Contact: One-Time Rollover Request for Optional Plans

Notice: the One-Time Rollover Request is for Fall to Spring only.
For Spring 2020, we will be issuing refunds for unused Connector Plan meals.
Visit for updated information and details.


We get it – occasionally eyes are bigger than stomachs and sometimes meals take a back seat to the academic schedule, especially when you’re new to campus!

IF you are a first-time Fall Semester Optional Dining Plan owner and IF you purchased a plan that was larger than you were able to use and IF you had 25% or more of your Block Meals / Dining Dollars left at the end of the semester, THEN you may complete the “One-time Rollover Request Form” so we can evaluate your request to have these Meals / Dining Dollars roll to the Spring Semester.

We will review your request and respond as quickly as possible.