocolate chip cookies. There’s only ever oatmeal raisin and sugar. The chocolate chip cookies run out immediately and restocked very sparingly. Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback. Our cookies are awesome….we do try to offer a chocolate chip cookie at all times however we may mix in an M&M cookie in the rotation as well as we did last night, so basically a non-chocolate and a chocolate cookie should always be available.
We did discuss the issue as a team and will continue to ensure a chocolate chip cookie is offered throughout the day and evening.

Ellicott, 11/11/17, 10:30am
I would like more bagels, because they run out too quickly and sometimes I want one for lunch.

251 North, 11/10/17, 3:30pm
There is no cornbread muffins. I am so sad.

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