Resident Dining Plans

All Resident Dining Plans are Anytime Dining Plans


  • As a member of the residential community, all students living in traditional campus housing purchase a Resident Seven-Day Dining Plan.
  • Every Resident Dining Plan is a Seven-Day Anytime Dining Plan. That’s right—Anytime! Every Resident Dining Plans includes unlimited access to campus dining halls.
  • Unlimited access means that you can come in to any dining hall, as often as you like, anytime we’re open, and eat anything we’re serving. That’s it; anytime, anything, as often as you like – there’s no fine print !
  • Dining Dollars are part of three upgraded Resident Dining Plans. Dining Dollars are accepted in all Dining Services permanent locations including the Dining Services operated brand name locations in the Stamp and Martin Engineering. Chick fil-A, Taco Bell Express, Auntie Anne’s, Sbarro and Subway belong to to the Dining Dollars family. For a complete list of dining locations accepting Dining Dollars, click here.
  • Every Resident Dining Plan includes a specific number of guest passes per semester. These can be used to bring an occasional guest into the dining halls. Alternately, guests are welcome to pay at the door using cash, credit or Terrapin Express.
  • The door price is Breakfast: $7.95, Lunch $12.95, Dinner $15.95.

What are the advantages of Anytime Dining?

Anytime Dining meets the needs of resident students

Last fall we sent the NACUFS (National Association of College and University Food Service) survey to every resident student. Over 2,250 students responded (about 26%), resulting in hundreds of comments. Students told us in no uncertain terms that the current retail dining plans do not provide enough food and that a number of current resident students are suffering from food insecurity: they are not sure if they can eat every day. “Anytime Dining” will shift our framework from a business model to a service model. Instead of selling individual food items, we will be providing the food, service, and experiences resident students want and need throughout the semester. Effective next fall semester, no resident student will worry about having enough points to buy their next meal. Every resident student will be assured enough food throughout the entire semester.

Anytime Dining improves student experience and increase satisfaction

Six focus groups, repeated internal customer service surveys, the NACUFS survey mentioned above, two consultants, and the RHA and SGA agree that we need to make a dramatic shift in our operating framework to increase student satisfaction. Our existing program provides many great experiences but it does not provide a sense of belonging, demonstrable financial advantage, or a place for you to consider your own. Additional themes that appear in your feedback to us include a strong desire for more variety, value and healthy options –all focus areas addressed by Anytime Dining.

Anytime Dining improves sustainability

In order to make these changes to Anytime Dining, we are eliminating carryout from the dining halls. Portable food will still be available from cafés and shops on campus. Dining Services has been a leader in sustainability initiatives and shares the University’s vision of a fully sustainable campus, and yet students in our two a la carte dining halls use over 6,300,000 pieces of disposable products every year. These items can be seen discarded in trash cans in academic buildings and resident halls – as well as in dumpsters on campus. When you dine in the dining halls, this burden will be removed from the waste stream.

Anytime Dining enhances the Maryland community

We are upgrading the dining experience. Dining halls will include convenient areas for groups to gather for study or socializing. They will have seating for smaller groups and for individuals. There will be television viewing areas. In response to your suggestions, we are adding a quiet room in each dining hall. These rooms will be clearly labeled and self-monitored by the students using them for study or quiet dining. Our long-term vision includes amenities that you have asked for: charging stations, gaming stations, and lounge areas.