Returning Students


Welcome Back to Maryland!

  • As a member of the residential community, every student living in traditional campus housing purchases a Resident Dining Plan.
  • Resident Dining Plans are all Seven-Day Anytime Dining Plans; every Resident Dining Plans includes unlimited access to campus dining halls. Unlimited access means that you can come in to any dining hall, as often as you like, anytime we’re open, and eat anything we’re serving. That’s it: anytime, anything, as often as you like – no fine print!
    • 251 North is open Sunday to Friday 11:00 am to 8:30 pm.
    • The Diner and South Campus Dining Hall open at: 7:00 am Monday to Friday, and at 10:00 am Saturday and Sunday.
    • The Diner and South Campus Dining Hall offer dinner until midnight Sunday to Thursday, and until 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.
  • Dining Dollars are included in three upgraded resident plans. Dining Dollars are accepted in all Dining Services permanent locations including these brand name locations in the Stamp and Martin Engineering. Chick fil-A, Taco Bell Express, Auntie Anne’s, Sbarro and Subway.
  • Each dining plan includes a specified number of guest passes per semester. These can be used to bring an occasional guest into the dining halls. You can buy additional Guest Passes from our Contract Office for $9 each. Alternately, guests are welcome to pay at the door using cash, credit, Dining Dollars, or Terrapin Express. You must be present to use your UMD ID card to bring guest into a dining hall.


  • After consulting with the RHA and the DS Advisory Board, and in acknowledgement of the fact that this is a big change, we are adding eighty Dining Dollars in Fall 2016 and eighty in Spring 2017 to returning students’ dining plans.
  • Each dining hall will have a dedicated vegan station, smoothie station and an infused water station.
  • Portion sizes will be adjusted to accommodate students’ desire for more variety. Students will want to enjoy food from more than one station; so many portions will be smaller.
  • Menus will be adjusted to retain favorites and provide more self-service and quick-service options. Stations will be remodeled to facilitate speed of service.
  • Anytime Dining Members enter the dining halls using touchless biometric technology; they enroll in the system during Orientation. Come in any day, any number or times — and enjoy anything we are serving.
  • To enroll your unique access code, wave your hand over the reader, scanning four finger measurements at one time. The reader automatically converts the image into a hexadecimal numeral that connects to your dining plan. Prints are not stored, and the data cannot be used to reverse engineer your print.
  • Carryout is not available from the dining halls. Fresh, portable food is available from cafes and convenience shops.
  • All dining locations, including dining halls are open to visitors. We accept cash and credit cards at all locations.


You can upgrade your Base Dining Plan to a Plus, Preferred or Premium Plan!

Each upgraded plan includes discounted Dining Dollars to use in Dining Services cafés and shops.

The upgrade plans also include additional Guest Passes for you to use to bring friends and family into any campus dining hall.

Anytime Dining Dining Dollars Guest Passes* Semester Price Price above
Base Plan
Premium Seven-Day
Unlimited Access
400 8 $2,567 +$340 15% DD savings
+6 add’l Guest Passes
Preferred Seven-Day
Unlimited Access
300 6 $2,491 +$264 12% DD savings
+4 add’l Guest Passes
Base Plus Seven-Day
Unlimited Access
200 4 $2,407 +$180 10% DD savings
+2 add’l Guest Passes
Base Seven-Day
Unlimited Access
2 $2,227

View Locations & Hours here and Menus here.

*Any student with a Seven-Day Anytime Dining Plan can purchase additional Guest Passes for $9 each.
Must be purchased in advance using cash, or credit cards
Bring your UMD ID card to the Dining Services Office, 1109 South Campus Dining Hall.


Our team is well-trained in helping you to manage your allergy, intolerance or dietary preferences.

We will work with you to identify and select appropriate food from our menus.

Contact us at for menu guidance and feel free to reach out to us before you arrive on campus.


Students who maintain a kosher diet should contact the Maryland Hillel Center for information about the Platinum Kosher Dining Plan.

The Platinum Kosher Dining Plan may be substituted for a Seven-Day Anytime Dining Plan.


The Dining Services Office is located in the South Campus Dining Hall Building – use the entrance on the west side of the building, half-way down the outside stairwell. Come in through the glass doors to room 1109.

We’re open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday and our team is ready to assist you by answering balance inquiries and other financial questions about your Fall 2016 Seven-Day Anytime Dining Plan or adding a Terrapin Express spending account to your UMD ID card.



I don’t live in “traditional campus housing.” Is there a plan for me?

      Students who do not live in traditional on campus housing are not required to purchase a dining plan. Students can purchase a seven-day anytime dining plan, a five-day anytime dining plan, or blocks of Dining Dollars at an 11% discount (5% discount upon purchase and no sales tax when used (6%).

I hear that there are going to be more self serve stations – will that take away from custom food like the build-your-own pasta?

    We are working to create new menus that will offer quicker service for students who need to eat and get back to class while respecting and continuing to serve favorites like the BYO pasta and custom stir fries.

If there’s no carryout how will you accommodate all the extra people eating in?

    We asked our consultants and they assure us that with the adjustments we are making we have enough seating. To double check, we asked other members of our professional association, NACUFS, providing them with the number of resident dining plans, number of dining halls and the number of seats. They responded that we have enough seating. We are opening 251 North at lunch and removing all access restrictions at lunch and dinner, we are opening The Diner and South Campus at 7:00 am, we are opening the South Campus Gazebo Room at dinner. Of course, we will monitor seating to be sure that we received good advice.

About 251 – will it be the same as it is now or switch over to regular diner food?

    We are rewriting the menus in all three dining halls. In many ways, 251 North will change the least because they are already using the new style of service. Current favorites will remain, new items will be introduced, and there will be all-new lunch menus!

Why is there less access to cafes than there was when I had an All-Campus Plan?

    There is more access to food in the dining halls. You can come in as often as you like and eat as much or as little as you want. No tracking of points or swipes. If you want more access to cafes, you can upgrade you plan to one of the plans that includes Dining Dollars.

Why not swipes with different numbers of meals per week (like 10 or 15 swipes per week)? This would provide flexibility for light eaters and apt people.

    Our consultants told us that counting swipes has two negative results. First, when you count swipes, you tend to want to get full value from each swipe. This can encourage binge eating, and unhealthy eating. Second, we are creating the feeling of community; we don’t want to be transactional. We are inviting students into the dining halls whenever they are hungry to eat whatever they would like.

What is to stop me from coming in with a friend and then allowing them to eat food?

    Access will be controlled at the entrance to the dining halls. Resident students will wave their palm over a scanner which will recognize key points on the palm. Visitors will either use a resident guest pass or can pay a door price.

What are you going to do about chopsticks?

    We are investigating reusable chopsticks but we might find that it is most sensible to continue using single-use wooden chopsticks. They can be composted.

What will happen to Adele’s Restaurant?

    We are working on that – we have some exciting ideas that we have not yet shared with the Director of the Stamp. This fall, Adele’s will definitely be open at lunch. When we know more, we will post it here !

I have rehearsals from 5:00-10:00 at night. Can specific groups request carryout for legitimate scheduling issues like that?

    Not at this time. You could come in at 4:45 for a light snack and then enjoy more food at 10:15. We will continue to listen to student scheduling concerns and seek an answer that is more positively responsive.